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Bank of the Jaguar or child. What it is more important for mother?

When the little man fly the head down on the earth from any height - it drives in powerless “tetanus“ in mix with horror. Of consequences at present not especially - that is also thought. Just because on it there is no time. The horror arises from bitter understanding that cub of the person, unlike a baby bird, has no wings that literally before a common ground of a skull of the child with a terrestrial tverdyyu to wave wings and to leave from unprecedented danger.

At a human cub the fatal contact almost always occurs. Except for isolated cases when someone`s hand manages to grasp diving live tiny “shell“ by a leg or by a hand. For a collar, at last. For overalls, or for a T-shirt. Even for hair though it is wild pain. But nevertheless smaller, than the tragedy massed cherepno - a brain trauma.

Children, unfortunately fathers and mothers, always fall. Bring home bruises, grazes. Parents as can, try to save offsprings from similar misfortunes. Gallant that rare adult who manages it! Unfortunately, most often it is not possible. But it is even worse if the adult has neither desire, nor forces, nor reactions to help the child. Just because the look is stirred up, the consciousness sleeps though in it and fill in cocktail with the vigorous name “Jaguar“ .

Getting through a stomach to blood the Jaguar alcoholic drink and its analogs do not do the person same prompt, flexible, jet in decision-making as the real African predator. On the contrary, at the gulf inside, cocktails cover as though with an easy screen consciousness, and do a body by the mollycoddle.

The Moscow court yard in the middle of which the freshly painted tennis table is established. July, 2010. The platform is poured by gravel. On the street it is cloudy, lunch time, hardly drizzles a warm Moscow rain. Nobody runs on a court yard. Only two young mummies with kids walk. One girl has a sonny, at another - the daughter. By sight to both remains of years on five, it is no more. About such speak: “Pleasures - full trousers!“.

of the Person at mummies sluggish, I would not fail to emphasize, rumpled. It is visible, however, that not from poor segments of the population. The flying chistosherstyany jackets, fine-molded boots on heels fitting leggings. I do not hurry to say that that jewelry with which girlfriends are covered pure gold all entirely (from a distance you will not make out). But, most likely, it - it. I will explain.

Each girl in ears has wide brilliant ear rings. At one all left hand it is covered with rings. In my opinion, expensive. At another - on a wrist an enviable bracelet. I do not think that with jewels, but nevertheless. To me becomes obvious, that both mothers “are packed“ by expensive belongings and powerful jeweler trinkets “on most do not indulge“ . At everyone in distinguished hands after bank of slabospirtovy Jaguar cocktail. The manicure, apparently, breathes fiery breath - so it is bright and is evident.

Both mummies, obviously, together somewhere “gulbanit“ yesterday, and today make toilet by means of cocktails. And their kids are fresh and vigorous, unlike parents. Nothing alcoholic drinks in five years are taken. Pulls them to gambol, run about, pogorlanit. The childhood is full of life. It is eager for the movement.

And to mummies there is no wish to move especially, unlike the offsprings. Here girls with bright manicure also decided to deliver to the boy with the little girl legs on a tennis table. Very much babies poor-mouthed about that: “On a little table hosyu!“. Mummies fulfilled requirements if only kids did not ring. The head already muddy, any excessive sounds stick needles into a brain. And baby`s cries of discontent that their requirements are not fulfilled drill reason intolerably at all! Each loud sound from gentle throats - as trotyl charges for mummies . Bach - Bach - Bach! Kakoyeuzh here a slow “correction of health“ by means of “Jaguar“!

As soon as the boy and the girl appeared on a tennis table, stopped and with delight began to walk up and down to and fro, looking at the earth from top to down. Young mothers straightened faces and had an opportunity, at last, in silence and rest to sip drink from banks. There came idyll between the senior and younger generation and with environment.

But idyll, an infection, often lasts not for long. Patsanchik, that hitherto quietly stamped on a tennis table, being careful of edges, saw a vorobyshka that he flew up and sat down on the corner of a table. The lad rejoiced to the guest and rushed to the new feathery friend promptly. The fellow`s mummy did not even see this movement as drank at this moment cocktail from banks and as I assume, told the girlfriend about plans to go to sunbathe to Ibiza.

And the little running man on a tennis table even did not try to stop on the edge. He rushed to get acquainted with the new winged friend, but suddenly the support under legs disappeared in one second … the Shrill baby`s cry blew up surrounding calm. Mother and stiffened with a can of “Jaguar“ in a hand. She did not even see how her son from all move was thrust by a skull brittle still in gravel on the earth. The sparrow without delays was winded...

“Ambulance“ arrived quickly enough. The boy was carefully carried on a stretcher by hospital attendants. In a help waiting time young mothers did not drink cocktails from the cans any more. Mother of the unfortunate boy howled in a voice so that I involuntarily shrank. Tens of persons leaned out of windows of the house. People in horror looked at the yard and were silent. And only plaints of that that until recently dreamed of beaches of Ibiza and of cocktails with an umbrella, flew a mountain stream.

In order to avoid similar tragedies a little simply to write about them in the press, to light on TV and radio. Especially, all this subjects not popular. Now the data-processing machine of the country is adjusted so that the slightest change in the size of a bust of Anna Semenovich jumps out on the first pages of tabloids. And here the reporting on how the baby - the child nearly died from disorder of hungover mummy of nobody interests. There is no sensation. But needs to be done to

with it something nevertheless! It seems to me, here not to do without repressive device. The militia has to fine those mothers who drink alcohol during walks with innocent children. Yes, let it will be “arrival“ on human rights. On the rights of mother. But it not one - with it tiny life! And this life - too the person, regardless of age.