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Whether it is worth looking for the nurse, “as at cinema“?

Are undoubted, the twenty first century - an equality celebration. Fights of feminists died away several decades ago, the new woman wears a tie and trousers not from at all - for desires to annoy the stronger sex, and for reasons of a practicality and fashion. Children are not perceived as a burden and the reason of the spoiled figure, and the pleasure of motherhood became desired again.

And at this time when harmony returned to the family relations, the woman faces need to work , and, after long thoughts and doubts, advertizing editions are replenished with the next announcement: “I look for the nurse!“.

But who comes to such call?

Young and beautiful

Such nurses abounds with

world cinema. The image of the kind and attractive nurse passes into a new female ideal . Tell, unless you never wanted that Scarlett Johansson responded to your announcement, how in the movie “Diaries of the Nurse“?

Such Annie is capable to help really if your family appeared in a difficult situation of alienation of parents and children. As much we know stories when mother who is carried away by shopping and education of other people`s children and the father shipped in stock quotations do not find a way to heart of the growing-up child! Meanwhile, children, as well as Greyer in the movie, everything feel and understand , enduring everything in themselves. In this case the person with whom it is possible to have a heart-to-heart talk is simply necessary, and it becomes frequent such person the nurse.

“On the person awful, kind inside …“


of such nurses with big suspicion, and then with not a smaller force do not want to release. Whether joke: you open a door and with surprise see on a threshold the strange woman, as a rule, advanced in years, skillfully combining exterior of Froken Bock and the Baba-yaga . “My awful nurse“ - so is called the movie which creators in plenty dreamed up over this image.

Emma Thompson appears at a family of the prudish lady covered with warts - a terrible antipode of the nurse - Mary Poppins`s perfection. However eventually children begin to notice magic disappearance of external shortcomings of the nurse of one behind another. And let your family lives in love and a consent, and the plans of your husband do not include a marriage ceremony at the end at all, such nurse will become the irreplaceable friend to your house and your children .

the Bodyguard in the nursery

In the Russian reality is practically not present chance to meet such nurse. Or rather, it. Because the image once found in “Moustached to the nurse“ and “Nurses“ with success is used in cinema still.

Actually, this question worries the public and in real life. The nurse - the man - to be or not to be? Plots about isolated cases of education of children by men - nurses become property of a news at once, and suspect such men of personal insolvency and vital impracticality. From where such judgments undertake? It is probable, from time immemorial, when the man went shooting behind production, and the woman, weak and dependent took care of children.

However, anyway, on the screen the man among children looks quite surely and is pertinent. Behind an example it is not necessary to go far - not so long ago the world could enjoy the next masterpiece on this subject. Hero of the movie “Bald nurse: a special task“ - the former marine who is played by Vin Diesel. For one and a half hours of the movie, the nurse with automatic machine protects a family from bad bandits. The result is obvious: children delighted, young, nice and lonely mother is excited too, Vin Diesel - as usual, the savior of the world.

Such tutor in real life is how necessary? There is no definite answer. Everything depends on personal qualities : if you trust the man of the children unconditionally, perhaps, he will be able to replace with him a lack of communication with the absent or eternally busy father. Besides, order sometimes can be brought to families with sons only by means of methods of marines, isn`t it?

Listen to the heart

Certainly, our life is a little similar to cinema. In search of the nurse you can meet anyone and not always stop on the first candidate as happy families from movies. Numerous series and movies seek to prove to us that appearance of people sometimes is deceptive , and you should not meet the nurse “on clothes“.

The good nurse can become the good friend and the assistant to you and to your kid, communication with many such nurses does not come to an end with a growing of children. Some families maintain cordial relations for many years . And in general, whatever nurse you chose, the main thing that should be remembered, - any nurse will not replace to the kid heat of his family.