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What there is a person?

the World was beautiful. Streams loudly flew down from mountains where snow-white caps began to leave on temporary pension. In the marvelous spring morning on the old dusty road two met. One was old, another opposite. One was wise, another opposite. One appreciated life, another opposite.

without waiting for a greeting, the old man addressed the young man.

- Who you are?

- Who I am?

- Yes, yes you!

- Well, I think, to answer this question not subtly, oh, the gray-haired aged man! I am a person! The person - it sounds is proud! Heard about it?

- Heard, happened. And what is the person?

- the Person, this such natural being what here to think. It is some category correlated to other fauna. There are cats, there are rabbits, and there are people.

- Really all indeed? And here answer - to me, the youth whether you heard such phrase: “Be a person“?

- Of course, anyhow!

- And this phrase sounded to some specific person?

- is unconditional!

- And now tell me. How there can be a person the person? As it is possible to advise someone to become someone whom he already is. How there can be a carpenter the carpenter?

- Me it is not conducted. Probably it is not possible.

- And what turns out, really the phrase is absurd?

- the Billeting. Different concepts the word “person“ seems to me here. Somewhere “person“ as species, and somewhere “person“ as certain sublime essence available to the person biological. How many such concepts it is possible to find …

- Now we will understand, do not worry. And me here that interestingly whether and we can call each person the person, proceeding from your definitions?

- Following logic … is not present.

- is right whether here, say, we can call the person the hitman? there is no


- Let`s say my young friend. But that is why we cannot make it? And at the same time let`s think now what does the person by the person? What there is a person on essence? - Let`s try

. And as for the murderer, so it because he made many bad acts.

- That. I will begin from far away from where the person learns that it, well, and that it is bad?

- Well, probably, is the good and evil, and they also promote emergence of such concepts.

- That is, you claim that the good and evil, are as if appeared through to our world concepts good and bad?

- Yes, quite so.

- And what there is a good and evil? And whether they can be interchanged the position? there is no

- Probably. It would be ridiculous.

- Murder - the evil?

- Yes!

- And murder in fight for a native home?

the Wanderer cunning smiled, squinting to the spring sun.

- Hypermarket … it seems that this act needs to be considered kind and correct.

the Young man began to doubt. And the old man continued. - Wait a moment

, same will depend on a situation!

- is good, and for the criminal`s mother, the act will be what?

- Hypermarket … probably angry.

- And time the same act can be treated differently, doing it both kind and angry, these treatments cannot be true because we remember that the truth - what is and does not depend on perception of the person. And time the good and evil depend, so the good and evil in itself are not true, and are relative.

- Seems, I begin to understand. You want to tell that the good and evil is imposed to us by society?

- Not absolutely, but is close. And time so whether there will be a nobility of people, grown alone what it is good and what is bad?

- Apparently, no.

- So on the example of the good and evil, good and bad we considered this problem and came to a conclusion that something becomes good or bad, only in the opinion of society. And time so, it applicable and to many other concepts. Let`s return to our main objective. What is the person? I consider that the person is a certain set of expectations, opinions, views in minds of other people.

- you want to tell that I how exactly I real, exist only in the opinion of other people?

- the Main thing is right it to understand. From the person always wait for something. And how it executes these expectations, it is named various words, definitions. Therefore, on the one hand, the person is a set of expectations, and with another. Give - we will look. What, absolutely excellent from each other, you can allocate in the person?

- Mm … a body, consciousness, subconsciousness. I think, it will be enough.

- Still as will be enough, the road.

- whether Agrees you that each of these components consists of many sets of various signs?

- Yes.

- Ancient said that they are not present much without uniform. And, if there are many signs whether they have certain common feature which unambiguously would send a sign at classification to a certain place?

- Probably is.

- So, we allocated three components, broke them into set of signs and drew a certain imaginable idea from everyone. Read Platon? there is no

- alas, but probably now it is necessary...

- is fine, all right. There now, we have three ideas of the person. Following the same technique whether there is among these three ideas that one that would refer them to ideas of the person?

- Yes! Has to be, we already agreed with it …

- And what we have? The unity of three ideas is also made human by “me“. When we speak “I“, we mean it. Be not any of them, we would not realize ourselves as person.

- And where these ideas? They somewhere are, live?

- I think, dear friend, they are exclusively imaginable. No more than that. If they existed in surrounding reality, then together with the objects following from them, would form the additional class demanding new idea. You understand?

- would Seem yes, then this process infinite.

- is right.

- Tell me, the blossoming youth whom you want to become?

- the Speaker, I want to go to policy!

- Yes? As it is interesting. Tell and what purpose of any political ideology?

- Well, is not difficult to answer here, all want that people lived well.

- It seems as we know any more what is good, it nothing concrete. What is it is good to live?

- Well, here wanted you something, and you right there have it!

- That is any problems in life?

- Yes!

- And whether you agree that problems force the person to change, carry out his dynamic essence?

- Well, probably and.

- And you also agree that happy life, is absolutely static? Why something to change if so everything is excellent?

- It is necessary to agree.

- And whether you know what is meant by a statics in the Universe? there is no

- and what?

- Death.

- So turns out that all ideologies conduct to …

- do not say it aloud. The crowd values dream, be not so cruel with it. She is not able to forgive such offenses, and covers the offender with blood. Having developed

, the old man went further, having never turned back. And the youth stood and thought, thought of life. And of what you think?