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Skolkovo: a banner without idea?

In the Soviet Union were industrialization, scientifically - technical progress, acceleration and reorganization. In modern Russia which is an assignee of the USSR the tradition was carried on. We had an innovation, nanotechnologies, modernization. With nanoambitions, perhaps, everything is clear. And here is how to be with modernization which embodiment is the project to Skolkovo?

The president Medvedev became the head of the board of trustees of Skolkovo Foundation. In the city of innovations it is planned to create a complex for work in the field of five priority directions of modernization - power, nuclear technologies, information technologies, telecommunications, biomedical technologies. Dmitry Medvedev spent a lot of time for acquaintance to experience of creation of IT - the industry to the USA and survey of the Silicon Valley. It is supposed that after a while and in Russia there will be a technological miracle. The miracle has to take place on three hundred hectares of the earth near the village of Skolkovo in Odintsovo district of the Moscow region in two kilometers from the Moscow ring highway. Within five years 110 billion rubles of public funds will be allocated for it. You trust in miracles for big money?

No, it will not be a primitive cut of grandmas. Here everything is much more graceful. There is mister Vekselberg who likes to do all to a gratefulness for the state, for example, to buy Faberge`s eggs. There is a president Medvedev who loves the computer equipment and Twitter (Twitter) . How the classic wrote why to one worthy Don not to help other worthy Don? And what will be? In what actually idea? To create domestic Silicone (though it is correct - Silicon) the valley? So for this purpose not Vekselberg with eggs is required, and the scientists and engineers living in the constitutional state with the independent judicial system giving a guarantee of the property rights are necessary. After the Baykalfinancegroup company registered in the Tver bar (with authorized capital in ten thousand rubles) bought almost all multi-billion “Yukos“, there are no such guarantees and cannot be in principle. Economic reforms successfully go only where there are legal laws and where these laws are executed.

The Skolkovo miracle to us is promised in 10 - 15 years. The Soviet leaders spoke about creation of communism in 20 years, that is by 1980. “The present generation of the Soviet people will live at communism!“ you Remember? Well, it did not happen... Who remembers unfulfilled communism now? The whole generation of Russians which and never saw the Soviet Union grew. On this background the promise of a Skolkovo miracle - such trifle.

The state does not set any economic targets before project managers to Skolkovo. Certainly, in it will construct elite offices and several modern laboratories. Still will build elite houses, restaurants and golf - platforms for those who will live in elite offices. Then after some time elite offices (the benefit that are located close from Moscow) will be leased for very good money. Ordinary citizens of Russia will appear, as always, on a process roadside. Process will drive all well familiar faces which you should not mention in vain. All these people already did reform of housing and communal services, did pension, military, militia and other “reforms“; as well as the various national projects which swallowed the sea of money. Results are known.

However, maybe, Skolkovo is conceived as analog of a notorious oil pipe. Only will extort not oil, and new technologies and brains: the last Russian scientists and their development who did not leave on the West.

Anyway, current “modernization“ in one separately taken Skolkovo will remain in the history of the state Russian. However transformation of lead into gold will not take place even if all creators Skolkovo will passionately wish it. In a police state there is no modernization. And the cities of the Sun meet only in utopias.