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Whether Eve is guilty? Whether

Eve Is guilty?

Myths, myths, myths … They accompany us from the birth to death. They are discredited, exposed, dispelled, and they live … They get into our flesh and blood imperceptibly, quietly, and, having settled more conveniently, begin to operate our behavior, feelings, beliefs. We do not want to admit it even to ourselves, we wave away as from an importunate fly, but somewhere it is deep - deeply, on the bottom of soul they already took root, these myths which define who we whom we realize ourselves are. Wonder - who I am? Anybody or somebody? Somebody, created by God, allocated with a body, soul, intelligence, feelings, desires, mission …, otherwise, I am a Woman, the most important component of the universe, irrespective of the material, social, spiritual and any other status belonging to us in this world. So, maybe, we will try to return to ourselves and by means of “female“ logic initially inherent in us we will understand where the truth and where lie that present to us as indisputable truth? Also we will begin with one of the most ancient and most sacred myths - fault of our foremother Eve …

the Bible - the surprising book. Everyone who wants to support the opinion with the powerful quote will find in it confirmation to the views or judgments even if judgments of looking for are opposite. If you consider that physiological proximity of the man and woman in itself and not just as means of reproduction of a sort, is Charisma - at your service “the Song of Songs“. If you are sure that this act is a devilish temptation - at your service. If you believe that the Lord is first of all love, mercy - “turn other cheek“ if He for you first of all - “not the world I brought punishment for sins to you, but a sword“.

is obvious, existence of so many faiths, currents, sects in Christian religion is explained by it. Everyone understands on the understanding, everyone looks for what for it is more important, closer than everything, in other words - everyone looks not for the answer to a question, and confirmation to the feelings and thoughts. Quite so always read the Bible and I until once there was something, completely changed my relation to this process.

B 90 - x years of the last century when the world fell habitual already to several generations, people, in search of replacement to disappearing creeds, in large quantities rushed in search of adequate symbols. It was blossoming of the various communities uniting adherents of all possible and impossible religions, beliefs from paganism to Christianity, the Buddhism etc. People, having yearned on spiritual communication, absorbed as a sponge water everything that fell upon them from screens of TVs, from a stage of leased halls, appear, air was impregnated with a certain spiritual substance. But all these spiritual communities as by request, differed in one feature rather did not differ. Each community sacredly believed that others trust incorrectly. In efforts to acquaint as much as possible people with that belief which was for them unique people knocked at others doors, distributed leaflets with invitations to meetings, tried to preach on streets, in public transport.

was distributed knock and at my door Once. The criminal situation those years excluded an opportunity to open a door, without asking and the answer to my question somehow did not inspire to give a hand to the lock. And this took place conversation, fatal for me, through the massif of the closed door. Women (they were at least two) told me that if I open, they will present me the Bible and will teach to understand it. I answered that I have a Bible, I regularly read it and I do not need their help. And here then, with all sincerity, with all heat of the person who is passionately believing in truth of the words, one of them exclaimed: “But you misunderstand it!!!“ … She did not know

how I understand it, she knew what I misunderstand. Naturally, I was not one of them, and “who not with us, that against us“ … It seems to me now that at that moment process of reading began to be replaced gradually with process of judgment, I just ceased to read and began to think.

So, the Bible - the sacred book, the set of rules for any person believing in our Lord, a consolation in griefs, the help to sufferers … How it can be misunderstood?!

From the very beginning, from its chapter 1 everything is simple and clear: The Lord created our world, everything that around us, and ourselves just like the - “And was created by God of the person on the image, on the God`s image created it; the man and the woman created them. Also God blessed them, and God told them: propagate and breed, both fill the earth, and possess it …“ (The Old Testament, the First book of Moiseyev, hl. 1, Art. 27,28) However, it is wonderful? you Feel

as the child on a palm of the loving powerful parent and there is a wish to grow, become quicker same strong and kind, and too to work, create, create, executing the Lord`s Precept … Also you feel the participation to all God`s creations, and you understand the community with everything living on this earth, and the earth, both with birds, and with a grass, and with flowers, and with animals, and with water and with the sky! And suddenly - as in an abyss! - “Also the Lord from the edge taken from the person, the wife created and took her to the person“ (The Old Testament, the first Book of Moiseyev, hl. 2, Art. 22). But allow

, I was already created! If does not change me memory, in chapter 1!

