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How to be pleasant to the guy?

of the Practical advice do not happen, but you can check them on the relations with boys. Also be convinced - they can be useful to you.

Remember, first of all - it is better to do nothing, than to do something not so. One wrong move in the beginning - and everything will come to nothing. As then turn, game will be lost. The first impression always the strongest, it will not be forgotten any more.

It is not necessary to show impatience. The most serious mistakes are made in a hurry. Do not persuade yourself: “Now or never!“ Restraint will give you not only all the time properly to consider and weigh, but also will help to find self-confidence. Let you even will not take the first opportunity, or perhaps even the second and third, and do not start talking to the guy of your dream, but next time you will be quieter and by then learn to control the feelings better. You will only benefit from it as you will make better impression.

Do not ignore that guy who was pleasant to you. Perhaps he is interested in you too? Having seen your poker face, he by all means will decide that you are present to it no business. Meeting the eyes of it, always friendly smile. If you are not ready to start talking to it yet, are afraid, - do not get to it on eyes better so far. Wait until you ripen.

To throw much words around - only to the detriment of itself. You so go on it crazy that when even you say his name, at you heart fades? And pulls you to speak about it with any who only agrees to listen? Wash to you council: try to inhibit in yourself this desire though you so the best friend wants to unburden the heart! Do not do it. The matter is that the to less people will know about your feelings, the less possibly that it will be reached by rumors. You, of course, can decide that to you it only on a hand if he learns about your feelings. Actually your further relations it will be given up as a bad job. Boys mostly prefer to choose to themselves girlfriends and to try to obtain their love. Even if nobody will tell your guy directly that you adore him, all the same your girlfriends, for certain, will be whispered, nudge you when he appears. And he will notice it, also other boys will notice. Also can tease or laugh it.

Be a little bit a detective. Before beginning resolute actions, it is quite good to learn more about this guy. In the war, as in the war: a few espionage on “the love front“ yet damaged to nobody. Of course, only too you should not be fond of it. Do not allow the girlfriends to stick a nose in your affairs. If decided to become the detective, try to do without assistance. If you cannot cope itself in any way, then at once warn the girlfriends that can be spoken and that it is impossible.

When you will try to find out something about it is mute, resort to small cunnings. It is not deception yet. From them to nobody harm will be. If your guy goes to the same school, a higher educational institution, a circle etc., as you, consider that you were already lucky. Always it is possible to talk to the one who well knows it, without speaking, certainly, about the reason of your interest. It is possible to talk to children with whom it goes to a disco, to a circle. But try not to show too great interest when you ask questions: do not grow stout in a wide smile as soon as you say his name, talking to unfamiliar people. Pretend what the fact that they tell you about it, you already know.

Purposely make mistakes that you were corrected. For example, you ask: “And, by the way, you remember that girl that performed at the concert? It still meets such nice guy... How there it? (here you as if remember his name)“. Say to you that it not so. You are surprised: “Yes? And whom it meets? “ In reply you will hear a name of his girlfriend or learn that you have no competitor yet.

And it is possible to make and in a different way. If you need to achieve any data from that to whom you do not decide to start talking, start dispute which only it can allow. Do not forget to play the role and after his friend issues you the necessary information. Tell something it seems “I and knew!“

It is necessary to be prepared properly for a meeting. As soon as you learned where he can be met, appoint to yourself number when you with it try to strike up conversation. Also do not remove this day further and further. When there comes this day, make every effort smartly to look: beautifully brush the hair, accurately put on. You want trust - you want is not present, but even new tights will help you to feel more surely.

You have to the first start talking to it. Go there where it, most likely, at this moment is. Having seen it, try to strike up conversation. Do not panic - you are not imposed and just give it the chance to learn about your existence. I offer two ways of acquaintance. The first: if you are not familiar with it, then, it seems, having faced it face to face, approach it and “being mistaken“ ask: “You is casual not?“ … (invent some name). When he tells: “No“, pretend to be confused, smile timidly, apologize and presented.

Second option: if you are already a little familiar with it, then find a pretext with which you can address it: look in a pocket for a coin or a hairbrush (the word, any small subject), pretend that you lifted it from a floor, approach “victim“ and ask: “Not you dropped it?“ Having heard in reply “no“, pretend that you recognized him: “In my opinion, we already somewhere met... “ Continue in the same spirit further. Be not afraid that conversation will not stick together - what cannot be cured must be endured, just step aside (perhaps, next time all will pass more successfully), but if conversation goes as it is necessary to you, I congratulate!

Show friendliness. Try to meet to it on eyes all the time, but be not overzealous. At a meeting friendly smile. Will - bondage he should answer the same (if it, of course, not a final cudgel, - in that case be not upset: it just does not cost you). As soon as you see a smile on his face, prepare for taking one more step. It is time to welcome it in a different way. Passing by, you speak to it: “How are you doing?“ “Salute!“ But do not shorten a stride at all, pretend that you hurry. And when he will tell the first to you: “Hi!“ - consider that it`s in the bag.

But at the same time you remember: to make good impression, it is impossible to talk, giggle too loudly, to muffledly pronounce words moreover with grimaces, to arrange long pauses, waiting until he thinks up a subject for conversation. For this purpose it is worth even preparing in advance couple of interesting remarks which could rescue the dying-away conversation. Besides, I do not advise and too long to tighten conversation. Besides say goodbye to a smile. Now its course. And to it to decide - to invite you where - nibud or not, to show to you interest somehow in a different way if you interested him.

So, the first appointment to the attracted guy was crowned with unconditional success: your “interview“ showed that it is possible to rely on the guy at a difficult moment that he is not a liar, not the boaster and not the bore, and, above all - absolutely are crazy about your charm, wit and appeal.

But to exult still rather early. The love, strangely enough, does not come to an end on the first appointment - it will be followed by others. And every time you should fascinate the guy again and again.

Time goes, your appointments already become habitual: all movie theaters bypassed, in all cafes sat. So you should include the imagination. Think out interesting routes of walks. Let it will be your favourite places in the city, exhibitions, the museums. Generally, invent though something!

The main thing - do not allow the guy to miss! Your meetings have to awake in it curiosity that it was always interesting to it that he got used to spend time with you. Then to you any competitors are not terrible: even if he, artful, will be fond of other little girl, then will begin to remember soon that variety of impressions which was given it by you, and by all means will start missing. Also will return. Of course, if you want it.

So, time goes, to kiss he does not venture and only on eyes it is visible that you to it are not indifferent.

Many girls are convinced that they can subdue the guy beauty, appeal, intelligence, kindness, ability to prompt at examination, to cook well and, at last, to love. All this is correct and absolutely fair! But there is one more trouble-free way at the same time both to charm the guy and to predict your future relations. Try to behave so as if you are old and true friends. And the concept “friend“ means for boys: the person who will support at a difficult moment and will not be ashamed to criticize.

So, learn to support and criticize the guy!

You praise it more often that he considered: you actually see its uniqueness and for this reason you give preference to it. Words: “You are such unusual, you so differ from other children“, - balm on sincere wounds of the person who is shpynyat tirelessly by houses - parents, at school - teachers.

But the corresponding criticism will not allow it to grow proud and draw a conclusion as if it is too good for you, so, there is a sense to find the little girl to a poboycha. Criticize! But very softly and exclusively confidentially. Criticism in the presence of strangers - the blow to boyish vanity capable to destroy the most warm and tender feelings.

But the successful combination of support and unmalicious criticism can work wonders! The warm, sincere praise will fill the guy with confidence in the forces and in your love to it, and critical remarks is only underlined that you did not deceive when you praised it.