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Ivan Kulichenko became the party member Regionov of

the Chairman of the regional organization Party of Regions Alexander Vilkul handed the party membership card to the mayor of Dnipropetrovsk Ivan Kulichenko and declared support of the acting mayor at the upcoming elections.

Today the Dnipropetrovsk mayor Ivan Kulichenko became the party member of regions. The party-membership card to the city head was handed by the head of area, the chairman of the regional organization Party of Regions Alexander Vilkul.

“The introduction in ranks of Party of Regions of the mayor of the largest industrial city of Ukraine - a milestone event both for Party, and for Ivan Ivanovich, and, first of all - for citizens. Now the power in the region rather monolithic team. And residents can be sure - in Dnipropetrovsk will speak not about problems, and about their decisions!“, - Alexander Vilkul noted, accepting the mayor of Dnipropetrovsk in ranks of party.

Receiving the party-membership card, Ivan Ivanovich declared that now there was a unique situation when the power of all levels is uniform in the aspiration to work for people. He noted that party joining is dictated by desire to be in one team with those who in practice develop the city and the region.

“For the first time for many years the regional and city authorities work together. It is result of an effective state policy of the President of Ukraine. Resources of regional and city budgets are integrated for the solution of problems of Dnipropetrovsk today. So - the city will develop. And for me it is important to be the party member of regions - team which works for the benefit of our city and citizens“, - Ivan Kulichenko emphasized.

The head of the regional organization Party of Regions Alexander Vilkul emphasized that in the ranks of Party of Regions those who proved the high level of the professionalism in practice consist and is known for the affairs for the benefit of Dnepropetrovshchina. He noted that the current mayor of Dnipropetrovsk is able to work for result.

“Results of work of Ivan Kulichenko - it is the reconstructed Embankment, new hospitals, schools, boiler rooms, hundreds of streets with modern lighting. Certainly - the city has problems, and we will solve them together, uniform team. Our main task - to make all necessary for ensuring wellbeing of our citizens“, - the head of area emphasized.

Alexander Vilkul declared that he will recommend to party conference to support the nomination of the current head of Dnipropetrovsk Ivan Kulichenko at the upcoming elections of the mayor.