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Reservoirs a dime a dozen but to bathe do not go …

prosecutor`s office of A month ago. St. Petersburg the violation of the legislation consisting in lack of timely informing the population on a bathing ban in reservoirs of the city and area was revealed and claims are sent to court to oblige to inform regional administrations of citizens on a ban on bathing. Since then air temperature went to a record, and citizens … of course, bathe. When the summer began

can tell

Taking into account today`s subject that it began on June 3. This number dated the resolution No. 9 of the chief state health officer on the Leningrad region S. A. Gorbanev (Department of the Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare in the Leningrad region). We learn from the resolution: “… So far official places of bathing and mass rest of the population in zones of a recreation of water objects in the territory of Vsevolozhsk, Lomonosov, Kirov, Tosnensky, Gatchina, Kingisepp, Volosovsky, Podporozhsky, Volkhov, Boksitogorsk districts are not defined. Administrations of municipalities do not take real actions for preparation and arrangement of traditionally developed places of bathing and rest of the population according to requirements of the sanitary legislation and the Resolution of the government of the Leningrad region from 29. 12. 2007 No. 352 “About the approval of rules of protection of life of people on water objects of the Leningrad region“. Information notices about a bathing ban on the reservoirs which are not relating to recreation zones, but being traditionally developed places of bathing are not hung out … Still high chemical and microbic pollution of the water objects located within the inhabited places and places of recreational water use …“

Management remains work on the analysis of reservoirs of the city and area during which it became clear that quality of water of reservoirs “conforms to requirements of hygienic standards for bacteriological and chemical indicators in 10 - ti historically developed places of bathing and mass rest“ was carried out, but “the territory of places of mass bathing is not arranged well, there is no necessary equipment, the water area of a bottom is not surveyed“ … By the way, one of these places, the next to us - the Gulf of Finland (the settlement Big Izhora, a fort the Red Hill, the village of Lipovo). As for city boundaries - officially it is possible to have a rest and swim only in the lake Anonymous in Krasnoselsky district. Here so, dear inhabitants of the coast of the Gulf of Finland, residents of the region of lakes, ponds and small rivers. And now we look at the thermometer, we realize that here it, the real summer and … to bathe. Where?

the Formal garden

is forbidden to bathe Here. Report the established announcements with the detailed description about it - what cannot be done. But unless during such heat it will disturb somebody? We bathe, children bathe, uncles with aunties drink even not bitter, and heated, at the bridge, having been double up, the grandfather - the fisher longs:

- Prevent to catch fish! And will come to arrange picnic, everything some orgies … will fill up with garbage, directly

- And fish - that is?

- Comes across, a plotvichka … musornik and, in outer entrance hall of trees, a toilet Still come across to


Nikolsky and Eagle (Orlinsky) ponds

Ponds of a monument of cultural heritage of federal importance “the Water bringing system of fountains“ - the favourite place of bathing of residents of Peterhof, one may say, elite as here it is very beautiful and - needs to reach by

. The warning signs are - the truth, about a driving ban by boats, a sink of transport, kindling of fires. It is not forbidden to bathe. It is possible? It is hard to say, as as we remember, it is forbidden - everywhere. There are no convenient entrances to water, in the water waits for an uneven bottom, at a depth - cold sheets of water. There are no garbage containers - there is one dump. There are no toilets -.

the Pond in “Sergiyevka“

Leykhtenbergsky`s Park - is picturesque

, his pond is fine all the year round. Only, perhaps, not now. From - for fantastic an arrangement and an air of mystery there is a feeling that there, at a pond depth, someone lives. Big, gray, ancient, grumbling. Also it seems that he here - here from there will get out and will tell everything that thinks about mothers sending the children to a pond when it is necessary to them on big need. And still will tell that he wants rest and purity … to

- And there would be a beach, I and money paid to sunbathe and bathe … - squinting on the sun, the vacationer reflects.

Periodically in the most popular place of an entrance to a pond there are injuries - stones at the bottom dissect lips and foreheads, but it stops nobody. And behind trees suddenly will seem terrible, and you will think that you have a heatstroke. But is not present: for quite some time now vacationers are smeared with pond dirt; also there are under trees, with arms akimbo, black people with white circles around eyes …. When dirt became curative, demands additional specification. there is no

of the Toilet -. Musornik is: to you via the bridge, and at once behind it. the Pit in Martyshkino

On the way to a pit I meet by

the woman who advises me to bathe carefully, especially if I badly swim. Here from - for underground waters again cold layers, several spontaneous patches with vacationers, an entrance to water - clay and stones.

- Pas - and - take care! - by someone flies by in pants and crashes into water. Successfully. Being wiped after bathing, I fade: directly before me the uncle costs and forms lather soap. It was soaped. Went to water …

of the Prevention, a toilet and the garbage container … generally, you understood. Also it seems that from forty-meter depth too here - the local monster here will rise and will be indignant - this time in an image of the excavator which was not managed to be lifted from a pit bottom when it water in far began to fill the sixtieth …

the Red pond

On the Red pond, only of the listed places of “historical rest and bathing of citizens“, there is a hint on a recreation zone: the beach which is filled up with sand. However, residents of Lomonosov did not understand why this sand is filled there - in bad weather there is water, and in good all - is better on a grass, than on sand of such quality. Probably, it was attempt to organize the beach, but so far it turns out as usual … And therefore vacationers can be seen a pond from all directions. Also the main attribute of rest on water is obligatory: no, not the watercraft and even not a towel: couple of liter bottles of strong alcohol.

Sympathizing ladies advise to reach that snag and, holding it, to enter water.

