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Skolkovo: why New - Vasyuki in separately taken place will not turn out?

the Answer are universally Russian - because comes to an end on At. On the exhaustive absurdity it just keeps within a utopian paradigm of an essence of a question: kognitivno incognizable Something which neither arshin not to measure, nor not to fill with reason. Whether the Eden, whether Olympe, whether Paradise on the earth? The campus of the Sun according to Tomaso Companello or a window-dressing?

It it seems as Paradise about which all heard, but which nobody saw personally. (Unless except those who already have its rublevsky miniversion).

And the root on our vowel At sits where? And there is a wish to answer besides in Russian: where - where - and in a beard! There lived such two bearded men in Germany - the mistake at them left with their economic theory of general Paradise. And to prove a mistake, the initiative group of foreigners of the Russian origin for great love to the distressful people living in the basic on coast of Lake Geneva makes experiment of Paradise on the earth in separately taken country.

Theoretically it not absolutely keeps within science of bearded men. But companions on an invention are cunning: the theory of world revolution is shifted to separately taken thought masterpieces in separately taken country, laws of a dialectic and historical materialism are remade - who forgot partially, I will dare to remind that after studying of each of laws of a diamat and an istmat (that twice about two it developed though somehow!) also the theoretical course of altering of the theory of creation of general happiness in the form of “Feature of operation of the law of transition of quantity to quality (safely substitute any other law) in the conditions of socialism“ was offered inhabitants of Paradise on the earth. It is good that Newton with apples was not touched about features of the direction of falling of apples in the conditions of socialism. What experiment ended with, now it is well visible.

During experiment various programs were tested for resistance of the people to separately taken absurdities in separately taken country: with turns of the rivers back, construction of dams, conquest of a virgin soil, a sporting event “let`s catch up and we will overtake“, the “Present Generation Will Live at Communism“ project, small and big projects on destruction of the most productive classes of the people … Unless dust did not try.

Creation of special zones of a breeding of “the new person“ from camps and sharashka to the closed ghettoes - places of type of Obninsk or the Star city - a prototype of present New - Vasyuki stood the special column. We know, floated … Novosibirsk and Obninsk, Dubna, Arzamas brains comfortably okremenet for a long time in Silikonke and move aytishka of other countries, fixing lag of separately taken country of experiment from normal control group of the countries more and more distinctly.

I will not go far with examples: I understand spontaneity of a flood, earthquake, eruption, a typhoon, tornado. It is the nature - the mother. And now Russia with a bright flame, to uncontrollability of the nature in no way not relating burns. Unlike taming of obstinate eruptions, people learned to extinguish the fires elementary for a long time as matches. The lit up, the and extinguish. But, to see, matches came to an end. Or water. (Though those who could drink hypothetically all water from the crane already successfully solve problems of water supply of negevsky deserts and the dehydrated territories which adjoined them breeding).

As always: we are parched with thirst over a stream. Also it would be ridiculous when it would not be so sad from denseness and primitiveness of a condition of separately taken country in separately taken season 21 - go centuries. If even in what rublevsky halls the ashes will not break (but pasaran understand it!) that business seams. Because works they studied one foreigner in the special incubators: from a spark will flare up oh - yo - yoy and - with … here the example of an eye zastit

A as progressively shustryag in other separately taken country created if not paradise fruits on the earth, then more - less acceptable public catering. What hump and on what soil fruits grow - we do not know and we do not want to know. Let say that such fruits do not grow in a zone under escort of screws!

And at us, in separately taken Skolkovo, all let know - innogorod will be! Also we will force tsvest if itself does not want! (Whether in it a musty smell something taken stinks separately from common sense “inno“?) Bad business not cunning - with songs which both to build, and helps to live, to us not for the first time sharashka and akademtyurma to build! That we will build the city of the Sun - I believe! On Rublyovka experience is skated, on Canary Islands. (Especially as the zemlitsa under New - Vasyuki is burned already out from the annoying, irritating new grounds of owners of the population.)

The house crystal on the mountain for it … For science, modernization, an innovation (what else from passed: accelerations, reorganizations, electrification of all country, full chemicalixation of the population...) . All Vasyuki, but who money will give on tournament are good? Though the young head of separately taken country regularly asked, but other separately taken country of money will not give. If what smoked also is put, on handles Who It is necessary to it nadat. Though all pindosny countries are embraced with healthy scepticism in respect of investments, but is still, sirs, and high policy.

And now we will leave to talk as the real men to the platform: soyuznichka rolled fascist Germany and Japan in asphalt. Not separately taken country pekhtury carried Hiroshima, from Deutschland left a big stone quarry. But the rich of ruins are not sorry - take away. That vershoks (brains and technologies in a trophy), and to these backs in the form of pieces of iron. Who remembers how quickly Uncle Sam restored economy of ruins of Japan and the Western Germany? And I will remind: cards in Japan and Germany cancelled in 3 years after defeat in war. In several years the uncle to them restored economy of the countries the artful plans of Marshall, the benefit fire victims also to work were angry. But ask a question: why the USA, refusing to itself oil, fed with bread of won? Aha, the five - the strong countries at the edges of the broken winner - the ally! You sit down.

Forgive, we also rolled up in asphalt, and restored? Ugum - with … The answer will be Russian: there is nobody and against whom we are on friendly terms! Yes the USA just adopted the won friends against the won enemies! Than the situation changed for today? I will raise a question differently for separately taken citizens: whether the ovasyuchiny scientific potemkinsky settlement is necessary for the West? You never know what they there with a hangover … In the certain taken country treat a perpetuum mobile quite tolerantly. If I am a queen, and itself would not give money for Vasyuki, and the citizen would not order. As, oops, already occurred.

All right, on credit nobody trusts, but it is possible and to strain (more true, to strain the people - it habitual, and the instinct to a self-survival at it is sharply weakened), and for oil tugriks to buy sekond - hend technologies? It is possible, children, - and we live, and advanced technologies are not bought - they are perishable. It has to be house preparation. The house thinking perpetuum mobile.

More warmly in the platform: there is no house gray substance left. Greyish is, but shades will not work here. Strongly gray cultivated substance is necessary. And here an example where oil money will not work - will not run across Fermi to Vasyuki, there will not go Silikonka to Skolkovo, and huch smear it with black caviar! Any who read something more seriously than the Abc-book in the life will not go to move a dinamization - the inoculation of other mentality will work.

I one such clever made out it? Yes all made out and divided into hundred. But, you remember, in the beginning there was a Word. As the linguist I will tell: words from the use wear out as footwear. Already all legends are tried: today you will not tell present generation about life guarantees at communism, about “each family any more - the certain apartment“, about “let`s catch up and we will overtake“, about freedom which is better than unfreedom. And here, in a utopia, in life after death and in paradise fruits the population even after the Kiev bathing at the prince - the sun trusts in the Kingdom of Heaven … Strategy is chosen by

successfully: so far we zasuponitsya until oats we set until we are harnessed - already the term of responsibility for a market will come to an end. Following will dump on a sick golovushka zabubenny. Someone will master a money, someone on noodles will become impregnated with optimism - the simpleton a thought grows rich …

very strange things in linguistics, just sacral Are. I do not trust mind, but intuitively freezes from associations: Novels in power Leningrad, Rasputin who stirred up and ruined Russia, legends of bears in bast shoes at Red Square, a bitter experience pseudo-Dmitriyev in a distemper Russian, the name of the village of Skolkovo, the About lost … Mutno somehow at heart. But, children, are a universal formula for sceptics: if only there was no war, aha?