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How to spend summer in the city? St. Petersburg and its vicinities of

What is rest? Rest - means “to recover the breath“, “to change scenery“. In our life most of people forgot that it means, but this article, I hope, will help you to understand what you wait from summer for.

Morning. Nevsky Avenue. Crowds of not suntanned, tired people. Closeness..., heat..., heat... and, at last, crisis! All work, nobody has a rest. All want to earn to themselves on holiday. And here a question whether there will be it, whether will allow your most venerable administration to take to you couple of time off? Who knows, maybe, to you and “will carry“.

Day. Today you talk about long-awaited holiday. Bach. A fist on a table. Do not wait for holiday!

Evening. It becomes clear that it is necessary to have a rest in the same place, where and to work. That`s all.

And now it is necessary to strain brains and in fight. Where in St. Petersburg it is possible to have a rest and so that it was remembered to you well and you would never regret that you exchanged some there Italy for the hometown.

Friday. Evening. We leave office. Where to go, so there is a wish to bathe, sunbathe and near at hand only the daily log and a two-three of hundreds of rubles! Go to hypermarket if that is available somewhere nearby. There it is possible to buy cheap which - what products, for example, juice, a chocolate, fruit and a roll, and all this will cost you a maximum couple of hundreds of rubles. It is possible to get on the subway further and to reach, for example, to Ozerkov . There remarkable ponds and very beautiful nature.

Still it is possible to reach to the metro station of Dybenko and to get on any bus towards the city of Karovsk. On the way to you Korkinsky lakes, the lake Azure will meet . If all - to you not laziness and you want even to bathe at the end of the working day in clear water, then go directly to Neva River . It will take you no more than 25 minutes.

There are also other options. In Red Cela fine ponds about idle factory are. They are recognized in our city as the purest. If to pass slightly further towards Kipeni and to turn from the Tallinn highway on Kingisepp, then you will also meet the most beautiful lake where even breed a trout.

If you not the fan to be fried under the sun, and you prefer to it culturally - educational campaigns, then it is better for you to choose for this purpose days off since after 18. The 00th majority of the museums are already closed.

Go to the country, for example, to Peterhof or Lomonosov .

If your chief is not so severe, then ask for him unplanned day off, say, on Friday, and at you will be the whole three days to vanish and have a good time. Then it is possible to go and far to the country: to Sestroretsk, Zelenogorsk, Komarovo, Solar . Believe, rest on Gulf of Finland is not worse at all, than on the Black Sea. Carry out Wick there - and, put tent. Call friends, organize a camp and you have fun... yes though all days off!

For someone there is no best rest, than shopping. Run in hypermarkets, there now sell a summer collection, and you will be able to carry it, well at least, all fall, and sometimes even in the winter.

If you the homebody and to you nothing it is necessary, then mine to you council: stay at home! Do that you want, it also is called rest !