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How frequent talk by the mobile phone influences our health?

As conveniently and just began to call the friend now, to call darling, to send SMS to parents, to congratulate on a holiday, birthday, to resolve a business matter with partners, colleagues. And all this thanks to mobile communication and the mobile phone without which life would become gray, boring and uninteresting. But sometimes talk by the mobile phone (“mobile phone“) takes too much time. And many of us manage to talk at once and by two phones at the same time.

All users mobile communication were always interested in a question - as talk (especially long) by the mobile phone influences health? Whether arise and headaches when using of mobile phones do not increase? Opinions of researchers, doctors, users and simple inhabitants were shared.

As this problem is closely connected with millions of users mobile phones, researches were conducted in a big way, carefully and it is a lot of years. 12800 people took part in researches. Researches were conducted in 13 countries during the period from 2000 to 2004.

About one million pounds sterling were spent for financing of researches. Establishment and confirmation of communication between use of the mobile phone and to emergence or growth of tumors of a brain, namely a glioma (the most widespread tumor of a brain), nevrinoma of an acoustical nerve, and also tumors of salivary glands was the purpose of researches.

And, at last, WHO experts (World Health Organization) confirmed communication between use of mobile phones and developing of tumors of a brain. Long-term researches completely confirmed this communication. So, the risk of development of a glioma in users by the mobile phone increases by 39 percent. The risk of development of a nevrinoma of an acoustical nerve increases almost by 4 times. The risk of development of tumors of salivary glands increases by 50% at those who too actively use services of mobile communication.

Whether it means that it is necessary to refuse mobile phones and services of mobile communication absolutely? This issue is not resolved quickly and in a temper. Too densely the mobile phone - this small irreplaceable priborchik which is so convenient for holding in hand, in a handbag, in a pocket entered our life. And we do not imagine life without it any more - how in a different way to communicate with beloved, business partners and just with friends? It is not a philosophical question, but vital. At the same time - it is impossible to allow growth and increase in oncological incidence in the world. The answer will be clear in several years when new means of communication enter our life.

But not everything is so sad. New modern models of phones, purchase and use only of mobile phones of the known checked brands will save all of us from big and irreparable troubles. Though it is worth to remember also about other means of communication which did not lose the relevance. And even in usual letters there are the unique charm and refinement. Let`s not forget about romantic envelopes, florets and risunochka. Let`s be romantics in everyday life.