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How to create weather of

As to you hot summer 2010?

I live almost in the center of Moscow, and we inhale a smell of burning day and night - in Moscow area peat bogs burn. Adust leaves are continually showered on the dried grass. Went to the Moscow reserve “Silver Pine Forest“ - tremendous beauty the place with ship pines and Moscow the river - all grass and bushes of yellow color. Drought. Predict temperature increase.

All of us very much love our planet and the nature on it, isn`t it? How to help it?

Still a year ago I would call you for collective meditation - visualization of a pouring rain. And today I cannot any more. I still trust in force of collective meditation, but it is absolutely other case. To admit, I independently meditated and asked a rain, and rain expected to fall, having sprinkled the top layer of the earth. And then I thought again: whether I have the right to influence weather?

Brightened up say that it is impossible to interfere with the nature. The present weather phenomena have a karmic origin, i.e. are urged to teach something people. How you think to what?

What is the world surrounding us? It is a product or a projection our individual and collective unconscious. As we know what is inside, and outside. My friends, then that inside and where, in your opinion, drought?

I decided to ask about it the beloved girlfriend and wrote to her to Skype: “How you think WHAT is inside if outside it?“

Irina answered: “Absence of understanding that we and Earth are a whole, a uniform organism“.

In a point! Really, the world is the surprising and perfect organism consisting of various systems, bodies and fabrics, each of which carries out the function. Each of us - a cage in this organism. Any cage cannot independently exist. Healthy cells - a healthy organism. Disharmony in an organism are a call for help.

How to help this world organism? Only in one way - curing itself of a drought. How to fill the dried well? Possibly, having cleared a bottom of silt and stones, having cleared away a way to a source. Water is a symbol of Spirit of Life and Love.

How to clear away a well and to fill it with the purest water?

For now I will remind you a fragment from Joe Vitale`s book “Life without restrictions“:

“But when I spoke with doctor Ling, I began to understand that means treatment of itself and that ho`oponopono means - to love myself.

If you want to improve the life, you need to cure the life. If you want to cure someone - even the madman, - you can make it if you cure yourself.

I asked doctor Ling as he treated himself. What did it do specifically when considered cards of patients?

“I just spoke “Forgive me“ and “I love you“, and repeated these words again and again“, - he explained. And all this? And all this“.

You remember, doctor Lin assumed full responsibility for everything that occurs, even with strangers - we one, uniform organism. As Jesus spoke, we are members of one body.

How doctor Lin helped the person? He agreed with the responsibility for what happens to this person and spoke: “I am sorry. Please, forgive. I love you. I thank you“.

Perhaps that this small that we can make in relation to ourselves and to the nature now? To assume responsibility for the events in the nature and, uniting mentally with all universe, to tell: “I am sorry ….“ I Suggest to make by

it in the strengthened way - all together. “Where two or three are brought together in the name My, I in the middle of them there“, - is so told in the Bible, and efficiency is checked more than once.

We will make all this together, three day in a row, a nachina from now on, at the same time, in 21. 00 across Moscow?

If you agree, exactly in 21. 00 we will begin. Everyone at home - actually between us is not present distances. Invite to participation in an action of adherents, those who understand about what the speech.

So, we realize ourselves a whole with the whole world and other people (as it will turn out), we will mentally be adjusted on this unity. Let`s stay in silence several minutes. Let`s present the Universe, our planet, the nature and all live on it. Let`s present that all this is it is interconnected and is uniform. Then we will tell each other, to the nature and the world as speak rapidly yourself: “I am sorry. Please, forgive. I love you. I thank you“.

If you will be able, repeat these words again and again as doctor Lin does.

Each of us can be both an evil source, and a source of the benefit and love. Anyway, we are creators of reality. We can endow this world with pleasure and love. Now there is an excellent opportunity to make the choice.