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To whom frauds with telecommunication are favorable? Protect a sim card of

In an arsenal of the quirky swindlers who chose by the tool of the reliable friend and assistant to the modern person - phone, a set effective “rather honest“ ways of depriving of money. Trustfulness, greed, lack of technical knowledge and frank nonsense of the victim is considered cornerstones of success of the schemer advanced in the technical plan. Whether so everything is simple actually? You judge.

A small piece of plastic with the built-in chip - valuable part of the mobile phone. According to information with SIM - cards mobile operators identify the subscriber, write off money from balance or make out bills at a credit form of payment. The “silly“ equipment does not demand herewith productions of documents, rescue “drowning“ in this case - work “drowning“.

It seems everything is clear to all, but law enforcement agencies often should investigate cases when unlucky owners of telephone number trust a sim card to “the good acquaintance“ who for any reasons cannot issue the contract independently.

Then “bosom friend“ vanishes somewhere, and the accumulated debt should be paid to that with whom the subscriber contract is signed. Especially impress the sums for roaming. Excessively trustful victim should fork up.

Because of own nonsense? Partially yes. But also because at “strong always powerless is guilty“. Try to argue with the company of mobile communication. Its position is firm, service was rendered - desire to pay. People also pay.

But reflect whether much you can receive services at negative balance? And here schemers somehow manage. Mobile network operators habitually sing songs about difficulties of the accounting of talk in roaming, say, therefore the huge sums of debts collect. There are examples when bills were made out the victim of fraud for tens of thousands of dollars. (It, how many time and where swindlers kept ringing?)

Crystal purity of a position and honesty of the cellular companies raises serious doubts. Billing problems in roaming are, first of all, problems of system why the subscriber has to pay for its flaws?

The small chest opens simply. It is favorable to operator to provide services, pay him for it, and who exactly will be forced to pay, is not interesting to the company at all therefore due measures for billing improvement are not taken.

Moreover, sometimes schemers from the cellular companies render the services by the subscriber which are not ordered, and then demand them to pay. I will give one Belarusian operator of mobile systems who thought up an effective way to devastate pockets the Internet - users as an example.

Continue to provide to the subscribers using mobile access on an advance payment upon termination of money on the account service, but not on the GPRS or 3G protocol any more, and WAP, what is several times more expensive. No breaks in communication at the same time, of course, occur. As a result the balance quickly goes to deep minus.

“How you did not follow?“ - girls from subscription service complain. “But service was rendered, means has to be paid!“ And people pay. Only the most meticulous victims sometimes are interested to what wonderfully to them service on credit was provided if the credit form of payment is not provided by the subscriber contract? With very clever in the known company do not argue, and debt, after verbal altercations, write off, pretending that go to the unreasonable fool - the subscriber towards. So who “makes a fool of our brother“ in such situation?

About other cases of effective extraction of net profit by telecom operators from dirty situations - in the following article.