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Oh, hot...

When long go under sunshine, the head begins to overheat specifically that I also felt today. Went in the shaded places where it was possible and regretted that I have no baseball cap. it at me was not years hundred. It is necessary to buy some superfashionable and not to take a steam bath about a heatstroke on my head. For example, my grandmother in the village wets a scarf in water and reels up on the head. So escapes and what to do? The main thing, of course that draft was not, ato it is possible and to catch a cold.

Watched transmission on a TV set about an abnormal heat recently. Said that it is necessary to be cooled correctly too. For example, it is impossible to be cooled sharply. At once to dive into the small river doctors do not advise. Sharp difference of temperatures can lead to a heart angiospasm. It is necessary to cool down a little in a shadow and only then to plunge into cold water. The ice shower is contraindicated too. It is told that during a heat it is better to take a warm shower, allegedly after it ambient temperature will seem is lower, than it is. I tried - this is true.

My friend all the time drinks aerated water. Madwoman! In - the first it harmful, all this are known. In - the second it does not satisfy thirst during our heat, and on the contrary excites it that we bought and bought these drinks. Drink cool tea, the acidified water, compotes, lemon water and in general there is more liquid. During a heat our organism loses a lot of moisture. To restore water balance it is necessary to drink liquids not less than 3 - 3,5 liters a day. I, by the way, very much like houses to drink hot green tea. Sometimes I add to it lemon juice. Very cool! Eat fruit and vegetables. During a heat I eat not much and I feel well. I use generally main cucumbers, tomatoes, a water-melon, a melon. I try not to overeat. I eat easily. By weight I do not buy ready salads, fish, milk, sausage too. In - just there is no wish for the first. In - the second perishable goods, it is necessary to be careful.

In such weather there is also it that podkashivat. The head is turned and pressure rises. Though I do not drink, I do not smoke, I lead a healthy lifestyle. Even I do not represent as in such weather to someone else it is smoked. And how by it it is breathed? People, think of the health and it will be easier to live!