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What names to us choose?

To what it is banal: each person has a name. It becomes such integral attribute of the personality that very few people think of value of names and of why this or that name is given to the person. And I since the childhood was surprised why my school friend Max, the big tease and the inventor, is not similar at all to the father`s colleague Maxim, the serious and judicious man who sometimes came to us home.

Much later when I began to be interested in culture of ancient Slavs, their mythology and customs, my bewilderment concerning our modern names increased. People absolutely forgot wisdom of ancestors including in that, as for naming. The custom of ancient Slavs was is as follows: when the child was born, mother and the father gave it two a name, one secret, intimate which nobody needed to know any more. The second - temporary, conditional, almost a nickname which was known by all. A name, they believed, bears in itself force. Up to now only the form of the correct representation of to the stranger lived, we tell not “My name …“, and “My name is …“. Just like that to tell the name - tremendous imprudence. Knowing a real name of the person, it is possible both to jinx and to charm. Therefore - that secret name remained with the person all life, serving it as a charm, it was known only by the closest people - parents, children, spouses. As for the second name, it was replaced during a dedication ceremony when the child was 12 years old and it was not so defenseless before dark gods and spirits any more the main traits of character were in addition shown. Names usually were two-member that helped to reflect the identity of the person. For example, Miloneg (lovely, gentle), Mstiva (the revenging soldier), Dobrogneva (kind in anger). However also simple names met: Milava (darling), Henbane (white, as birch), Zhdan (long-awaited), Zhelan (desired).

But we will return to the present. It is unlikely in our century many will believe in name force, but being even guided by common sense, it is possible to think of whether it is worth giving to the child a name which will remain with it forever, in the first days of life. Parents cannot foresee in any way what the son or the daughter what will be character of their child, his outlooks on life will grow up them. The suitable name can be given only when lines of the personality are shown.

Nevertheless it is fine if the name sootvetstvovut to the person. Choosing, for example, a nickname for the dog hardly anyone - nibud will call a majestic marble mastiff Chapoy or Topoy. These nicknames much more suit little shaggy mongrels. Why, choosing a name to the child, people often arrive on the contrary?

The choice of a name of the child can depend on many reasons now.

In - the first, some name can just be pleasant to parents or to be fashionable. Then they call the child, usually even without thinking of what means this name. As a result something can turn out like two of my acquaintances - Karina and Snezhana. Karina has an angelic face, a long fair hair and blue eyes. Snezhana the happy owner of the curling black hair and it is dark - brown eyes, the corresponding temperament is applied. Here and example of absolutely improper names. If the name of the child - just a craze, then most likely not to avoid a situation when in a school class your child has three - four namesakes. Believe, it does not bring to either children, or their parents any pleasure.

In - the second, parents in doubts at the choice of a name of the child often buy so-called “Books of names“. It would seem, working so, parents think of sense of future name of their son or daughter. But the trouble is that the contents of these books are quite doubtful, and remains problem of the fact that the child can grow up at all not it what his parents wanted to see. Besides usually it is the Greek names, for some unknown reason the most widespread. And here result: the girlfriend Elena (that “light“ means) is the lovely in general girl, it is seriously keen gothic styles - subculture (gloomy music, black hair and nails, the corresponding clothes style). Her parents got used long ago, but the question arises: what it is “light“? If it was named it not in infancy, of course, it would be perfect another.

The third, less widespread, the option of the choice of a name of the child, is based on religious views of parents. For example, in Catholic tradition it is accepted to call the child by the name of the Saint in which day he was born. Perhaps, in it there are pluses, the Saint will be considered as the patron of the of the namesake, but it can turn out absolutely differently. My acquaintance Tatyana, for example, is still grateful to the mother for the fact that that did not name her Christina (as wanted once) or Evfrosinyey (in whose day Tanya was born). The matter is that Tanya is a philosopher and besides the atheist who is very skeptical about religion.

Exists problem of the fact that the person can not like at all that name which it should carry also. As a result many people use nicknames, pseudonyms, nicknames. Quite recently passport surnames, names and middle names of my acquaintances were necessary for me. I with laughter realized that I can hardly remember this information. As superfluous it was erased from my memory, if at all sometime there was. Having rung round all, I was only surprised how incompatible can be people and names. And as I well know these people, just sometimes it seemed to me ridiculous that Miriyel is Dasha, Jean - Boris, and the Night call Aleksandra. By the way, friends know Snezhana, Elena and Tanya from the previous examples under absolutely other names. It is possible to object that the youth often uses nicknames and then it will pass, but I for a long time know these people, many of which already for twenty, and I do not think that sometime their friends will begin to call by their “real“ names. Besides nicknames are widespread and among people is more senior. Such situation could be avoided if names were chosen at the age of reason, were pleasant to the owners and reflected their personality.

All these misunderstanding could be avoided if it was named the person according to his personal features, but, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to change a situation now. In our society there was already a tradition of naming, and very few parents can refuse it.