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Why there are no true doctrines?

Ya I know that it will be a shot in milk. I know that at most what I will achieve, it is couple of comments to a subject. I know that all to sneeze on “NOT“ the“ opinion. and still, bad shot...

“ All lie“ (c) the House

I all lie because NOBODY knows ANYTHING about metaphysics of this world. Neither Vasya from the next entrance, nor Pythagoras. All lie, from the Pope, to Krishna`s followers. More precisely even, do not lie, and at times just are mistaken because many believe that they tell the truth. Though unconscious lie, too lie, isn`t it?

The problem is that creation not of the inconsistent concept does not do it true.

Work only practical knowledge of the world. The rest only attempts to justify, facilitate the life and life of others.

Any creator of the theory - the great person. But not because opened for us Truth but because he thought, he worked, he spent the time and the force to punch an ignorance wall. And it deserves respect. There is not a lot of such people.

Without doubts, any eminent spiritual person who introduced something in a human image of the world - is ingenious.

Developing thought, I would divide ignorance into two look - ignorance actual and ignorance illusory. What is the illusory ignorance? It when the person does not want to know what he already knows. This knowledge does not suit it, frightens. He tries to forget as if them, to begin everything with the beginning. He wants to live happily, to create, anything and know that will forgive it, there will be one more life, it will correct everything, etc. And, “forgetting“ knowledge of people forgets them selectively. What keeps within its world - “the scientific proof“, and what is not present becomes “scientific heresy“.

Understand you! I to you appeal! Create the theories! Work, become great!! But remember that this theory is rather true only for you! They do not contradict your knowledge! And in the world there is a lot of Us! Your theory is your experience, your knowledge, your desires. They are yours, but not universal. And other people will throw out everything that will not get to their world from your theory! Also will refer to you! In such way Nietzsche becomes Hitler`s ancestor and the companies with their Nazism. Same nonsense! Just from his ideas took what approached. Plus got support of a name. And it everywhere.

It is sad to you to live in the world? You want confidence, you are weak? To you at choice thousands of options of a structure of the world, choose any, but you remember - it YOU want confidence, it YOU are weak, it to YOU is terrible, and not to so all people of this planet. And you have no right to impose the rest your world order.

The only thing that though somehow a lot of things explain - it is banal, at first sight, science. do not tell

I to me about all its problems! YES! There is a lot of them, but in difference from religion and philosophy they are SOLVED. This knowledge is applicable. Whether there will be you THERE, at God, in other life - NOBODY will tell you! Maybe yes, and can and is not present, we do not know it! * Here you live for 100%! Even Descartes did not doubt the existence! Rejoice! You are! So live here as last time because it and is your last time!


If does not know, then does not mean yet that it is, simply it is not found. We do not know how many eggs lay to slonopota, but it defines nothing yet. It is possible to eat something, perhaps something is absent. But, this knowledge will not exert on our life the slightest impact.