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Bread: food, symbol or medicine?

, How many different dishes would not stand at us on a table, without bread it is empty. It is food which cannot be replaced with anything. And still this medicine.

To Christianity bread was connected at Slavs with the sun, with fertility, so, and with a reproduction. Only men sowed corn.

In Russia did fast bread on hop, barley, rye ferment, without sugar and fat. Baked bread for the whole week and did it only with a prayer. Only the healthy person in good mood could bake bread.

While bread was cooked, often christened and christened dough. Planted bread in the furnace in silence. For now it was in the furnace, did not quarrel not to “frighten away“ bread.

Many national signs and beliefs are connected with bread. Was considered that a loaf of bread and even its crumb is a destiny of the person therefore it was impossible to throw out bread, to eat up it for other person, to leave an unfinished piece on a table, to take without invitation the last piece of bread from a plate. And if offered bread, then it was impossible to refuse.

Bread is not only food, it is used also in traditional medicine as medicine.

That lips did not lose freshness, it is necessary to put to them a hot grain crust every other day.

The grain mask will help to improve a condition of hair. It is necessary to crush a grain crumb and to fill in it with hot water. When bread steams out, to rub it in roots of hair.

Quicker to cope with cold, to make rye bran boiled water and to accept several times day to food.

Fresh sprouts of wheat, and especially their juice have the strongest revitalizing effect. Their chemical composition is very rich. One of the main substances which are contained in sprouts - vitamin E.

Green sprouts can serve as a vitamin supplement to main courses. In order that to grow up them, it is necessary to take grains of wheat and to wet for the night. Then to merge water, to wash out grains and to turn to bank upside down. To leave grains to sprout for 12 hours. During this time it is necessary to wash out them two times. Then on a tray to fill lands and to evenly distribute grains on a soil surface. To water and cover. To leave so for three days, and then to uncover and put to the light place. Sprouts will be ready in 8 - 10 days.

They can be added to salads, soups, sandwiches, meat dishes. And it is possible to cook cutlets, fried eggs or an omelet from sprouts.

From sprouts prepare medical juice which contains a lot of chlorophyll. It is necessary to grow up sprouts to 35 cm and to process in the meat grinder that they started up juice. It is necessary to use it at once, it is possible to mix with other vegetable or fruit juice.

It is also possible to treat this juice sinusitis, rhinitises, antritises. It is good to do inhalations with juice of sprouts. And at quinsy, tonsillitis and pharyngitis rinsings by fresh juice will help. For external application it sokrekomendutsya at burns, cuts and grazes.

Bread is not only the food, is gift, a symbol of prosperity and wellbeing in our house.