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How to find work in Moscow and St. Petersburg?

All who at least once tried to find work in the capital, know what hard this business.

Someone gives up already at the first failure, someone continues to try, but is useless. The high competition, especially on well paid places is a main problem of the megalopolis. Therefore if the dole is not a limit of your dreams, it is necessary to approach job search competently.

Business is business, or In job search all means are good

do not think that your competitor received that tempting position only thanks to the charisma and achievements. Let`s open a secret - those who are taken for their merits, do not look for work for a long time. Not for nothing there is such profession as headhunter, or the headhunter, our way. Consider, those who sit near you in a reception waiting for interview, very perhaps, has the same advantages before the employer, as you. But in the capital a lot of things are solved by communications. Do not hesitate to ask the help for relatives or acquaintances - it is quite possible, the attractive position only and waits for you. Also do not think that it will be dishonest, quite possible that near you the decision is waited too by someone`s protege - you only equaled chances.

the Best protection is an attack, or we Look for work actively

there is no

suitable communications, and attractive vacancies in the newspaper come across seldom? Take the destiny in the hand!

Subscribe by span for tapes of vacancies of the websites on employment. Use modern methods of job search, you remember, the newspaper with new vacancies appears time - two in a week, and on the website of the offer on work appear each hour

of the Key moment searching is a proposal of, that is the summary.

Is known that many employers do not publish vacancy, and look for employees. Therefore the competent summary is a powerful weapon of job search at the front. Will become interested in it if not the direct employer, then recruiting agency, anyway, thus you will show serious intentions and the competence of the most different questions. Remember that attractive your summary will make not abundance of false achievements, but correctly given real merits.

Prepare for each interview. Think over all details - from answers to standard questions to clothes and accessories. Uniform council cannot be given here, everything depends on your profession - what will be true for office - the manager, will not be suitable for the person of a creative profession. At the same time strained should not go for interview - your ease can help more, than the most detailed knowledge of working process.

Vigilance - our weapon, or Swindlers do not sleep!

and in a pursuit of good life be attentive

In fight against competitors! Unfair employers, unfortunately, often find the victims among applicants. However there is not enough common sense - and you will be able quite to distinguish the swindler.

Trust intuitions - sometimes just it is worth stopping and considering details. Be not conducted for a salary in an envelope! You remember, it is favorable, first of all, to firm, but not you. The company which deceives the tax inspection today also easily will deceive tomorrow also you. But at the same time you will have in a sleeve of no trumps - official - that the salary is specified minimum.

Be careful with courses! Education is a business nearly paramount in job search. However be careful of the companies - a something ephemeral:

In - the first, they do not guarantee employment.

In - the second, their diploma or the certificate will mean to the potential employer little.

Council: before giving money for training, check information on this or that company - at least on the Internet. The employer who before providing actually with work, suggests to pass paid training is already the first call of dishonesty. If you want to increase the level - address to well proved educational institutions, so your money will be spent not for nothing.

Secrets of work at home

Desire to work is less than

, and it is quite natural to receive more. For this reason quite old method of deception of applicants still works: to you suggest to perform simple work of the house, type of processing of correspondence or cutting tea bags for what promise quite good money. However, some employers make a reservation that your earnings will depend on your efforts, thus protecting themselves from possible claims - a pier, badly tried, here and there is no money.

The secret of such work is that before taking you in employees, collecting - as a rule, the symbolical sum “for materials“ is raised “as a guarantee of your assiduity“, “for paperwork“ and under other pretexts.

Attention! If money asks before beginning work, to send you to the employer is a deception. In 99% of cases you will not hear about this company any more, 1% - it will remind you of itself infinite advertizing waste paper.


the Employment contract and a white salary is your confidence in tomorrow!

to Spend time for drawing up the competent summary it is frequent more usefully, than to spend money for visit of doubtful courses!

do not feed swindlers at own expense - at least, spend time for collection of information about the company, do not send money before!

Successful employment!