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Service on the terms of IT - outsourcing: in what advantages?

Successful business in modern conditions are impossible without processing and the analysis of a huge number of information. Therefore practically each enterprise uses in the activity an automation equipment of this process - computer information systems.

Are forced to involve highly professional experts to service of the computer equipment and the software of the company and even to create the whole IT - departments. It leads to increase in staff of the organization and additional expenses.

Recently many enterprises prefer to involve the staff of other firms to service of computers. Popularity of this kind of activity (outsourcing in the field of IT) in the developed countries is quite high. Outsourcing in the field of IT gains the increasing popularity also in the Russian Federation.

IT - outsourcing happens full (by transfer on service of all information infrastructure of the enterprise), or partial - at the same time only the part of cares is transferred (for example, setup of the server or a corporate network).

of Advantage of outsourcing in the field of IT. The economy of finance

Contents in staff even of one professional IT - the expert demands considerable financial expenses. The employee of the organization needs to give an opportunity of continuous increase of level of knowledge taking into account development of computer technologies, to pay a worthy salary, to carry out contributions to various funds and the budget, to equip the place for work.

As a rule, the problem of ensuring operability of computers in the organization is not solved by creation of the only working unit as during temporary disability or holiday of IT of the employee someone needs to perform his work.

When using outsourcing the customer pays only a cost of services provided by the agreement on IT - outsourcing which is, as a rule, much lower than charges of own expert.

Probability of a covering of losses

Responsibility of the worker is seriously limited to the existing Russian legislation. In this regard it will hardly be possible to indemnify loss entirely in case of nonprofessionalism of regular IT - the employee. In turn, the agreement on subscriber services of computers defines responsibility of firm - the outsourcer agrees with the arrangement of partners. Moreover, within the contract IT - outsourcing it is possible to register a possibility of an insurance on a case of loss of information or failure of the equipment of the customer.

Results of services

Unforeseen situations in one organization happen on so frequent therefore the regular personnel lose the corresponding skills according to their decision. The outsourcing companies should solve constantly the difficult problems appearing when functioning information devices. Feature of work of firms - outsourcers assumes continuous increase of professionalism of employees and acquaintance to modern achievements in the field of IT. Therefore quality of services at subscriber services within the contract on outsourcing is usually higher.

the Business management

At the owner of the enterprise using this type of outsourcing is not present need to spend forces and time for “priglyadyvaniye“ for IT - personnel. The firm - the outsourcer assumes these functions. The administrative echelon can allocate more than forces for the main direction of activity of the company.

Objectivity at making decisions on modernization

Information on modern developments in the field of IT can be not known for

to permanent members of staff of the enterprise. Besides, interest in updating of the available computer infrastructure for regular personnel often is low. Introduction of the latest information systems demands from workers of additional intellectual and physical expenses at the existing invariable amount of payment. Therefore the view of regular employees of efficiency of re-equipment with a time is subjective that can badly be reflected in correctness of the chosen decision.

The company - the outsourcer from - for specifics of own activity is always aware of the existing developments and their characteristics. Therefore IT - outsourcing offers use of the most advanced and effective technologies for information processing.

Terms of performance of work

In certain situations regular IT - department is not able to cope with the formed task from - for its scale. At the same time, economic feasibility does not give the chance, waiting for similar situations, to hold several units of IT - employees. IT - outsourcing remarkably is suitable for such situations. For carrying out large-scale projects on service of information infrastructure of the enterprise promptly the company offering IT - services, will be able to allocate the necessary number of employees. As well as for the fastest correction of malfunctions in the software or computers in case of their emergence.

In the developed countries of the organization spend not less than a half of all budget which is taken away on IT for subscriber services. According to forecasts of experts, demand for services of subscriber IT - service in the next years will constantly increase also in our country.

Considerable financial efficiency of use of IT - outsourcing, and also a wide circulation of information technologies and re-equipment of the enterprises became an occasion for this purpose.