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Why to mankind sport and sports shoes?

Despite a set of answers to the question “How There Was a Sport?“, will always be in the world several million people continuing to puzzle over this, it seems, a riddle. It is impossible to answer unambiguously. The same as it will not be possible to prove unambiguously that the fear was a reason for emergence of run, for example. Sport - spectacular competition for which prepare in advance with the purpose to win against the rival. Means, sport could appear only where the first viewer or the fan appeared. Without them there can be only a training aiming to fulfill some set of movements for successful hunting or victorious war. And this training arose in the form of ritual dance of men of the tribe up in arms. And at ritual dance whatever he pursued the aim it is obligatory to eat the audience. And it is easy to turn any ritual dance into spectacular competition, it is worth dividing participants into two teams confronting within the scenario only. Also the scenario is Then necessary. Without it game is impossible. Without game there is no sport. The scenario will never appear without author - the screenwriter, the director. But it is already other history.

The speech how there was a sport, and together with it sports shoes , sportswear , sports equipment . Since our humanoid descendant began to use hands not only for movement on the ground and to trees, but also for getting to himself food, for manufacture of instruments of labor and the weapon, he faced an urgent need to protect legs which the weight of all body was charged now and which at bipedalism appeared somewhere far below among stones, a high grass and a bush that is where they were waited by many unexpected dangers. For protection of legs primitive people used what was offered to them by the nature and that most of all answered climatic conditions. In a temperate climate it were skin, fur, wood bark. In hot climate - palm leaves and the papyrus. Skin or palm leaves were wound around a foot in the manner of footcloths and bound a bast, bunches of a strong grass or leather thongs. So there was a footwear. Further from these materials were accustomed to cut out soles, and to attach a nose of footwear and a back by means of leather thongs to them. Them tied footwear to a leg. It is clear, that the first footwear and in Ancient Egypt, and in Ancient Greece was similar and represented sandals or slippers.

So, we will sum up. For production of footwear the following materials - skin, bear skins, fur, wood bark, a cane, the papyrus, a bast, straw, and also a rough thick yarn, felt and even a tree were used (Japanese, for example, still carry a get - wooden sandals). But we speak about daily footwear so far. Why to people sports shoes were necessary for ? First they long enough did without it. And to tell that, load of footwear in time sports meets immeasurably increases. When everything keeps on thongs and straw, the footwear can bring the athlete at the most inappropriate moment. And very responsible task - protection by a foot, joints and ligaments is assigned to sports shoes. Therefore, sports shoes have to be much stronger, than usual daily. In bedroom-slippers and sandals it is difficult to run on marathon distances, to fight, throw disks, to jump in length and height. Athletes of Ancient Greece, however, noticed over time that, having protected legs, it is easier to achieve increase of productivity of trainings. Certainly, demand always causes the offer. For certain there were masters - the shoemakers managing to make sports shoes in which it was possible both to train and to speak at the Olympic Games though on them very long acted in general as the naked child. Such sports shoes , by itself, cost extremely much. That is, it was available to not everyone. That is why emergence of sports shoes it is accepted to date back to the 19th century of our era. But it is already other history.