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In the history of the Stavropol journalism is two remarkable names - Vladimir Grigoryevich Gneushev and Andrey Lavrentyevich Poputko who made truly a journalistic feat.

Both of them are participants of the Great Patriotic War, from that generation which crushed fascism and defended freedom of our Homeland and all Europe. War for V. Gneushev and And, Poputko not abstract concept - they felt it in all manifestations, having reached Berlin, having got not one wound, and then Homeland awards. And, when became journalists, described events of 1942 - 1943 in the mountains of the Caucasus so authentically and precisely, with such tremendous details as if participated in this transcendental deadly fight with the enemy.

From those memorable days there passed more than 67 years. Then in the mountains of the Caucasus there was heavy fighting of Red Army with German - fascist aggressors. And to the first edition of the book of V. Gneushev and And. Poputko “Secret of the Marukhsky glacier“ of 47 years. In it the direct documentary stories narrating about a feat of the Soviet soldiers who did not let invaders to the Black Sea.

Generally this book - a result of long-term searches of journalists. And at the beginning there were newspapers. I remember in 1962 the first publications in regional editions of Karachaevo - Circassia, and were published then in regional newspapers “Stavropolskaya Pravda“ and “Molodoy leninets“. The same messages were published also in newspapers of the neighboring Caucasian republics, and later practically almost in all regional and republican newspapers of the Soviet Union. Journalists wrote that strong thawing of ice in the hot summer of 1962 on the Marukhsky glacier became the reason that the country and the world heard one more echo of the Great Patriotic War.

The shepherd Muradin Kochkarov from the settlement of Hasaut - Greek Zlenchuksky district found in the Marukhsky glacier which opened from snow, hundreds of cells and in them the bodies of people which froze in ice in the Soviet and fascist form, cartridges, grenades, mines, shells and other traces of war.

In 1942 there was a great battle for the Caucasus here. German - fascist command intended to take Transcaucasia. It directed the armies to the Black Sea coast through passes of Greater Caucasus Range, seeking to seize valleys of Georgia, Abkhazia, Armenia, to reach the Baku oil. Against the enemy there was all Caucasian earth - Marukhsky, Klukhorsky, Naursky and Sancharsky passes. And as later the poet Alexander Ekimtsev in the poem “The Front over Clouds“

precisely noticed Each mountain pass,

As if the brother for the brother,

desperately engaged,

as the soldier.

What occurred then in these parts and as to information on these events there were journalists?

Authors of sketches about the Marukhsky epic right at the beginning had avaricious information on finds in mountains and the same avaricious data from public institutions. But as a result of long-term researches of tens and hundreds of documentary publications about the Great Patriotic War, letters of participants of battles, V. Gneushev and A. Poputko send on such solid authors as the Hero of the Soviet Union, the journalist Sergey Borzenko and the former Commander of the Transcaucasian front general Ivan Vladimirovich Tyulenev. From their publications they got many data of the general character showing a situation on fronts in the mountains of the Caucasus and on approaches to the Black Sea coast. Getting acquainted with “The Caucasian notes“ of Vitaly Zakrutkin, famous writer and participant of defense of the Caucasus, journalists obtained initial information, for example, on a feat of the defender of the Marukhsky pass Sharip Vasikov, and then, having added these materials with memoirs of relatives and fighter`s friends, archival documents, recreated a picture of fight and heroic death of the fighter in a sketch “For Sharip Vasikov fire!“. And such examples when laborious rassledovatelsky work of journalists gave required, it is possible to bring much.

One of the most important sources of information which were used when carrying out journalistic investigation were archives.

Having begun with newspaper publications, authors told then to the country of fight in mountains, the Great Patriotic War, absolutely not similar to all other battles, but the Battle of Stalingrad, equal on the value, in trilogies “Secret of the Marukhsky Glacier“, “Guerrilla Barrier“, “Breath of Avalanches“ which sustained 6 editions in Stavropol and in Moscow.

Newspaper publications and V. Gneushev and A. Poputko`s books became a basis for perpetuating of memory fallen. When you go to mountains, to Dombai, for example, that at Karachayevsk opens to a look and for visit museum-memorial to defenders of the Caucasian passes.

In 60 - 70 - x years of the last century in Karachaevo - Circassia at the expense of youth the grandiose memorial to defenders of passes of the Caucasus was created, ascensions to the most distant mountain tops were made, and on them and today there are tens of monuments established by young patriots from all country. It was made within the all-union movement “Nobody Is Forgotten, Nothing Is Forgotten!“ on it millions of young patriots of Fatherland were brought up.

It is known that all new, is well forgotten old. We know that in 30 - 80 - x years of the last century our state saved up enormous experience of patriotic education, and in this regard as we see, mass media were not only the collective propagandist and the propagandist, but also and the collective organizer. The convincing proof of it is V. Gneushev and A. Poputko`s documentary narration “Secret of the Marukhsky glacier“ which became a powerful push for the broad patriotic movement among all Severo`s population - the Caucasian region.

And today there was a hope for revival of patriotic subject in mass media, activization of creative potential of journalists, writers, researchers, scientists. There was, as they say, in all growth a problem of the edition of such books as the narration of professor Natalya Alekseevna Narochnitskaya which recently left in Moscow, shaking by the sincerity and frankness “For as with whom we were at war“. It would be good and at us in the region to republish V. Gneushev and A. Poputko`s book “The secret of the Marukhsky glacier“ that today`s youth and future generations knew and remembered feats not only soldiers, but also journalists.


One of authors of this remarkable book Andrey Lavrentyevich Poputko, unfortunately, is already dead. Let the earth to it will be down, eternal glory to the soldier and the journalist who gave life Otechestva. And we, thank God, sometimes communicate with Vladimir Grigoryevich Gneushev. However, by phone. He lives now far, in Moscow. To reach on present “careful“ times to neither me, nor him as to the defender Otechestva, it is too expensive. Recently spoke about today`s life - life. He, as always, answered my questions with verses:


This house appointed to demolition,

Where recently fences failed,

are Set fire by foes a circle

I marauders rip to shreds.

Yes, it is time to recognize, probably,

That sons of the earth the family,

Having forgot to understand business,

Badly we served for Russia!

Because also we suffer

From a nesberegayemy shelter,

now That on heart deafly from losses, Is empty

from the stranger`s preponderance!

And already hardly - hardly breathing,

which is Still owning us Hides and the soul,

As if the dishonored banner is cried!