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What do we know about mosquitoes? Details about those whom we feed with

“Oh, glorious summer! I would love you,

When not heat and dust and mosquitoes and flies …“

(A.S. Pushkin)

What happiness to escape in the hot summer yes from the stuffy megalopolis on the small homeland - especially when on this small homeland at you the private house, and near it a pond with the wood. But once evening comes, begin to understand that any barrel of honey does not do without tar spoon. From a pond together with a pleasant cool hordes of mosquitoes direct to the house. In rooms characteristic buzz is distributed, and the body becomes covered by characteristic stings. Here also you rush at half of the night on the room with a fly swatter, quoting the witty proposal of K. S. Lewis to combine paradise for mosquitoes with hell for people.

In the head also other incoherent thoughts rush. For example, that never to me to be the Buddhist sparing all live. Or a story about one orthodox devotee who staid several hours half-naked in a bog was remembered. Thus, it punished itself(himself) for the fact that, having become angry, killed a mosquito. However, motives were not so Buddhist here - the circumstance became the main reason of punishment “having become angry“, but not action “killed“.

At daybreak mosquitoes calm down, but the post of torturers is held right there by flies …

Call of life and death

“An evil mosquito having sung summer

With a drop of poison took from a gossip.“

(U. Blake)
“Priests sing

over the dead, mosquitoes over live“.

(The Russian proverb)
Should tell

that flies and mosquitoes - relatives. Not from - for mean character, of course, and not because “small komarik“ took in Mukhu`s wife - to Tsokotukh. Just all of them treat group of flies - one of “youngest“ among insects.

Ancestors of flies appeared somewhere in the middle of the Mesozoic Era and, quite perhaps, managed to annoy such giants as dinosaurs. This fact Spielberg in the to / f used “Jurassic Park“, having successfully cloned pangolins from blood nasosavshikhsya and then the mosquitoes immured in amber. However blossoming of flies and mosquitoes, certainly, coincided with an era of blossoming of warm-blooded animals and flowering plants. From all continents of mosquitoes could not find only in Antarctica.

As it is clear from the name, representatives of flies manage in flight in only one pair of wings (the second at them atrophied and turned into a zhuzhzhalets) - and manage as you can be convinced, quite not bad.

Mosquitoes in this area are peculiar champions. Their wings work with tremendous speed - from 200-500 to 1000 waves a second (!) - thanks to what there is an opposite thinnest peep. It is one of the most high-pitched sounds which the human ear is capable to distinguish. Not without reason Kobayasi Issah wrote in the haiku:

“Takes Me for the aged man of the deaf

, has to be, the mosquito -

Rings at the ear“.
I do not even know

Ya that more me enrages - actually stings or this buzz.

Of course if the mosquito could, then he with pleasure would taste a krovushka on the sly, without risk to be found. But if during food buzz - a dangerous hindrance, then during a time of love merrymakings - the most necessary thing.

Should tell that songs and dances as a prelude to pairing, - at all not the invention of the person. In the evenings we can observe the crowding hooting cloudlets - peculiar mosquito “discos“. Males as true music lovers, determine a polovozrely female by lower (in comparison with males and nepolovozrely females) peep height.

Having found each other, the couple flutters out from a round dance and copulates already alone. Usually the female does not look for the second lover any more - the reserve of sperm can quite be enough for all subsequent layings. But at the impregnated female the bloodthirstiness instinct right there wakes up …

blood Call

“Bit a mosquito of an elephant.

I to an elephant came the khan.


Wins not big

and tusks decorated,

A against small, evil

and freaky!“

(The author is not established) “Do not kill with


B them your blood flows!“


I Think for anybody not a secret that bloodthirstiness is a prerogative only of females (about it walked many humorists who are playing a trick on women). At males even the hobotok is underdeveloped - therefore ours “Don - zhuana“ are capable to taste only flower nectar. But kolyushche - the sucking oral device of a female represents the difficult complex tool not similar to the ordinary syringe (as many can think).

Actually the hobotok of a komarikha consists of several parts: four pricking stilettos developing in a case of a lower lip, and the trubkoobrazny sucking upper lip. Plus to everything the female not just sucks blood, but also injects the saliva into a wound. The matter is that the opening in a blood vessel turns out small and blood is quickly turned. The small barmy fungi living in a gullet of a female come to the rescue. Thanks to their allocations, saliva of a komarikha slows down fibrillation and in addition renders analgesic effect. As they say, it`s done so, as the mosquito of a nose will not undermine. However, after completion of procedure the remarkable fungi which got to blood begin to render absolutely boomerang effect, causing an inflammation and an itch.

A. Ivashchenko, G. Vasilyev:

“. . The mosquito flies on the kosterok semi-extinguished,

Semi-extinguished, semi-strangled,

A I lie to all places already bitten:

I in the eye bitten and in the nose bitten“.

of the victims of a komarikha is found unmistakably, being guided on a number of factors - to the body temperature, the exhaled carbon dioxide, and also a smell of the lactic acid which is contained in human sweat. However there are also such smells which for these tonkoobonyayushchy bloodsuckers are as opposite, as for us a stench of the decaying meat or rotten eggs. People called the substances which are marking out such aromas repellents. They are fittings of well-known fumigant injectors - devices for scaring away of mosquitoes.

Except repellents mosquitoes also hate dry hot air (already at 28 degrees their activity strongly falls) and wind. Probably, wind complicates to they are too lightweight - an insect penetration into window leaves of my apartment on the eighth floor (though near the house and settles down small Liski where they just teem).

Attacks of bloodsuckers in marshy places of a taiga and the tundra where several types of dipterous villains gather in numerous “aviation“ gangs code-named “midges“ are especially dangerous.

Midges so exhausted the Siberian people that even got to mythology. So, on beliefs of ugr, mosquitoes were straight from hell - through the hole drilled in the earth by god`s opponent - the creator, and at Kets they appeared from sparks of a fire on which burned one angry woman.

Except acquaintances to us usual mosquitoes and the flies who are not belonging to our subject the midges include two more types of mosquito. These are midges (such small humpbacked komarik with short pads and hobotka) and wood lice (smaller komarishka). The similar trifle is in actual fact more terrible than simple mosquitoes - in - the first because they easily get through the smallest cracks, and, in - the second because their saliva possesses toxic properties. A set of stings are capable to cause temperature increase, hemorrhages and hypostases of internals in the victim - and at times to lead also to a lethal outcome.

The melkota - well-known mosquitoes lives in tropics and subtropics, not less ruthless. By the way, if you hear the word “mosquito“ from the foreigner, then the speech, most likely, goes not about exotic bloodsuckers at all, and about ordinary mosquitoes. This word which came from Spanish to English (mosquito) and French (moustique) practically forced out old names of a mosquito (English - gnat, and fr. - cousin).

Such types which are capable to lead to a lethal outcome and after one sting also occur among mosquitoes. It is about the mosquitoes transferring from sick people to healthy causative agents of such diseases as malaria and yellow fever. In Africa from 1,4 to 2,8 million people die only of malaria! It should be noted that pathogenic microorganisms so “got used“ to the carriers that is not able to exist without them simply. For example, the malarial mosquito, nasosavshiysya the infected blood, is capable to infect the subsequent victims not earlier than in a week - still malarial plasmodium does not pass a necessary cycle of development in its organism.

The termination follows...