A is farther even more interestingly - the Art. of 17 hl. 2 - “And from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, you do not eat from it; because in day in which you will taste from it death you will die.“, but Art. 4 - 5 hl. 3 - “Also told a dragon to the wife: no, you will not die; But God knows that in day in which you taste them your eyes will open, and you will be as gods knowing the good and evil.“ That is, the Lord lay?! He bequeathing us the truth as only true spiritual value? Forgive, I do not trust. I do not believe that zaveshchav in chapter 1 “to propagate and breed“ - hid understanding of distinction of floors at primogenital in the second; I do not believe that, forgiving to Lucifer revolt against the power, did not forgive mere curiosity to the children, not knowing differences between the good and evil yet (and how “forgive them because do not know that create“?) ; I do not believe that, being a passionate toiler, without cease the creating the world, punishes Adam work.

A punishment to Eve! As the woman who endured pathological childbirth I claim: To give birth not painfully! Difficult - yes, it is heavy - yes, difficult - yes! But, God sees, the toothache - is more terrible! And after it there is only a blank space in a gum or, at best, the dead sealed-up tooth, and after your heavy (and that not always!) work in the patrimonial hall in your tired hands put the most important miracle on the earth - the child, Bozhiye`s creation, gift of the Lord! “Adam learned Eve, the wife; and she conceived, both gave birth to Cain, and told: I got the person from the Lord.“ - Art. 1, hl. 4. First Book of Moiseyev, Old Testament. In other words, Eve who committed serious crime and expelled for it from paradise right there receives an award from the Lord - the desired child …

By the way, Adam`s behavior while the Lord learns about violation of a ban, above any praises - instead of taking the blame, as well as is necessary to the strong, courageous, serious head of the family responsible for everything that in it occurs, he safely hides for Eve and shouts: “There is no it, My God, not I, I here not and, all this it at all, my wife!

A I so, went out for a walk …“. (Interestingly, those who wrote down (or rewrote?) The bible, understood what he writes?!) And right there, he names the guilty wife thanks to whom it all life “will get the bread by the sweat of the brow“ Eve - life (drevneevr.) ! Reading the Old Testament,

constantly you encounter direct instructions on duality of the world surrounding us. As - as if speak to you - look around, everything is in balance! Earth and sky, night and day, darkness and light, moon and sun, life and death, water and land, mountains and plain, woods and steppe … The man and the woman …

Remember history of Nov. Having constructed the ship, it collected from all earth “all kinds of people“ that is a female and a male from each species of the animals, known for that time, because it was only this way possible to keep life on the earth … Only together … Who and when thought up what female and man`s began - antonyms?

Unless it not different sides of the same coin, not two components of a single whole - life?! I do not argue, in the beginning the pendulum shook towards matriarchy and, under all laws of development of society, could not but shake in opposite. But the centuries which passed since then did not prove at all that this contrast - patriarchy - the unique system of existence of mankind. Moreover, the system at which the social and spiritual rights of one half in favor of another in themselves are struck bears a destruction germ. If to take for granted that the man - the reformer (i.e. the creator), and the woman - the conservative (i.e. the keeper) which of them is more main? This question is still so important for a man`s half of mankind though statement of this question makes impossible the answer to it. Make main the woman - and we, sooner or later, will choke in the locked storerooms, make by the main thing the man - and we, sooner or later, will die on a scorched earth.

What to store if there is no creation and why to create if it does not remain?

Let`s look for the answer together in the second part of article.

Whether Eve is guilty?. Part 2

the Woman - a being trustful, but also doubting. It seemed, she trusts everything that she is told, obediently playing the imposed roles how suddenly, from nowhere, the common sense joins and doubts … begin

, the right, is strange if the man - the soldier, the pioneer etc. why the woman made then, in paradise, the first step? Wanted to cook apple jam to keep just in case? Or wanted to know how to execute the Lord`s precept given in chapter 1 of the Old Testament - “propagate and breed“, that is thereby executed will of the Lord? It is guilty without fault or is not guilty in general?

Where to look for answers to these questions? Only where they also arose, probably, - in the Bible. And how it is correct to understand the Bible what to trust to? And whether it is possible to misunderstand in general? Ponder. The word “understanding“ bears in itself the answer. You struggle with some question or a task, you suffer, and suddenly - the answer! “Hurrah! I understood!“ - so? And here someone speaks to you - no, no, wait a moment, you misunderstood everything, actually it is necessary to understand so. Then one more comes following, then, and more and more … And you, understanding that it cannot just be, you begin to think that you are not capable to understand. everything is surprisingly simple

A, so, that when this understanding came to me, I did not believe myself and long enough looked for (and found!) the certificates confirming it.

