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Wildfires. How to escape most and to protect the house, the village, the housing estate?

the Wildfire which especially took the riding form, that is extending downwind on kroner and tops of trunks of trees - one of the most dangerous and destructive disasters.

Speed of its distribution reaches 25-30 km/h for the mixed wood, and in the coniferous wood as you understand, speed is much higher.

Such fires quite often are followed by emergence of so-called fiery tornadoes and fire storm - the phenomena similar in fact, but differing on scales when from the zone adjacent to the fire, in a zone of burning everything that is insufficiently strongly fixed is sucked in.

Besides, at such fires sparks and the burning golovn, sometimes very large, on several honeycombs of meters, and often not only downwind, but also in other directions can scatter.

Well, and one more factor influencing distribution of these fires - the powerful thermal radiation capable to set fire, for example, to a dry wooden structure for several tens meters.

Suppression of such developed fires - business very difficult. Fight against them, in most cases, consists in localization of the fire in some area concluded between the natural or artificially created fire-prevention barriers - the rivers of sufficient width, wide glades mineralized by strips or even created by method of the passer fell zones of the burned-down wood on the way of distribution of the fire. Protection of settlements, in principle, is carried out in the same ways.

So in order that your settlement was not burned with wildfire, it is necessary in advance, without waiting until fire approaches the settlement or the village, to execute a number of obligatory actions which at least considerably will reduce damage from fire:

As much as possible to increase a fire-prevention gap between the settlement and an edge of the wood - to create extremely wide strip of empty space between an edge and the structures, next to it: to drive away the cars standing there, a tractor and other equipment, to ruthlessly destroy and remove from this strip ALL combustible (at least and partially) structures and constructions, to clean garbage dumps, bushes and trees, especially coniferous and dry, bushes and a dry grass - is shorter, everything that can burn. It is very desirable to plow up this strip, having created, I repeat, thus, absolutely empty space in which there is nothing to burn.

As much as possible to increase similar fire-prevention gaps between houses in the settlement for what to sort and take out EVERYTHING not really valuable combustible (though even partially) structures (sheds, canopies, change houses, utility rooms, hen houses, wooden and film greenhouses, stacks and haycocks, etc.) wooden fences, bushes, in particular dry, dry grass, especially high. It is clear, that it is a pity to do all this, but consequences of such pity can be catastrophic for you - the last examples of destruction of the whole villages from wildfires do not allow to doubt it. Agree, to restore the sorted fence or a shed till fall simpler and cheaper, than completely burned down settlement. Actually, optimum, that in the settlement at this moment there were only houses, fireproof structures like brick garages, baths, etc. what it is impossible to do without and that does not burn at all. In this case even in upon transition of fire to separate structures, their distribution to other buildings of an isooruzheniye will be improbable, if at all possible. Something can and will burn, but not everyone.

To cover all open wooden designs with fireproof structure or paint. In case it for any reasons is impossible, try to cover at least the wooden and other combustible designs of the buildings and constructions, next to the wood, directed woodward with a serebryanka or paint like “silvery metallic“ - such paints reflect radiant energy and reduce heating of the designs covered with them. But the fireproof covering nevertheless is more preferable. Well, also do not forget to water periodically wooden parts of the remained structures by means of buckets, watering cans, and also watering hoses and household pumps - wet or even damp tree as you understand, lights up much worse than dry.

To create the greatest possible water-supplies for suppression of the fires and fire if all of them - arise. It is not only about wells and wells, but also about buckets, bathrooms, pools - about everything where it is possible to hold water and from where it can be taken quickly for fire extinguishing. Pay special attention to ponds, lakes, the rivers and fire-prevention reservoirs. By the way, the fire-prevention reservoir or a pond should be had in each settlement. If he is absent - it is necessary to dig out, it is useful.

But have not enough to dig out and fill with water. Check and provide a possibility of an entrance to reservoirs of fire trucks and the possibility of their installation ashore - there has to be the flat firm platform the sizes about 5ơ10 meters, it is desirable with a possibility of maneuvering for the fire truck, and the bottom in this place has to be whenever possible cleared of silt, branches, small stones. The matter is that in case of threat to your settlement, fire trucks to you will arrive surely, but waters to them - from only 2 to 6 tons, will obviously not be enough for the good fire of it, take care of that they could be refueled - they will protect you.

Well and put in order all primary means of fire extinguishing - fire extinguishers, buckets, loma, hooks, shovels and household pumps with hoses for watering - everything will fit. For large settlements and more - less wealthy inhabitants it would be useful to buy in general use at least one a fire motor-pump - costs not really much, and can bring benefit incomparable - from a reservoir will quite provide giving of at least two real fire trunks. So you and without assistance will be able to fight fire.

Now - a number of the organizational moments:

The first - communication. Think over the organization of communication with the field services working on suppression of the fires in your area. do not hope only for the mobile phone which is available for you. Do not forget that some Moscow Megafon at a set of number of a field service will connect you to this service located in Moscow, but not in Ryazan or in the Ryazan region from where you will call from your giving. Local phone, or the local mobile operator will be in that case more reliable.

The second - in such time do not use naked flame at all - your settlement in this case can burn down, without having waited for wildfire. Fires, a grass burning out, even shish kebabs - leave everything for later.

The third - organize watch on supervision over a surrounding situation , and not only visually, but also by viewing and listening of news, especially on local canals and radio stations, viewing of news on the Internet etc. Well, these persons on duty have to scoop information from where it is only possible. Such watch is especially important at night when importance of visual supervision increases. Contact friends, acquaintances, relatives in the neighboring settlements - it is so easier to monitor wildfire movements. Think over, establish and bring to all a signal of the general alarm - for example, frequent beeps of the car.

The fourth - be prepared by for possible urgent evacuation . At all above-mentioned, your life, life of those who surround you - all - the most expensive that is so if something happens, it is necessary to save first of all lives of people. Prepare all the most necessary that it will be necessary to take with itself - money, documents, the most universal clothes, the least perishable goods of food, drinking water and if there are small children - everything that is necessary for them. Put all this where - nibud outdoors or at the exit that at the fire it was not necessary to come back behind it to the house.

The fifth - if everything about what I wrote here, concerns not your house, but giving, then after implementation of the first four points leave from there - it is dangerous to remain. To risk to eat sense, only if here your house and is no place to move to you. But even in this case there is a sense to send old men, patients and children, and it is better also than women where - nibud to safer place . It is the best of all that if something happens in the settlement there were only strong, relatively young men with an individual transport on which if something happens it is possible to leave at the last minute.

And the last councils - for those who will appear in the settlement or the village at the time of the fire . Take off from yourself all synthetic clothes that the casual spark did not set fire to it together with you. Most preferable clothes from dense x/, denim, some tarpaulin raincoat or a jacket, an old military uniform, well, everything that badly lights up. Have a shower bath water - it will reduce probability of burns. Wrap up the person a wet rag - it will give the chance though somehow to breathe. Organize, mobile patrol on the settlement for the purpose of identification of the arising centers and their suppression in an initial stage, in a germ is better by agreement with firefighters (or who will come to extinguish there). When inflames, it will be more difficult to extinguish. Also take care - unlike material values, your life and health are irreplaceable.

Good luck! give

I to you god that these councils were never necessary for you...