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Loro park. Why all the biggest?

to get to Loro park, it is necessary to go to other part of the island though to Tenerife all is close to our measures. There is it in city boundaries Puerto de la Cruz who in itself deserves the separate story in the form of the description of sights.

In Puerto de la Cruz the beach black, volcanic. How many work was necessary to break here the real garden city. Feeling of the real jungle in which the town of handicraftsmen and dealers lives quietly.

But main here, of course, Loro`s park . It adjoins a magnificent botanical garden, and in itself - the garden only filled with life of animals. From a pingvinary (the biggest in Europe), a dolphinarium (the biggest in Europe), the longest in Europe of “The tunnel of sharks“ to the world`s largest collection of parrots (as the staff of park claims, it would be more correct to tell - also the most various).

The park - is also translated to Loro as “Park of parrots“. It was open in 1972 and since then expanded to the “very best“ large sizes in Europe.

Surprising creations - gorillas, a white tiger, killer whales and dolphins. The last just gave representations, the first - too in own way, living the life “behind glass“. Figuratively speaking of course: open-air cages are almost open, just life passes in the face of public. At once I hear objections that it badly that animals have to live in habitat and have full authority for prayves.

Zoos, prayves and irresistible circumstances

Is not present doubts, concerning whether zoos - at everyone the point of view are necessary, and everyone is in own way right. It is clear, that the wild animal is given birth for free life, and it is put by the nature. But the person too strongly and imperiously interferes with nature life, leaving less space for its primitive manifestations and natural development.

Are felled trees, oceans become soiled, lands are cultivated. Some animal species can adapt to such succession of events as, say, pigeons without whom the urbanistic environment is still inconceivable. And there are animal species which cannot find to themselves the place in these conditions, the area of dwelling is reduced, and gradual extinction threatens with him.

Already today it is possible to tell that some animal species survive only thanks to nature protection efforts of mankind. Orangutans, partly gorillas, giant pandas, Siberian tiger - whether will survive they in the latest conditions? Big question. In such situation the best option - national park, as Serengeti, but it is possible not everywhere. Therefore the zoo is not only prison for animals and entertainment for people, but also scientific laboratory for scientists, and nursery for cultivation of separate animal species.

Loro park - mix of a botanical garden, zoo and the circus platform. Possibly, such option is favorable commercially, on the other hand - it is visible that for animals are created more - less acceptable conditions: big open-air cages, spacious pools. If to compare it to how animals contain in the Russian zoos, then tenerifsky prisoners can only envy. At us, happens, it is terrible to look at an animal in a tiny cage. And climate nevertheless not the most suitable for keeping of animals in bondage.

As train predators?


It is clear, as a whip, and gingerbread, but trainers - trainers use natural skills and aspiration peculiar to this animal to game. In the nature we too often see how some animals play with each other. And gingerbread - fish (for a dolphin) or a bucket of fish (for a killer whale) appears after each number.

But this gingerbread - is banal. The most true caress which these animals ask is not banal, ask by right, - and right there it is received. Dolphins and killer whales substitute sides and tummies for a pochesyvaniye, and it is visible that they from it derive improbable pleasure. If there is somewhere “whip“ in training - it is not felt at all, and here positive incentives literally arrest attention.

At each killer whale - the trainer. At each couple of dolphins - too. Nearly personal relations - and why and not personal are felt? If the killer whale, having executed “a threefold somersault - to the mortala“, right there hurries to the person, on a belt leans out of water, asks to eat, scratch and stroke - whether only in training business?

However not everything is so cloudless. In scientific zoological literature writing to about Satka, but not to and Satka is accepted. But killer whales are called not for nothing whales - murderers (in English and it is written - killer whale). These are dangerous predators. And, as well as the Homo sapiens, this predator represents top of a food chain. Are carnivorous, gluttonous (to 150 kilograms of food a day) and - any external enemies. So-called killer whales - tramps hunt dolphins, sea lions, whales and so on. And to the person - unpleasant meetings happened other top of a food chain - there are descriptions which reliability degree still should be checked.

And here in bondage they become unexpectedly friendly and give in to training. Trainers in Loro park were not afraid to enter with them water. Nevertheless, in 2009 one trainer by the name of Alexis Martinez died - the killer whale strongly pushed him, of course, “unpremeditatedly“, that is is casual.

Nevertheless, show of killer whales “has to continue“, it becomes on three times a day. Hard work, but show unusual. Both dolphins, and killer whales dance a waltz, a tango, fate to music - N - a beater, carry out the most difficult somersaults, they soar in air. It is difficult to pick up the word, but - nearly air show.

At the same time Loro the park is so grandiose that exactly there shot initial film frames of “The Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy“ according to Douglas Adams (“The Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy“).

from life of gorillas

of the Gorilla looked One hour more sad than other living creatures, though the open-air cage at them decent, both the pool, and magnificent vegetation, and shelters from annoying eyes. Probably, matter in family quarrel which we found. The head of the family (or an alpha - a male) sat aside, beautiful, proud, thoughtful and with a direct back. In an opposite corner, having defiantly turned away to it very mighty back, the female sat. Younger family members stopped fuss and waiting for a family thunder-storm were hidden in a thicket.

The male kept the inflexibility, did an indifferent look, was scratched, picked a nose, the female was more easily appeased, and the conflict, probably, already quietly died away. Life proceeded.

Zoos, aquariums, oceanariums are in all countries for a long time, and from it not to get to anywhere. But let they will not be worse, than famous tenerifsky Loro park. Biggest European “meetings“ of animals are not casual here - the real enthusiasm of heads and staff of this surprising park is so shown. Buy, look after, train, the huge love to the business is felt and for some reason the desire to be “ahead of the planet of all“ is not felt.

Though, to be fair, it is necessary to tell that Loro`s owners of park constructed on the southern coast the “affiliated“ enterprise - Siam park. It is an aquapark already only for people. And it is the biggest aquapark in Europe …

And still, it appears, all this simply the biggest love to the business too. All the rest - again. It is a pity nevertheless that climate at us improper. I do not know how about money, and enthusiasts would be, surely.