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Expo 2010, Shanghai. What future is better?

of the Expo 2010 in Shanghai were provided to participants by a wide range that and a wide choice of opportunities. Many countries, really, admired with the fact that showed prospect of future city life, investigated new approaches to human habitat, a way of life and working conditions in new century. They studied how to create friendly society and to keep viable development of people. An Expo really united people from all continents.

I will tell about some pavilions which happened to be visited. I will begin with the best in my opinion.

New Zealand gave unforgettable pleasure . At the pavilion the ancient canoe settled down. On an entrance the big nephrite bringing good luck. On a stone the stream runs, and each visitor can stroke a nephrite surface, popleskat hands in flowing water. Organizers brought live flora of New Zealand that gave to the pavilion naturalness and showed that the country is inseparably linked with the nature.

On television screens - plots from everyday life of people as if pieces from the present and the future are taken. It was felt that the people keep multinational traditions and honors culture. A concert of indigenous people of Maori are a separate history.

The dance “hak“ and songs of Maori on a scene caused a storm of delight not only Europeans. Chinese exulted, supporting actors. There was such feeling that thousands of people which surrounded a scene, here - here will break into a dance. After a concert of Maori approached grateful public and with happy smiles were photographed together. At the exit from the pavilion of sweet teeth waited for a stall with the well-known New Zealand ice cream. Here really peaceful country, New Zealand!

Australians with sense of humour peculiar to them showed the past. Scenes with comical dolls reflected various periods of history of the country. At an entrance to a show room the Australian representative told different jokes in Chinese. The atmosphere is benevolent as if hospitable owners welcome guests. The dynamic movie on screens which rotated around the changing scenery symbolized the happy future of Australians. Believed! In total without grandiosity and it is convincing.

Felt deep respect for American to the pavilion. Three huge halls with huge screens, two of which are equipped with seats and powerful conditioners. In everyone showed the movie - the presentation. The first movie as the first step to acquaintance. The American workers, passersby on the street try to speak on - Chinese. The movie is cheerful, amusing, relieves the tension and adjusts on a friendly chat. In the second movie ministers, the scientist, teachers, children speak about what they see the future and that becomes already now. In conclusion Barack Obama addressed participants of an exhibition.

I will honestly tell if I was American, would be proud of the country and the president. Simple touching speech. What to tell, there, on the far continent, the future of the country is indifferent for nobody. The third, the last, the movie how the girl could unite neighbors to plant trees and shrubs and turn the cluttered-up yard into a garden. Personally I would like to live in the country where so care for people.

I liked to Latvian the pavilion, everything is simple and modest. In the middle of the hall a glass pipe in which two guys in suits of astronauts fly under pressure of air. Excellent entertaining attraction. And carried out thanks to Thomas, friendly young representative of the country, that suggested to play a popular board game to the pavilion without turn. As if we esteemed Chinese, Europeans intuitively last each other. Thomas spoke fine English. On my question where it was so well learned, answered that so train in school. It would be desirable that such schools was more worldwide.

Progressive, innovative, safely looking forward and Canadian the pavilion.

Unfortunately, Russia disappointed with . As the true fan of Russian cuisine, before visit of the pavilion came into the Russian restaurant. My joyful rush that now we will drink something cold, and we will come for a dinner in the evening, you were met by the waiter the venomous statement like “much here goes, promise to return and do not come back“. For the first time for years of stay in China to me it became awkward from what I tell in Russian. Would tell in English, and the relation would be another. It turns out, ““ are not trusted. Where at what schools the service personnel were trained? Or, how in Soviet period, those who are closer to a feeding trough abroad go?

It then I understood that through restaurant there was an entrance to the pavilion, and it was possible to pass, passing turn. Kept the promise, returned in the evening to have supper. There was a strong wish to try primordially Russian dish - beef Stroganoff. In the hall only one Chinese couple sat that is not surprising - the prices astronomical. Waiters already met friendly, lovely smiled. Tasty there was a beef Stroganoff, and mutton chops wonderful. Only a portion as for a cat, and music of the Russian was not. Laid out for a modest dinner for two 870 yuans (130 dollars). For the Expo where the prices are higher, than in the city, very expensively.

And still it is a pity not for money, for “the power offensively“. Up to the soul depth offensively for the Russian pavilion with colourfully - fantastic registration from plastic. Did not understand what was wanted to be informed the world, what idea? All this is good for children`s theater, but not for a world exhibition with a subject “The best city, the better life! “ Most of all upset that Russians presented Dunno from Nosov`s fairy tale as a symbol of the future of Russia. Means, illiterate, silly Dunno personifies the Russian people?

Asked the Russian representative: “Who created all this?“ Answered with pride: “How?! You do not know the designer Pugacheva?“ Really Russia has nothing to offer more?

In each pavilion there is a shop where it is possible to buy some thing with a country emblem. It is strange that Russians did not think that not only rich men go to an exhibition. Not each millionaire will lay out, for example, 300 dollars for a wooden nested doll. Simple people who want to leave an inexpensive souvenir for memory go to an exhibition. Really it was impossible to bring, for example, tasty Russian chocolate instead of very expensive souvenirs which stood behind glass and demand were not?

Of course, I bought favourite chocolate. Only from - under floors, as great deficiency. Experience of former life was useful. Approached the shop assistant and asked to sell though a tile. The girl admitted that brought chocolate for themselves, not for sale. Then the guy brought us out of the pavilion, having warned that he takes away from chambers. Without trusting such good luck, for pleasure bought even 5 pieces on 20 yuans (about 3 dollars) for everyone. And though chocolate appeared “Alpen gold“, the main thing, there was written in Russian, and it was madly tasty.

Really governors are not concerned by the future? Really Russia will live old fairy tales with plastic scenery?

The realist sees only the shown world, impoverishing himself. In fact, the exhibition has symbolical knowledge.

The Expo in Shanghai represents the future. Involuntarily you compare what pavilion is better. However in what future to live is already an option of each of us.