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You have a depression? Do not grieve! Several ways of disposal

If the hard case is also justified, for example, by the tragedy or a grief, forgive and urgently go to the doctor - the help is necessary to you serious, and with you I will not joke. Sincerely I wish health, patience and forces.

For the others, those who, for example, think that he divorce with the husband, quarrel with the best friend or dismissal from work - a grief, several advice can give.

So, a way first , the most reliable, the most absolutely helping - to finish this business at all. Well, that is with life of this hapless. There are options, to everyone to taste:

the Rope, soap, to them the put stool. Only it is not necessary to take a belt from a terry dressing gown of the husband - the rascal. Even so shaky belt, can not sustain.

Part of the railroad: rails, cross ties. Only look at the schedule - whether trains go in principle here.

Another. It is possible to borrow in detectives. to

Here only one “but“ - the sin will hardly be forgiven. And if it is forgiven you, then will devolve to your children. Having got rid of a depression, you will doom to it close people. If it you do not care, well, then - forward!

Further - from personal experience cool and effective councils , any more not jokes, it is also already possible to write down:

Come off the got wet tear-stained pillow, check whether there are at least half-salaries in a purse and go to the station. Buy the ticket to any city - there and it is possible back. If during a way did not tear your depression on there is no fellow traveler - the merry fellow, it is even good. Take a walk in the unfamiliar city and come back to the. Believe - upon return you will forget about the illness.

Can descend to the fortuneteller or the psychic or just to give money to the Gipsy at the station square.

can Get drunk too. But there is a risk - the depression disappears only for the period of intoxication. Further - or everything will be aggravated, or at once, having regained consciousness, freshen the nip. And so day after day, day after day … You met drunkards in a depression? Well, and I about what?!

to Swear, fight, leave just like that, to call the lover`s wife, the husband`s mistress …

the Weight, mass of options, you see! Only it is worth dreaming up. By the way, if to dream intelligently, it is possible and in process already to forget an occasion. You saw dreamers - visionaries in a depression? Well, and I about what?!

Earlier to me happened zatyazhno, till some days, to tears, almost dismissal from work, sudden departure to other city and an other nonsense too...

Time heals also learns! Now on a depression, I can allocate for nervous breakdowns to myself couple of days. At this time it is good to sob out annual norm of tears, to sleep, with all to squabble, distribute to girlfriends of a dress in which you do not vlazit tomorrow to be whipping the cat from a toad - a dushitelnitsa, to eat everything from the refrigerator or to go on hunger strike.

But the best and a way, effective for me, - clear-out with shift of furniture. Long, for all day. And at night when ispsikhovavshiysya the husband and the become silent children fall asleep as it is exciting to sigh, at last, having left from - under contrast smothering, to make coffee more strong, to light candles, to include a computer and to splash out this sore, abscess, pain from soul …

I Take off a dressing gown, dimensionless, opposite, it is lazy lulling. Shorts - are shorter, an undershirt - on thin shoulder-straps, I do not wear slippers … Run up all on the affairs, I begin to fight against this zmeyuky - a depression!

From the room I take out everything that I can lift, drag off, put forward. Carpet, chairs, exercise machine, TV … I remove from a book shelf books and caskets, folders, disks, pots with flowers, curtains I pull off and I throw out in a corridor, a table, having turned sideways, I extend, groaning, in a doorway …

As it is good and spacious - naked walls, the surprised huge window - an eye, on the place of a carpet - a dusty gray square! And now: a broom, a basin with warm water, a mop, a rag, odorous shampoo! Fifteen minutes - and all sparkles unfamiliar mood and new spirit!

So … These chairs will go “to live“ to other room. I will carry a carpet to the cellar, the summer bare feet needs to be felt! TV? From here! And in general, all - from here! Only a bed, only the computer on a coffee table, only candles and the husband!

And by the night when all fall asleep on new places, I will light candles, I will drink a glass of red moist with darling, I will try to lull also him, having proved what in this room much more cozy and smells of good revolution in our life, I will open wide open a window and I will write the instruction “How to get rid of a depression“.

Here, by the way, one more method - creative, creative!