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Wedding surprises for guests. That to think up it?

Augustus - a time of weddings. The concerning moments of preparation for a celebration bring improbable pleasure! But than such original to please invited? In Europe there is a tradition of gifts for guests for a long time - such small syurprizik - memoirs: they are put back each guest at a banquet table, hung up on a tree in a pot and suggested to be chosen or newlyweds hand on an entrance to a banquet room personally. Scoop ideas, be inspired and learn to surprise!

1. A rainbow in a box


small boxes and fill them with multi-colored candies like M &Mís or lollipops of Fruit drops, tie with ribbons, attach a bow or paste a small fresh flower. Leave on a box near the place of each guest - it will be a simple and pleasant compliment from newlyweds!

2. Wedding canned food

In flower shop can order beautiful and gentle presents which will serve as both decoration of a banquet table, and a lovely surprise for invited. Leave about each place of the guest a small glass flask with the flower preserved in it, for example, an orchid. It is possible to add beads, hearts and glass balls to composition. After a wedding celebration such gift will decorate an interior of your guest.

3. A ball with a surprise

Inflate balls on number of guests and put a small souvenir in everyone: porcelain figure of lovers, hearts, something lovely and nice. Tie on a ball to a chair of each guest - it will make the hall even more elegantly, and on a table before each guest put on an envelope with the pin decorated strazy or a bead. After each toast of the next guest it gets a pin and the ball bursts, and to his legs the surprise falls!


Place romantic symbols near wine glasses under champagne romantic holders for photographs, but instead of a photo insert notes in which for each guest there will be a lovely wish. Unless it is not a wonderful way to lighten mood to friends and relatives? After a wedding guests will be able to insert into them the photos and to admire them at home!

5. Guessing on cards


beautiful packs or order in polygraphy own wedding design of cards with photos of newlyweds or even guests - on the place of jacks, ladies and kings. On each card write a mysterious prediction for the guest, like the Chinese cookies. And let predictions will be only the most positive!


Order a wedding jelly in cafe or prepare independently multi-colored fruit jelly. Put in it carefully washed up transparent glass souvenirs on number of guests - pigeons or hearts. Cut jelly with cubes that in everyone it appeared on a souvenir and put a saucer with jelly before each guest!

7. Fishing

Arrange to

a lottery: put souvenirs (magnets for the refrigerator with romantic subject, brelka, accessories for mobile phones) in tight polyethylene bags, fill with water an aquarium which will stand in a banquet room, decorate with small fishes, cockleshells, beads and flowers and arrange fishing. Let each guest try to catch the improvised rod to himself a gift.

8. A nominal glass

Offer guests during a festive feast not usual wine glasses from restaurant service, and glasses with an engraving - on a glass the name of the guest, date, a pattern from hearts or flowers can be traced! You do not speak about it in advance, and wait guests so far with surprise will notice such improbable surprise...

9. Ice Age

Freeze souvenirs in transparent cubes of ice: throw ice into drinks of guests or put in crystal drinking bowls - throughout a banquet guests will observe how ice thaws, expecting to receive the surprise!

10. Magic candles

Order beautiful handles with the image of newlyweds or just beautiful wedding print. Handles have to be metal and rather tiny. Wrap up each handle a foil and... grind in candles! It can be made also in house conditions if you sometime happened to do candles independently, but it is simpler, more conveniently and for certain - to order from firm which makes candles. Put on a candle near the place of each guest and before a banquet suggest to light them. Candles will burn down, revealing the attendee secret which they contain and to kindle curiosity - so far the candle will not burn down, it will be difficult to get a gift! But it will be not only an unexpected surprise, but also fantastically beautiful and romantic registration of the hall!

Decorate your wedding celebration with such highlight as small presents for guests. Thanks to these small surprises, your wedding will for a long time be remembered by all pleasant impressions!