Each person looks for God. And everyone finds it.

“Just like the“.

Look around - to someone quite habitual prayer in the morning and in the evening or festive service, someone will add also the Lent, someone sacredly observes all rituals of the religion given from the birth, someone almost sinks in a huge number of spiritual literature searching, in confusion, in hope …

Someone indignantly claims that there is no God, not in forces to cope with own essence, someone shouts that he to God, without having noticed a difference between a drop and the ocean … For someone God - the aged man with a white beard sitting on a cloud for someone - the Principal Reason, for someone - Divine Light, for someone - Love … Well, at everyone the way to God, because in everyone - God. The person perceives God as a certain indisputable truth as final instance, it is so difficult to imagine - infinity … Once in youth I brought myself to migraine attacks, trying to understand, trying to present what is it - infinity of the Universe. I admit honestly, did not understand, and it was not succeeded to present, but once at warm summer night I lay on a grass in a garden, looked in the star sky and is unexpected for itself began to repeat an own name measuredly. I do not know what to that was the cause, but a time later I was there, among stars as - as if the Universe accepted me and I felt the indissoluble communication with the universe as if the warm wave picked up me in a palm and incurred up, in infinity … The feeling was unforgettable and, unfortunately, indescribable. Several years later I, reading to “Tais Afinskuyu“ of I. Efremov, came across the paragraph: “… stars seemed especially bright … Having turned the eye on a star, having concentrated, she remembered magic exclamations of ritual dances that forces and feelings help to aggregate, and began to repeat: “The gay - Tais, the Gay - Tais, the Gay - Tais.“. The chaotic stream of thoughts was slowed down, the soil under Tais swayed, and incurred it imperceptibly, smoothly, like the ship in the night sea“. How how, I, the sixteen-year-old member of the Komsomol, the Soviet schoolgirl, the atheist by default who is not possessing even rudiments of that knowledge that came then executed ritual which helped me to approach understanding of divinity of the Universe, acceptance of its infinity? It seems to me that in each woman, irrespective of her education and education, doze ancient as the world, knowledge of the nature of all real on this earth and sometimes, escaping from - under oppression of the installations imposed to us, and occurs here such unexpected breaks in novel. But about it later, it already from other myth - about witches.

For now let`s return to the first subject. As often it is necessary to hear that the Lord created Adam just like the! But forgive, in the Bible it is sounded differently - “And God of the person created.... the man and the woman created them“. But even if and to take on trust habitual interpretation (but if the person is Adam, i.e. the man, therefore, Eve, i.e. the woman - not the person? And who?) all the same there is a question - and on whose similarity Eve is created? What, the Lord gave to Adam in the girlfriend, the assistant, the wife an inhuman being?! I remember, one of my friends somehow told: “And you know that we are lower than men on the birth? Well, as - at first the Lord created Adam, and only then from his edge - Eve!“. I then burst out laughing and answered what else is unknown who is lower - given rise from clay or from already once the spiritualized flesh, that is spiritualized twice. From what the Lord would not create the first woman - sand, clay or Adam`s edge - its divine origin of doubts cannot cause. “Also the Lord … created the wife …“ (the Art. of 22 hl. 2 Old Testament 1 - aya the prince Moiseyev). Moreover, the woman is elected the Lord to take out (to keep?) and to bring new soul, one more God`s creation into the world. In other words, it is direct directly involved in creation of the person, in her body the necessary reserve of the material, necessary for creation, is stored, from her body new creation takes necessary food for initial growth, she works, bringing it into world … If it is punishment, what then - an award?!

In my opinion, this highest happiness - partnership in creation of the living being. Punishment is just deprivation of such happiness … If, carrying out the God`s precept, for continuation of life on the earth, partnership of two, then which of these two are more main is necessary? I see only one answer - that without whom it is impossible to do in this process. But, how there was a creation, in the natural way or by means of the latest technologies, presence of two beginnings - female and man`s is always necessary. So main is here, but this is not the man and not the woman, this is only the Lord, that spark of Divine Reason to which we also are obliged by life on this earth and whose will we execute, and not only with humility, but also pleasure that is characteristic! whether

is So guilty Eve of an original sin and whether she has to submit to the husband in expiation of this sin, whether she has to feel a being of the lowest grade, unequal to the man, punished by our Lord? Answer this question if you want. I answered myself.