- And we and hundred rubles paid for an entrance. That there were locker rooms, a toilet that ice cream was sold, rescuers were … at the bottom nobody seems to

. Cold layers water - again is. Somewhere, speak, there is a garbage container, the rescuer and the plate forbidding to bathe. Probably, I just did not reach them. There is also a militia patrol 85 - go department of militia, and even DND connected, here it is only difficult to patrol a pond - bathe also from the wood, and after the journey - everywhere.

Bathed? We draw conclusions

Give everything - we will begin with what we will postpone at a multimeter depth of the subconsciousness: it is officially forbidden to bathe in our area. As it is paradoxical, in the region of lakes, ponds and the gulf there is no beach, there is no zone of summer holiday. And to this thought we will talk about us and our summer pastime.

Because all ponds, lakes and small rivers in which we bathe - only “historically developed vacation spots and bathings of citizens“ their water area is not surveyed, protections, buyov and special signs you will not find there. There is no exact statistics on the number of the drowned for this summer, it is officially known of death of two people - the six-year-old boy on the General pond down the street to Bobylskaya in Petrodvorets and 18 - ti the summer young man in career Martyshkino. Statistics if is, then later, as usual, according to locals “sink every day, and most often on excite“.

As for hygiene in vacation spots and qualities of the water - you warned. The rest - in your hands. From conversation with Pavel Aleksandrovich Ivanov, the head of department of improvement, road economy and ecology of administration of Petrodvorets district, I learned that to services of the area now not before summer holiday. First of all, according to Pavel Aleksandrovich, the warning notices about a ban of bathing were established and continue to be established in all popular vacation spots. Why continue? Yes because they in half a day are liquidated by vacationers. And if do not liquidate - that all the same bathe. But it is already a question not to administration, and to Russian perhaps. It will take out, as it is known. Let`s come up. We will be wiped. At home we will take a shower. Information on a ban is regularly broadcast on 19 KTB Lomonosov. Material was published in one of local newspapers. And a name of the Anonymous lake long ago at all very famous …

A that before cleaning of coastal territories - business executives have a busy season now. It should be noted that in all places which were visited everywhere by the bathed author the garbage is taken out. Services work regularly and different: business executives, are contracts with committee of environmental management, “Ekostroy“ supervising the water bringing system of fountains, forest areas, the university which is responsible for the territory of park of Leykhtenbergsky … works. Everyone on the place takes out the mountain of someone else`s garbage that since morning it began to collect again.

Here so there passes one of the most memorable summer seasons. I think, in this case there is no discrepancy - someone has to someone right now, but made nothing. Instructions are executed, and further - two most serious conclusions.

is necessary to us the beach!

Just absurd the situation when in such place there is no zone where it is lawful, correct looks, decently and culturally residents of our area could have a rest and bathe. Let`s glance once again in the resolution of the chief health officer from which began to read article: “I decide: … To chiefs of territorial departments of Department of Rospotrebnadzor for the Leningrad region: to annually direct offers to heads of local governments of municipalities on inclusion in the budget of expenses on arrangement and the equipment of places of mass rest in zones of a recreation of water objects no later than July 1“. What does it mean? What every year administrations will suggest to make the beach, and in the budget there will be no money for it?

What is with us?

All - something not so with ourselves: with our overheated heads? With our education and perception of reality? Among respondents me there is a lot of those who try to go to bathe far away - to villages, on the Square, to small rivers - “because it is dirty“. And among them - a great number of those who, of course, will prefer picnic on the bank of a pond that both to eat, and to bathe …

Probably, it is worth beginning with itself. For the life, ourselves first of all bear responsibility for life of the children, but not administration and even on the chief health officer of the Leningrad region. And if comes to your mind to visit the coast of a pond with two bottles of vodka, to drink them and to get into water - you will not be helped by no notice. And if you go to sunbathe and bathe with the child there where “is purer and there is nobody“, it means that there will be no garbage container through each 20 meters.

From conversation with Pavel Aleksandrovich Ivanov: “The budget of the area cannot be responsible for everyone who brought with himself food and drinks, and did not carry away garbage. If you come to have a rest why you do not clean up?“. In a voice of my interlocutor traditional grief: because this question traditional. Why we got used to consider that outdoors for us someone will move away another? If to ponder, it is strange: we come to take from the nature, at summer, the sun and water that we so want. We besides that we give nothing in exchange, so also reserve dirt …

I finally - a request. Dear, remarkable inhabitants of our best place on Earth: take care, protect the relatives and you do not teach children to the fact that you are able, alas, perfectly. First of all, remember banal truth:

do not leave kids unguarded, having counted upon oversleeves and air mattresses! Investigate a site where the kid will bathe to be convinced of lack of dangerous objects - glasses, stones and snags.

do not bathe in reservoirs, having strongly steamed out on the sun: you come into water gradually, and it is desirable at once as came to water - without waiting until properly you steam out on the sun.

Repeat skills of first-aid treatment to the choked person: an artificial respiration of companies in a mouth or a mouth in a nose and massage of heart.

Drink house vodka. If it wants to be refreshed - you have a bathroom from a bathroom, so? Also the garden hose and the paddling inflatable pool in the yard will approach.

Remember that in the majority of our reservoirs a bottom uneven, slippery, in prosperity stones and snags: do not jump in water, without having investigated a bottom.

In ponds and lakes the cold keys and sheets of water capable to cause sudden spasms are frequent: if you are not sure of the forces, do not set up records on a heat on that coast. Learn to get rid of a spasm by means of a pin, a stick, a sharp stone.

Having come to the vacation spot, in advance prepare a package in which put all waste, packings, stubs. And after rest with pleasant feeling carry him to the next garbage container. becomes

hot Again … Time?

(It is for the first time published in the Baltiysky Luch newspaper 30. 07. 2010)