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Money, ideas, character? How to become the businessman of

How to become the businessman? A problem, contrary to widespread representation, not so much legal and economic, how many psychological!

Because readiness and ability to independently organize and develop own business assume, first of all, sufficient degree of a personal maturity of the person.

As often main condition for the organization of own business and an obstacle for its implementation consider existence or lack of seed capital. But financial base in itself at all not guarantee of indisputable success : the capital can guarantee certainly only the one and only opportunity - loudly, with a crash to fail the enterprise and to lose money.

Much more important is not so much their quantity and even existence in general how many ability to dispose effectively of resources - including intellectual and organizational which can lower financial expenses considerably.

The lack of seed capital with success can fill ability to define a perspective field of activity and it is reasonable to organize business. Especially as these skills will be necessary and when it becomes favorable and profitable. Is not necessary, conceiving own business, the new enterprise, to be guided by the advanced business with long-term history of formation and development, by its material resources and financial turns. Everything can begin (and, as a rule, and occurs) absolutely differently.

The same logic is fair also concerning perspective idea. The major role is played here not so much by a happy opportunity “to catch by a tail“ concrete promising idea how many ability to realize its according to requirements of time : ability to be sensitive to current trends, ability to catch requirements of today and to understand how they can develop tomorrow.

To become the businessman, first of all, ability to give the uniform direction to power and financial streams, separate tendencies and resources (first of all, human), but not luck and luck “to appear in due time in the right place“ (though from outside all this is necessary and can look quite so). Important it is clear to understand and to accurately formulate, at least for itself, - in what uniqueness of your idea, its distinctive qualities and an originality, advantages and benefits, features of its giving and treatment .

Surely for the successful solution of the question “how to become the businessman?“ a combination of talent of the coordinator, discipline and commitment . Certainly are necessary of ability of the administrator and at least the minimum skills of social communication (in any way not to do the successful businessman without ability to come into fruitful contact with strangers!) ability to subordinate personal emotions to interests of business and, at least in the most minimum option, - to cope with personal problems and complexes.

For this reason creation and development of own business, first of all, relies on base of a personal maturity of future businessman - his independence and responsibility. And, in turn, orders and extremely stimulates further personal development - before it regularly and inevitably there are new purposes, questions which solution demands new skills, efforts, persistence, analytical and social flexibility.

A fundamental principle and the prime mover of original enterprise talent - ability of the beginning businessman sensibly, but at the same time it is non-standard to think, look for necessary prospects and decisions, to accept them and to carry out . And it is obligatory to risk in a varying degree!

Therefore priorities in solution of the problem “how to become the businessman?“ is:

- sufficient degree of a personal maturity;

- organizing abilities;

- active, active, quick and persistent mind;

- possession of creative abilities - in a broad sense this word;

- personal interest in own undertaking and

- commitment.

Exactly thanks to these qualities of people it is capable to formulate and realize perspective idea, to organize, support and develop own business.

The beginning businessman can get and develop some missing qualities of the active person in himself gradually, in process of development of the field of the activity. If all - any certainly necessary skills are not given him, it can purposefully compensate this shortcoming by involvement of experts - already precisely, specifically understanding what assistant, the employee, the colleague, the narrow expert and the professional is necessary for it - the adviser, the analyst, the strategist or the organizer.

But not the friend of the company or good worker in general.