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What do we know about fly agarics? These mysterious amanitovy...

- you Will bite off on the one hand - you will grow up, with another - you will decrease!

- On the one hand what? - Alice thought. - On the other side of what?

- the Mushroom, - the Caterpillar as if having heard a question answered, and disappeared from a look.

you, of course, guessed that as an epigraph to article I chose a small fragment from the well-known fairy tale “Alice`s Adventures in Wonderland“. The author of the fairy tale is Lewis Carroll - did not find time to tell us about what mushroom she there was a speech. Therefore we are free in the guesses. Let`s assume that this mushroom was... fly agaric.

Really, having bitten off a small piece of a fly agaric, it is quite possible and grow up and to decrease... At all not because fly agarics possess a magic power. But because poisonings with them cause nonsense and hallucinations. But also - gripes in a stomach, nausea, vomiting, heartbeat, short wind. However, if the dose of poison is not too big, then the victim usually recovers even without medical assistance. Though, of course, to see a doctor everything is it is necessary: poisoning with fly agarics - it is serious!

Virulence of a fly agaric was included into a legend, became a plot of fairy tales, verses, proverbs. And it is not vain: the fly agaric is really very poisonous. And still - I will risk to introduce the seditious idea: its ill fame is a little exaggerated. No, do not think that I decided to become “the lawyer of a fly agaric“ and to write the petition to its protection. At all not. Purpose of my article other. About a fly agaric - this forest handsome - as it is not paradoxical, it is known enough - a little. So, this article - attempt and most about a fly agaric to learn more, and to tell people.

When we tell “fly agaric“, usually we imagine such kind good fellow with a red hat in white peas on a long thin leg. It is a red fly agaric . In spite of the fact that it is very poisonous, poisonings with it meet extremely seldom: a red fly agaric with any mushroom you will not confuse.

This handsome belongs to family of amanitovy. This family includes a large number of mushrooms, not less poisonous, than a red fly agaric, though much less bright. As that: the fly agaric is panterny, a fly agaric pogankovidny, a fly agaric smelly , and also a pale toadstool . Yes, a notorious pale toadstool which by inexperience can be confused, for example, with champignon - the sister of the handsome of a fly agaric. Poisonings with it are exclusively dangerous and quite often come to an end with death. Insidiousness of a pale toadstool consists also that the first symptoms of poisoning can be shown every other day - two when irreparable injury is already caused to an organism.

And still... Yes there will be no impression at you that the family amanitovy consists entirely of artful toadstools and “on the person fine, spiteful in“ fly agarics. There are in this family also quite edible types! For example - a fly agaric it is gray - pink . And still - a cesarean mushroom .

A cesarean mushroom (by the way, sometimes it still call a Caesarian fly agaric, funny, isn`t that so?) it was known in ancient Rome and was considered as the best of mushrooms, a delicacy of delicacies! It can be dried, fried, pickled. And absolutely young cesarean mushrooms are put in salads in the raw! The only shortcoming - it is easy to confuse it with some poisonous fellows - fly agarics and toadstools. In total - relatives.

And in conclusion - still a couple of words about the red handsome - a fly agaric. Though it is also poisonous for the person, but as medicine is used by many animals. For example, elks. And in traditional medicine of tincture from red fly agarics use for a long time for treatment of many including oncological diseases. And still - from radiculitis, rheumatism, gout.

The official medicine, however, belongs to such methods of treatment with mistrust. But... who knows? And suddenly red fly agarics contain drugs for many dreadful diseases and wait for the scientist who will manage to take them from there?.