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Where to get acquainted with the man of your dream? Options

of Options - great variety. It is only necessary to approach business creatively.

6. In a supermarket. to All people should eat from time to time something therefore they regularly (usually it occurs on days off) shop in big shops, and being bought for all week. Such global visits of shop are peculiar to people family, on weekdays they are engaged at work and can descend in “shop near the house“ in the evening.

As for free men, they not always visit big supermarkets or usually try to do it when to least of all people, that is in the evening on weekdays. It does not mean that in the day off you will not meet such person in big shop, just it will be more difficult for you to make out it among a great number of visitors with full carts. Some in general prefer the round-the-clock shops where it is possible to come though into one o`clock in the morning to buy products.

It is extremely difficult to get acquainted in clothing stores as there in general it is difficult to catch men, they come for a certain thing and cannot, like us, go and as hours to choose a jacket or to peremerivat 10 pairs of shoes. They will break on 3 - 4 couple and either will buy something, or will leave with anything.

7. On courses and trainings. Will approach any advanced training courses, the main thing that among the experts attending these classes there were men in a large number (at least, it is not less than a half), otherwise to you not to avoid the competition. It can be courses of learning of foreign languages, bases of management, graphic design, a saytostroyeniye, the photo. Here only I do not advise you to visit psychological trainings where each of participants has to tell others all the cherished secrets, the people needing psychological support and motivation go there. You need the self-assured man?

8. At exhibitions of thoroughbred animals: dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters. Lonely people are inclined to get animals - pleasantly when you someone meets houses. Men get dogs more often, and not pocket option. Therefore to you will not prevent to happen at exhibitions even if as the photographer - the fan. And if you have a dog who should be walked in the mornings and to evenings, then you, probably, already know where it is usually possible to find colleagues.

9. On the street. Who told that on the street it is indecent to get acquainted? There are different situations. In this case it is about stadium or a special racetrack (not that that costs in fitness - club). There are people who like to run in the mornings, and to run down the street in a sports suit with a player in ears. In the West, of course, it is more such fans of morning jogs, than at us, but nevertheless and they occur at us. Another thing is that they prefer to run not on a gas-polluted walking path near the highway, and in park or in the country. You want to support yourself in shape? Nice shorts, a T-shirt, convenient sneakers, wristlets, a speedometer, mp3 - a player - and forward, for MVM will be necessary for you, catch up with it literally this word.

10. On the Internet. many dating sites Exist. But such way has a mass of shortcomings:

On the website incorrect data of the person can be specified, it concerns any data: photo, information on marital status, profession, places of residence.

you will not be able to get acquainted in absentia with the person in the Internet - correspondence, having seen it “in real“, you should meet him anew, it is such psychological phenomenon: it seems you communicate with the person in ICQ the second week, and it seems to you that learned about him already everything. You agree about a meeting, you come - and here it becomes clear that you do not know this person as though before and did not communicate with him. You should begin to build the relations anew, but now in reality, and it not at all turns out. Sometimes it turns out that the person at all and not such what wanted to seem to you in the Internet - communication.

over time you will understand that it is possible to meet the man who was pleasant to you and it is necessary in any place and under any circumstances. The main thing to be self-assured, sociable and always to look good.

Be not afraid to take the first step to acquaintance, sometimes this step consists in ability only “to make eyes“ and to smile charmingly.