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How to create the religion?

Good afternoon, today we will learn to create ideas worthy world supremacy. All process will occupy only several steps. We will not waste time and therefore we will start.

First step. We look for object of worship. In my case it will be a cucumber. Cheap but good. And besides, it is in each house. But agree, “The cucumber award“ not really - that sounds, is ordinary somehow. We translate into English and already the Award Kukumbristov, Kukumbrizm, Kukumbristika and the whole lots to that similar terms.

Step of the second. We create history. The is more senior, the better therefore we give vent to the imagination and we start the idea in a century past. It is necessary to reflect by all means continuity of generations, to emphasize relevance of thought and just to fill mystery.

Step the third. To hang a label of the ideas on the famous persons. It will add to you the ideological weight and confidence in tomorrow. But, you do not hurry to rejoice and to jump victoriously at an altar. The problem is that it is not difficult to disprove it. And here we are come to the rescue by a great human factor, a name to which LAZINESS. To people LAZINESS to climb in a network and to check data therefore quite often they trust in the written nonsense.

Step the fourth. We add philosophical ideas. We scatter them in the text, well or, as a last resort, simply we treat already ready text, proving that it is full of the deep truth which hitherto is not learned by

the Step the fifth. We cover up tracks. It is necessary to reduce competently none will be the wiser. For example, to tell that information is secret, inaccessible, destroyed and for this reason all allegedly should trust you and only to you.

And now example. Kukumbrizm.

Movement history.

the Movement of kukumbrist prevails the basis on December 25, 1823 when the simple resident of the village of Ivanovo found a big green cucumber on the bed which is strewn lightly with snow. Agree, just like that cucumbers are not on a silver platter. In the middle of the twentieth century even the paraphrased Mayakovsky`s phrase went in the people: “If cucumbers fall, it means to somebody it is necessary“. Avdotya, so called that simple Russian woman, brought this artifact to the barin - the count Orlov. He, to his honor, believed the peasant and researched this problem. The count organized a secret circle which, unfortunately, got a small response in the environment of the St. Petersburg intellectuals. It is for certain known that kukumbrist actively contacted only to “Northern society“. In salons of Orlov and his associates quite often there were future Decembrists. The public was quite ill-matched, but all of them were interested in one. As the cucumber could become a world picture prototype. After 1925 the circle is declared by the secret movement and taken away in an underground. Due to the become frequent arrests. The following data on the movement belong to 60 - 70 years. They say that in kukumbrist, anyway, such people as, Sofya Perovskaya, Alexander Herzen, Alexey Razumovsky shone. It is rumored that Chernyshevsky was a member of this society even. By the beginning of the twentieth century the secret movement gained strength. His representatives participated in bloody revival in 1905. Some were tragicly killed or put. Heroes were at once brought to the level of Saints Ogurtsononostsev. It was truly the great title for the sake of which people could work decades for pennies. But it was worth it.

Unfortunately, during the fire burned down archive of the movement therefore we were reached by very not numerous and not checked data. Something was handed down, something was taken from old diaries. To the middle of the twentieth century kukumbrist lost the force. Many fell on fields of World War II, the country plunged into chaos of repressions. Then it was even heavy to believe in God not that to the oguretsopodobny world. But even today, the last members of this society bear the ideas, transferring only them to the elite. Who knows, perhaps, soon to us the veil of secrecy will open … and we learn about them more … Not so long ago there was a party “Apple“. It is not surprising if kukumbrist decide to declare themselves officially in modern policy.

Main ideas. we Will begin

with purely ontologic concepts that then there were no questions. The world, in understanding of kukumbrist is infinite, but is infinite in only that sense that where do not go - you will come to the same point. This concept was put forward still by Parmenid, however, that considered that the world is similar to a sphere. It was near from truth. Let`s consider in more detail this theory. The world consists of contrasts, Heraclitus considered and it was right. “Same in us - live and dead, awake and sleeping, young and old because these [contrasts], having changed, an essence that, and those, having changed again, an essence these“. But how these contrasts would go in in Parmenid`s sphere? It is necessary to recognize that similar pulls similar. The evil pulls crimes, defects pull lust, therefore, certain diametrical contrasts would appear on different poles of the world and would continue to delay it to the opposite sides. The form of a sphere is not convincing as we see. But, stretching in different directions a sphere, a figure of what we receive? Correctly, a figure of a simple green cucumber with pimples. From where pimples, you ask? Everything is simple. There is a huge number of philosophical categories which do not fit into two polarity, but, nevertheless, are extremely important for existence of the person. These phenomena, break off life in different directions, and from - for their inconsistency they cannot create the third pole and are shown in such insignificant aberrations as pimples.

of Contrast interact among themselves on the verge of contact. A certain diffusive process allows to appear to such things which cannot be referred to any category unambiguously.

So, the world is a cucumber. The world is infinite. The world is eternal. Out of the world there is nothing. Kukumbrista enter concept of god as there is nobody pantheistical spirit. Spirit of a cucumber. This is not god the creator, not god as the absolute of morals. No. God as celebration of forms and esthetics. Therefore it is possible to tell that in difference from many philosophical currents, kukumbrist recognize knowledge through feeling. As, the form of a cucumber impregnated all life. It is reflected in all objects. And beholding it, it is possible to like absolute harmony in what, finally and there is a sense of existence of kukumbrist. the Cucumber for them is sacred

. They hold it on a foreground and eat only on holidays. Two ends of a cucumber can be considered as symbolical reflection of the man`s and female beginnings which, being opposite, are harmoniously combined in a cucumber.

the Cucumber for them not just an image or an ideal, no, is a certain lifestyle, style of thinking.

Cucumber as unity of contrasts as reflection of the dialectic beginning of the world. It is considered that with arrival of cucumbers to various areas of life of the civilized person, to the world meanings came. A lot of things are not clear to

yet, something else is not deciphered. It is clear one, the world keeps secrets and not really that wants to give them. We will hope that “all secret, sometime will become obvious“. Let it be.

And now your turn :)