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Sport and laziness: who will win? Personal experience of

Some time ago the destiny brought me into a gym. As I am grateful to it!!

Sport somewhat was with me during the different periods of life. In the early childhood I became tempered swimming. Then there was a boxing club for education and force, and will. The school taught dexterity on basketbolno - the volleyball court.

And together with fussing youth shaping rushed. A sound body brought up rather sound mind until work did not begin to take away all free and not free time.

Weeks replaced each other and there were in years, and thoughts that it is advisable to play sports, did not leave consciousness. Having touched all possible sports offers of our city, I decided to buy the subscription in a gym. The instructor informed me of rules of etiquette, outlined to me a set of exercises of the beginner and conducted a fact-finding course with the equipment.

There is no difficult nothing - several approaches with the accurate number of repetitions. The huge room filled a heap of iron impressed and did not frighten off at all. People with a serious look slowly “worked“, with pleasure examining the reflection in a mirror. (By the way, all well-mannered and benevolent: hello - good-bye, help - without problems, prompt - please …)

After the first training several days I could not sit, go, lie, even to laugh, was ill everywhere where there are muscles and where as it seemed to me, they also should not have been.

Already then I re-read the whole heap of sports literature on rules and bans, drew conclusions, found answers to my ridiculous questions and corrected the errors.

Several months anything special did not happen to my figure. Just the good mood and ease was a constant. Already much later the muskulaturny relief began to appear. I learned to distinguish muscles and to understand how they react to certain exercises.

I do not belong to the category of people who grumble on the reflection in a mirror. Life taught to accept itself such what is. In this world there are no ideal people, and everyone has shortcomings. Trainings could give me other feelings, taught to feel the body, to see how it changes for the better. Bodybuilding, as well as any sport, does the person to more organized and lifts a self-assessment.

It is not that sport where take speed, it even not sport, and in some sense art. It is possible to approach construction of own body creatively, everything depends on what wants to be created. The human thought in itself possesses strong power. It is possible to draw the future body at the level of subconsciousness and slow steps to bring closer desirable result. For this purpose not one day is required. In a gym there are no slogans: “Quickly! “, “Without excess efforts!“ It will be necessary to enclose personal desire and persistence. Psychologists noticed such fact long ago: we become those whom we represent ourselves in the thoughts.

Sometimes the unimportant health, bad mood, cloudy weather or the invitation to a festive banquet a barrier puts in the sports schedule, and you begin to finish yourself, knowing that it needs to be overcome. There is a word it “is necessary“, there is no word “I do not want“. The gratitude of own body does not keep itself waiting long.

If there is everything, even everything, except the only thing - health, life becomes dim and sad. And health, alas, not always is an eternal reality.

If at you are both desire, and an opportunity why not to connect them together …