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Asthma - as to it to resist?

Before passing to the checked recipes of traditional medicine which will help the person to resist to bronchial asthma, will remind that any treatment has to be carried out under control of the doctor. Self-treatment as speak, is fraught...

Also we will begin with the simply, even elementary - from food plants - the healers who are slightly forgotten partially by us in modern it is computer - technogenic vanity.

Turnip - the known vegetable and just fantastic plant at which “not vershoks, but backs“ are used (as in that fairy tale): in - the first, its juice is drunk with honey, and in - the second, it is possible to use also broth it (having reused the turnip which gave us part of the juice).

Juice with honey is especially good at cough. And 3 - 4 times a day there are enough 1 - 2 tablespoons of juice. In a similar way use a radish - but radish juice enough cuttings on taste and in general at some diseases of a gastrointestinal tract (zheludochno - an intestinal path) it is not recommended.

Like a radish, juice of turnip can be received as follows: a cone to cut out the top part of a root crop, then to lay a tea spoon of honey on a cut bottom - and to drink the juice (which mixed up with honey) quickly enough accumulating in the formed “bowl“.

Now it is possible to pass to the second part of “the marlezonsky ballet“: having crushed the precious root crop softened from juice loss, we fill in with a glass of boiled water 2 tablespoons of rather fresh raw materials and we cook a quarter of hour on weak fire. If you hurry, it is possible to cook also 10 minutes; if, on the contrary, you have time - that and 20 minutes well.

Naturally, it is possible to calculate proportions so that to weld 4 tablespoons of a turnip in two glasses of boiled water (and the rest, having cooled, to take in the refrigerator day - another, before the following reception). It is desirable to accept broth or just once for the night (to drink a glass of warm drink), or to drink 4 - 5 times a day - but, respectively, already approximately on 1/4 glass.

Such broth can be drunk not only at cough, bronchial asthma, but also at the loss of a voice caused by cold at tachycardia (the speeded-up heartbeat), sleeplessness and various inflammations of a mucous membrane of a throat.

The anise and fennel form a basis of other recipe. For preparation of curative infusion you take 20 g of fruits of an anise and fennel (both that, and another happens in drugstores), 30 g of a grass of a thyme (thyme), and 15-20 g of a root of a glycyrrhiza (which in drugstores meets much less often).

Having crushed the listed components honor to a powdery state (that it is convenient to make in the electric coffee grinder) or at least to a condition of small grain, you fill in two tablespoons of mix with boiled water (a liter floor), it is desirable in a thermos. In half an hour infusion can already be applied - for example, filtering in parts. (It is possible to keep infusion in a thermos to 4 - x hours, it becomes more dense - and then to dilute such more concentrated infusion a little with water). Here pertinently so-called “fractional drink“: 5-7 times during the day (and at night) on 1/4 or 1/3 glass. Of course, in a warm look.

At treatment of asthma (about also at cough and short wind, even when disaccustoming from smoking ) still apply an akupressura - acupressure. The main point is in the bottom of a neck, on the line of clavicles - just in the middle. Influence is run by easy pressing by a forefinger (sometimes with small roundabouts) within a minute. It is so desirable to make several times a day.

The intensive akupressura is applied more often not at asthma, and to disaccustoming from smoking. Short-term, but strong pressing - before emergence of painful symptoms is for this purpose carried out. Attention! Similar intensity is not recommended at a hypertension.

At treatment of bronchial asthma in the people always used (continue to apply and until now) the following plants: a Labrador tea, an efedr (observe extra care when using these two rather poisonous plants, also in connection with possible accustoming - especially it the efedra), mother - and - the stepmother “suffers“, a burning nettle (grass), a birch (apply birch kidneys), a camomile pharmaceutical (inflorescences with a grass), a pine (a bud of a pine), devyasit (root), a three-colored violet (grass), bedrenets kamnelomkovy (roots).

Use also a leaf of a plantain with elder flowers, bark of a young willow, even chistotet - but keep in mind that everything is possible only under control of the attending physician.

Differs in special danger chistotet of which, perhaps, more people died, than recovered. I mean, first of all, the use in it “an assemblage of poisons“ - as external use of a chistotel seldom causes complications in the form of allergic manifestations or eczema. For the first rather individual intolerance, the second (eczema) can quite develop if juice of a chistotel gets to an open wound or scratch.

To put it briefly - recovering, do it by all means with participation of the expert who received medical (and not just “book“) education, and be vigilant!