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What Lex Gorlov in Belgorod is famous for?

Space and time:

Pushkin library - the museum of the city of Belgorod, on May 16, 2009.

In monastery of the word, from a black entrance. Exactly there was a center of vanguard art of Belogorie. Under a frame of meeting of Club of fans of the Modern Art. Visit - is free, presence - is desirable. As action is a rarity for cultural life of the city:

an exhibition of artworks and performance for one evening. we Will remind

to readers that performance is the form of display of a post-modernist esthetics of 60 - 70 years of the 20th century transferred short, in advance thought over, performance before public indoors.

the Choice of this kind of art is predetermined by Lex Gorlov`s aspiration to release from the traditional concept of the viewer where the careful analysis of implication of the events - is inevitable.

For example, before performance was declared about a press - conferences, but consumers fine preferred brisk dialogue with the actor where everyone could ask a question.

Lex Gorlov:

“My social layer? Bourgeoisie“.

Directly half-hour performance was followed by psychoacoustic improvisation. The combination of acoustics of the room to opportunities of equipment gave the sounding greatly transferring decadent moods of dadaism. we Will note

that experiments with a sound and voice are used by Lex Gorlov and in the KARMA:ELEKTRO project where the continuity of theater of absurdity is rather expressed.

Lex Gorlov:

“In my works - the nature from within“.

the Decadent accent to the events added the accompanying video series. Blackout of the screen and indistinct contours in the spirit of an art - therapies of Tool group. Painfully - fragile insects in beige shades with gradation to monochrome. Use of symbolics of a circle to emphasize perfection of defect and low instincts.

Lex Gorlov:

“Insects - the best models“.

the Natural course of performance contained even dispute in audience. The subsequent dialogue of the artist with the audience revealed an unevident course on the fact that authenticity of art is measured - professionalism. And at an exhibition enough pictures were shown to judge qualification of the author. As the artist having experience of personal exhibitions (“I - dy“, 2008), Gorlov with advantage polemized.

Lex Gorlov:

“The photo - is emotions“.

In each work of Lex Gorlov distinctly trace technicians of surrealism and addiction to Iyeronim Bosch, Zhdislav Beksinski, Frantsisco de Goya, Hans R. Giger`s creativity. The shouting androgyny, drugs, the Venetian masks, cages, the weapon - only some appeals to unconscious. Nevertheless, the actor spoke disapprovingly to numerous comparison with Salvador Dali. About 20 pictures were shown for all evening, including a graphic self-portrait of the vanguard creator.

In private conversation with the artist we found out that for the Belgorod region the closed actions are characteristic of experienced public which are not announced through official mass media. So, during the period from 2008 to 2009 there took place several provocative actions under a signature stamp “_k4r4n71n_p4r7y _“.

Authors: Goncharenko Arina and Having pricked