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The cat`s house or How it is correct to organize life of the pet?

If you bought a kitten recently or took an adult cat from nursery, then will undoubtedly face a question: “And what is necessary that the cat felt in the house well?“ Let`s try to look at everything eyes of a cat and to understand: as their life, what instincts is arranged by them move why they arrive quite so, but not differently.

So, cats need the following...

1. Rather free space

For walks, games, secluded corners where it is possible to hide from all, especially from the bothered owner`s children and to lie down there quietly, feeling that it in safety, and nobody will find it there. Cats do not love the closed doors, they are curious by the nature and will always try to get there where you do not want to let them, or to climb there where you forbid them. Try to treat it with understanding.

For example if your pet likes to tear up houseplants which stand on a floor, or tries to dig out a pad of flowerpots the earth, then it is better to clean plants far away or higher. It is possible just to limit access of an animal to this room to your absence. But it is necessary to let an animal in any room at all, it will try to get there by all means. Once to it all this is it will be possible, and for pleasure he will be naughty there. Therefore let the cat surveys such “forbidden“ rooms at your presence, then he will get used that without you will do to it there not what.

It is better not to leave food on a table and open saucepans on a plate, your pet will surely try everything that can interest and seem it edible. Even if these cookies and the drunk not enough cup of coffee - from where to you know that your cat does not love some coffee with cookies, and are not important that he did not try them before. Make room on a window sill for cat`s observation post, they like to look out of the window, to watch the movement on the street.

2. Tasty and fresh food

needs to be washed with

of the Cup for a forage and water regularly, you do not eat from dirty ware, and cats are not less clean, besides, the remains of the spoiled food on dirty ware promote distribution of microbes and can badly affect digestion of your pet. Water has to be always freshen too, not necessarily boiled, it is possible to give to drink just unboiled filtered water.

As for the choice of a forage, there are many different cat food. Personally I choose a forage, proceeding from its structure, i.e. there have to be not less than 10 - 20% of a meat or fish offal in structure and any additives and chemicals. And you read structure of a cat`s forage before to buy it? Or sacredly you trust advertizing and recommendations of the familiar manufacturers?

Nobody argues that it is the best of all to feed cats with house food: chicken, liver, sour cream, porridge. But only you do not feed cats with sausages and other semi-finished products, their stomachs are not adapted for such food and digest it worse, than our. I do not know from where such belief as if adult cats badly digest lactose went, my cat with pleasure drinks milk and eats sour cream and cream.

3. A pure latrine

As for a toilet, in this regard cats are also delicate and bashful, as well as people. Therefore the place for a tray needs to be chosen quiet where nobody will disturb an animal, and closed from public eyes (too it would not be pleasant to you if at this responsible moment someone looked at you).

At the choice of a cat`s tray think of how cats like to dig in “the affairs“. The tray with rather high side which will interfere with a filler prosypaniye will approach. However the filler all the same will appear on a floor, can just stick to pads of your pet therefore it is undesirable to put a tray in a corridor, otherwise it is necessary to clean all corridor daily. In my opinion, to put a tray in a toilet - the most suitable option. The only shortcoming - you should wait for the turn.

As a filler it is impossible to use newspapers, otherwise your pet will take any newspaper in your house for a cat`s toilet that from this will leave - guess. In pet-shops many various fillers are on sale, try to use different, and over time you will understand what komkutsya best of all also well absorbs smells. Not superfluous will be to get plastic sovochek (too is on sale in pet-shop), it is convenient to them to remove lumps from a tray. Try to wash at least once in a month a tray and to completely change all filler. But all - leave a handful of an old filler for a smell, otherwise the cat does not learn the toilet.

4. Toys

of the Cat, especially kittens, very much like to play, it is necessary both for development of muscles, and for manifestation of hunting instincts. You can make a simple toy of a usual lace and a bow, of a wool ball, of a tennis ball or a ball for a ping - a pong. It is possible to buy a clockwork mouse in children`s shop, and it is possible to choose something from the range of pet-shop. So, for example, the bow on a lace can be suspended on the door handle that the cat itself could play with it your absence.

5. Kogtetochka

the Thing necessary to preserve furniture and wall-paper in the house and safety. Choose steady model of a kogtetochka, it is desirable from natural materials. If you live out of town and your cat freely walks in the yard, then the kogtetochka (as however and a tray) to it to anything, it will be able to sharpen claws about any tree trunk which occurred to it in the path.

6. The cat`s place

In principle, this its personal berth where it will be able quietly to collapse and doze in the afternoon or is strong to sleep at night. Cats choose the sofa which was pleasant to them or a chair on which they are put to bed. If you want to correct somehow preferences of the pet, then he can lay an old soft plaidy where - nibud in the secluded place and to put him to bed there in the evening, over time he will get used to “the“ place.

Or it is possible to buy in pet-shop such sleeping bag for a cat. Usually breeders of kittens get a cat`s corner - it is the whole complex consisting of a lodge, various shelves, short flights of stairs, ropes, toys for the pet. Such pleasure costs expensive, but if you so love the pet and at you is enough in the apartment of the place for this corner, then on health.

7. Carrying and breast-band

If to your cat or a cat to have often to travel, then it is necessary to get carrying, it is better if it is a bag made of cloth, but not a plastic basket. In a bag the animal will be protected from bad weather: rain, snow, wind. In a bag it is convenient to lay some warm blanket or to cover with it a cat if you gathered in the winter to the veterinarian or just you transport an animal to other place.

The breast-band is necessary if during a trip you pull out an animal from carrying, then you will be able to hold gone mad from the unfamiliar place and concourse of strangers of a cat at yourself on a lap. Otherwise, he from a fright will rush to run, and remember as called.

8. Means for care of wool

Cat`s shampoos if you are going to wash a cat. Too it is enough kinds of shampoos for care of cat`s wool.

There are shampoos just for the good growth and gloss of a hair, and happen preventive against fleas, ticks and other parasites. If you buy shampoo from fleas, then be convinced that it does not contain particularly hazardous substances for your favourite since such means can be toxic therefore they are used if necessary. In pet-shop it is possible even to get means for cleaning of cat`s ears. Domestic cats are regularly recommended to cut claws, for such purposes there are special nozhnichka. It is also possible to get a hairbrush for a cat regularly to comb out wool at a molt, in this case you will have less efforts with the cat`s hair which accumulated on your clothes and furniture.

There are, actually, main things necessary for healthy and happy life of your favourite. You, of course, can not agree and count some of the above-mentioned as excessive luxury and waste of money, but, I think, the one who really loves the cat, knows better that it is really necessary for her.