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How to arrange a rolled lawn at itself at the dacha?

In warm summer day and there is a wish to walk on a grass barefoot, to arrange picnic on a green lawn, and even to play on it with children in volleyball.

But if the lawn at your dacha is put recently, it is necessary to wait a little with picnics and games. Before formation of the dense, maintaining loading turf there have to pass not less than two years. But it is possible so long and not to wait if to arrange a rolled lawn.

Production of a rolled lawn or rolled dernina is made by specialists of landscape firms in special nurseries. The turf for a lawn is grown up in the field by two years. Then the special car cuts off it with a thin layer of earth and roots and takes up in rolls. With their help it is possible to lay quickly a green lawn in the place convenient for this purpose on the seasonal dacha. Technology of the device of a rolled lawn such is that laying of live carpets can be done from early spring to late fall.

As is correct to choose a rolled lawn?

the turf Layers rolled have the standard weight (15-25 kg) and the size (0,4 x 2 m). Thickness of the quality turf has to be uniform, about 2-2,5 cm, height of a grass cover - 4-5 cm. A grass - uniform color at all rolls, and weeds have to be absent. If to stir up layer of a rolled lawn, it is not torn at the expense of densely bound roots.

As is correct suit a rolled lawn at itself on the seasonal dacha?

should be Begun with

with calculation of the necessary amount of landing material, that is number of standard rolls. The area of one makes 0,8 m 2 . Means, on 1 square meter of a green lawn 1,25 rolls will be required. To calculate the necessary quantity of grass plates, it is necessary to increase the area of sodding by coefficient 1,25. And, if you planned to arrange a rolled lawn on the platform more than 5 hundred parts, then add another 5% to the received result. If your lawn is less or on the platform under it there is a flower bed or twisting paths, then add another 10% to a stock.

For those who badly understand arithmetics we will give an example. Let`s say you want a green lawn of 2 weave (it makes 200 m 2 ). For this purpose it is required: (200 x 1,25) + (200 x 1,25 x 10: 100) = 275 rolls.

Now several words about that, how much is rolled lawn. Count. The price of one roll fluctuates from 50 to 180 rubles and more. The universal lawn quite will be suitable for giving. The most expensive plates - sports. Such elite lawn in Moscow can be bought on 250 rubles for a roll.

We mentioned only the cost of landing material. Its delivery, preparation of a site under a rolled lawn and laying cost money too. In general the price of a turnkey rolled lawn can make from 280 to 700 rubles for square meter. Frankly speaking, pleasure not cheap.

Where to buy a rolled lawn for giving? Now many landscape firms not only sell landing material, but also perform all works on the device of a rolled lawn. At the same time give a guarantee term of one year.

How to arrange a rolled lawn with the hands?

On the small square the device of a rolled lawn can be made

independently. However landing material should be bought nevertheless. At the same time it is necessary to know that the maximum period of storage of rolls of the turf should not exceed three days. Ideally on the constant place the dernina is landed next day after a cut. If in time you did not manage to make it, then recommend to store grass “rugs“ stacks in two - three layers in a shadow, having covered from wind with damp fabric.

As is correct to lay a rolled lawn?

turf Layers in chessboard order roll

with ranks, like a bricklaying that docking seams did not turn out too long. Edges of lawn rolls have to be densely pressed, but at all not come at each other. Small pieces of a dernina settle down in laying, but not at the edges. Each row has to come to an end with layer not less than a half of its standard length.

How to cut off a rolled lawn?

Excess fragments at the device of a rolled lawn chop off

a sharp shovel or accurately cut off a knife. During work it is necessary to move on the board flooring laid over the laid lawn.

The order of laying of a rolled lawn provides right after a raskatyvaniye, cutting and placement of elements tamper of a surface the manual tool or a skating rink. It is necessary for ensuring dense contact of roots of landing material with basis soil.

Seams between plates of the turf fill up with mix of the fertile earth and sand. Then the ready site with a zadernenny surface is required to be watered plentifully so that both the lawn, and the earth under it were humidified. The approximate consumption of water at the first watering makes 15 l/m 2 .

The subsequent watering of a rolled lawn is also of great importance. If there are no pouring rains, during the first five - seven days continue to water a rolled lawn daily, spending at the same time already 5 - 10 liters of water for square meter of a surface.

In one or two weeks after the device of a rolled lawn it is possible to carry out the first mowing. The hairstyle of a grass should be conducted across the direction of laying of the turf.

It is possible to go on a grass of a rolled lawn in a month. This term quite sufficient in order that the turf grew together with the earth of the basis.