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Where to get acquainted with the man of your dream? Candidates of

One of your girlfriends she is married long ago, others replaced already the second boyfriend, and to you everything is not possible to meet the man, that which will be clever, kind, true, loving, careful, ready for the sake of you on any madnesses and feats in any way. Where to meet such man? And how in general to look for it?

For a start it is worth defining what qualities the man of your dream has to possess. Psychologists in this case recommend to draw the man`s portrait: take a notebook and make the list of qualities which, in your opinion, by all means have to be present.

Irrespective of individual characteristics of the specific man of your dream (let`s call in abbreviated form him by MVM - for conspiracy, so to speak), it is possible to allocate some common features as most of women agree in opinion here:

1) beautiful;

2) well-founded;

3) clever;

4) kind;

5) careful.

About the first point everything is quite clear, meet, as they say, on - clothes, here beauty is understood as a sports constitution, well-groomed appearance (as that: gladkovybritost, pleasant perfume, clean nails, fashionable hairdress), elegant style in clothes - classical or kezhat.

As for the man`s solvency, the matter is not subject to discussion - the middle manager quite will arrange someone, and give others directors of firms, businessmen and oligarchs.

Mind of the man is regarded by the woman as ability:

1) to earn money;

2) to find a simple way out of difficult life situations;

3) to listen to it, the woman, or it is polite to pretend.

Kindness of the man, as a rule, is defined by his generosity in relation to the woman and her relatives. And the speech not only about money, and in general about any help which the man can render, for example: to help to pokleit wall-paper in the room, to replace a wheel at the car.

It seems that to be careful - the same, as to be kind, but actually here it is about warm-heartedness, ability to listen, regret, ability to empathize.

To be careful - it means:

- to wake the girl a kiss, but not a call of an alarm clock;

- to ask it to put on more warmly if on the street it is cold;

- to bear packages of products from shop most;

- to ask it why she such sad if you see that it has no mood;

- not to awake it in day off early in the morning only because your stomach asks “to guzzle“, and on the contrary, to make a breakfast most...

Ah, dreams - dreams! Though such copies which manage meet to give flowers to the woman more often 2 - x once a year (birthday and means on March 8) and to make remarkable gifts and to admire her appearance everywhere and always.

Where to get acquainted with this “Mr. Sovershenstvo“? There are many places suitable for similar acquaintances.

But for a start about where it is not necessary to get acquainted: in theater, cinema, at an exhibition - there usually go already or the developed couples, or families (means with parents), or with friends.

1. Acquaintance at work - the simplest and checked way. Colleagues are such people whom you can observe day by day, for years, besides in the developed collective it is possible to learn the mass of interesting and useful information about your elect. Here you see the person in a native habitat. And even if in the beginning he tries to pose as the one whom he inherently is not, then over time you will understand it and expose the sly fellow. There are, of course, opponents of office romances, but who told that in off-duty time you have no right to meet this person?

2. Acquaintance in club on interests. the Speech not about night clubs. Do you have serious hobbies? Equestrian sport, tennis, swimming, surfing, karting, cycling? Or, maybe, you go to good fitness - the center? Here it is quite real to get acquainted, having asked to give you a lesson or advice.

3. Acquaintance on the road - this way is suitable for owners of a car, it is necessary to be the advanced autolady and to know those features by means of which it is possible to attract attention men driving.

4. In the resort cannot call acquaintance promising, but it conceals in itself the sea of romanticism. It is important to choose the correct object: enjoy special popularity it is mountain - ski resorts and places where it is possible to surfboard, a vinsyorfing and diving. There are clubs of divers who will organize trips around the best places for diving worldwide. But also there are miscalculations when you come to rest, and it turns out that all vacationers - couples.

Some on this case begin to look for the fellow traveler in the Network. The way is interesting, but unpredictable, you choose the person with whom you two weeks then should communicate on vacation. Therefore “skilled“ recommend to meet the future fellow traveler in advance to learn his character and the purposes of travel.

5. Acquaintance on fishing. From ways of carrying out rest fishing is allocated in the most interesting way: there is no such man who would not like to catch fish. But fishing docks need to be chosen skillfully - it has to be cruise on the good boat, it is necessary to stay in hotel or in the small lodges equipped with all necessary. You by all means need a good spinning, love to fishing and slightly revealing clothes in style of a military.

Here, by the way, to agree about a joint trip on fishing on the Internet with the pleasant man - thought more over option.