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The Big Bang of sport

Happened so that 14 billion years ago from a superdense point the Big Bang was resulted by the Universe. Matter began to extend also through only 200 million years here and there mixed stars flared. One of small asterisks called subsequently the Sun warmed the planet Earth on which owing to a set of obstoyateslstvo the life form known to us - proteinaceous arose.

Any life, proteinaceous, in particular, represents continuous and cruel competition, fight for a survival. Has to win against the strongest this fight, otherwise the survival will be replaced by extinction. In the same way and sport assumes constant triumph of the most trained athletes. Time there was life, it was safely possible to foretell that sooner or later the most peaceful form of rivalry - sport will triumph, and together with it, certainly, will begin to develop sports shoes , sportswear and sports equipment .

The mankind endowed with reason learned to use this gift for consolidation of humanity and good not at once. The most part of history people strained crinkles generally with the purpose to destroy similar and to take their property. Wars do not cease still... Though still ancient Greeks thought up to them quite equivalent replacement - the sport which is giving vent not only for aggressive energy, but also for creative. Not casually during the Olympic Games in Ancient Hellas truces between warring consisted. There were only sorevnovatel trying to win not by extermination of the rivals, and by achievement of the best sports results.

Such sports as boxing, fight and other single combats allowed even considerable danger to life of athletes, duels in the ancient time quite often came to an end with death of one of fighters. The similar outcome of a duel got the lesser support over time and eventually was excluded thanks to humane rules and protective equipment: for example, boxing gloves and boxing helmets more and more reliably protect already two centuries athletes from injuries.

Sport on the planet Earth develops towards a final victory over the wars bearing only death and destruction. “Oh, sport! You are the world!“ - not pathetics, but the direction of the main blow in fight against war. Irreconcilable hostility will address in passionate competitiveness.

There is, however, a threat that the competition between producers of sports equipment will turn back war against human health. For example, having increased sole thickness under a heel, developers of sports shoes already injured millions of people. Professional runners know that it is necessary to land on a sock of foot and never up to the end to straighten legs. For them - for professionals - the various running footwear considering technology of run and feature of the pro-nation of foot is issued. We will talk about it another time.