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How to lose the man? A bad advice of

Glossy magazines dazzles with councils how to make impression on the man, to be pleasant, to interest, charm... Well, let us assume, were pleasant and charmed. What do we do farther? We begin to build in some way with it the relations. And here, often, we make several typical mistakes and own hands we pull down what so remarkably began.

as a result - the broken heart, the spent nerves, a dissatisfaction, discontent with and the elect... And same rhetorical question: and what I do not so why the same problems repeat over and over again? Perhaps, I choose not those, or itself I behave not so?

We will lay still aside the first option and we will try to sort in detail the main mistakes which we make. Let`s go by contradiction - we will look at a situation so as if the man we want... to lose. So, if you want to lose the man, then...

1 .... On the first appointment show it all gravity of the intentions. Accidentally show an album with sketches of your future wedding dress, list names of future children, in every possible way hint the potential elect that you with it - excellent couple. Be not afraid to show persistence, you are persons adult and serious and accurately know what you want.

2 . In detail tell it about your previous relations. The former man could not satisfy you, communicated with the friends too much, refused to wash the dishes, listened to you insufficiently attentively? You are simply obliged to tell of all these important things to the present elect. What for? He surely has to understand you and regret, but also, take into consideration the mistakes made by your previous man. Anyhow he will learn to build with you the relations?

3 . You remember: you Woman. It means, you are had to. Have to just upon your existence. And it is not discussed. What have to? The speech goes not about elementary rules of a good form now as that: to give way in public transport, to open a door, to offer a chair... Men have to forgive you your small weaknesses, such as unbalance, sensitivity, a habit to cry and shout if suddenly something at you went not so, they have to rush to you on the first call if at you in kitchen the crane broke, they have to repair your car, buy to you clothes and other pleasant trifles... Just because they are men. Point. Let this vital installation will become your second nature. Go on life, having straightened shoulders and with it is proud of the raised head. You the Woman, and it means...

4 . The man is, first of all, the reliable back, your support and support. Therefore do not hesitate to admit to it the weaknesses. You have a cellulitis 4 - y stages, a small breast, excess fat on a stomach, you hate a shape of the nose, cannot get into favourite jeans, you have ugly hands, you are not able to give yourself and very much worry from - for it? Safely you speak about it to your man. Let you will have from it no secrets. You are two halves making a whole so to what then to do of banal fight against cellulitis secret behind seven seals? Tell about all the experiences and complexes it is the most detailed, do not hesitate to ache and cry, and he surely will listen to you, will calm (if suddenly you want to calm down) and will support.

5 . But, at the same time, do not forget to show the strong character regularly. Men it is crazy about bitches, it knows everyone. The bitch at present to be simply actual! Do not hesitate to insist essentially on the, especially, if it is about things insignificant (you will give a weak point in trifles - will cease to reckon with your opinion in general). Do not hesitate to raise the voice when you demand the. It is possible for you, you the Woman (see point 3).

6 . You call him at least on five times a day, regularly write SMS (at least 20 messages a day), run to it for work to visit (every day, anyhow?) . And if he, for example, did not answer your phone call or answered, but it is not rather joyful, without tenderness in a voice, know - something not fine here. Also do not trust in justifications, like “I am busy, I have a meeting“. Meeting by meeting, but few times in day to find five minutes to talk to the darling, it is possible always and under any circumstances.

7 . Regularly check its phone, crack its mailbox attentively to study its correspondence. What trust that you? First try, then trust, as they say. Therefore from now on only check and rigid control. If you want to prevent possible change (yes, quite so, men all identical, then give them only vent...) - you keep everything under control. At any time you have to know where it with whom and what is engaged. Therefore safely you ring it three after midnight with a simple and natural question: “What are you doing?“ And let he will only try to answer with a dissatisfied voice!

8 . Lead his life, its interests, be aware always of all its affairs, in other words - be dissolved in it. Offer for the sake of it the friends and hobbies. All this such trifle in comparison with your huge love. And he is obliged to estimate your victim!

9 . Constantly talk to it about the relations. The relations - piece serious, as we know, over them it is necessary to work hard and regularly. Therefore constantly discuss them, safely make it the most various claim (let remembers the imperfection!) . Be not afraid to make of a fly of an elephant - eventually, so her it is visible better!

10 . And, at last, as often as possible ask it whether he loves you. Let repeats, swears, proves - do not forget to remind only him and to doubt its feelings. But you will regularly not ask it and to doubt - can stop loving!

Sometimes for receiving the “necessary“ effect only several bad advice, and sometimes and one are enough. But if suddenly you want not to lose the man as soon as possible, and, on the contrary, to construct with him the stable relations on the basis of love, mutual understanding and mutual trust, never follow this advice. Do not repeat others mistakes, fall in love, love and be happy!