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How quickly to repair curtains in a bathroom?

of the Shower curtain of the room serve not only decoration of an interior, but also bear almost important function - protect a floor and walls of the room from moisture hit. That it is worse when curtains from a thin oilcloth are in use torn in places of direct fastening of the rings passed through the bearing bar (suspension); openings for fixture are provided in the top part of an oilcloth equally spaced.

These junctions of an oilcloth and rings are the weakest in shower curtains, and often demand repair in use of curtains. The cause is too thin, and therefore cheap material of which make an oilcloth. It is possible to buy expensive shower curtains, for example, made of cloth which can even be erased, and it is possible to repair “cheap“ oil-cloth curtains directly at home literally in several minutes, having applied a transparent wide adhesive tape (adhesive tape) from shop of stationery, scissors and there is a little sharpness.

To avoid “early“ change of oil-cloth curtains and to keep the family budget, we will undertake the following.

After purchase we will spread out a new curtain without fixing rings directly on half of the room in all length. In its top part in places of fastening of rings, at distance of 60 mm from edge (width of a standard tape of a transparent adhesive tape) on all length of a curtain we will lay an adhesive tape (the glue party to an oilcloth) and we will densely press an oilcloth hands to a floor. Accurately we will cut off the oilcloths of edge of an adhesive tape supporting an edge scissors. Then we will turn a curtain and we will do the same from a reverse side. It is ready.

It is necessary to press an adhesive tape within 2 - 3 minutes hands, evenly on all length; heating by the iron is not required. Thanks to properties of an adhesive tape, “manual“ influence it is enough that the adhesive tape was reliably fixed on an oil-cloth surface of a curtain. It is only necessary to track that the adhesive tape was pasted to an oilcloth evenly and there is no air bubble left.

It is convenient to do openings for fixing rings which are closed by an adhesive tape now again warmed up to the working temperature (within 10 min.) a soldering iron with the power of 25 - 40 W or a puncher. After such influence of an opening turn out equal and beautiful, do not differ from originally made at plant. It is possible to apply to destination the repaired curtain at once. Then it is better to air the room that smells from a prozhig of an oilcloth left on the street.

The same method it is possible to strengthen already “worn“ oilcloth. For this purpose it will be required to remove it from a suspended bar, to remove from it fixing rings, to process the upper edge (where openings for rings) 10% solution of vinegar or special degreaser (for example, solvent No. 646 will approach) and to accurately put a layer of a transparent adhesive tape 60 mm wide on all length of a curtain as it is recommended above.

After such simple procedure the shower curtain will serve to you for a long time.

The considered method can find application in economy and in life in many other cases - where strengthening or “drilling“ of oil-cloth materials of various density, for example, in greenhouses, stained-glass windows, awnings, various other coverings is required.