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What bargain was concluded good luck by Kate Bush? Part 2

our story about the English singer Kate Bush stopped on 1985, in anticipation of an exit of the fifth album. Three years` solitary life Keith in studio was not in vain. Especially as now she could afford it. Instead of spending money for cocaine, cars, and then also for record, it took and acquired own studio.

As a result the album “Hounds of Love“ satisfied both critics, and listeners, and the singer. Kate Bush in a literal sense found “golden mean“, having divided a plate into two different parts - the parties. One part was taken by songs, a little connected among themselves and having more commercial sounding. The second party represented the conceptual experimental suite from 7 songs under the name “Ninth Wave“ which narrated about experiences of the woman who appeared in the middle of the open ocean.

The album brought Kate Bush and the most known of her hits with which single left on August 5, 1985. Originally it was called “A Deal with God“ (“The transaction good luck“), but radio stations of many countries struck that hour a pose and declared that they with such name of rotation do not shine the song. The singer made concessions and renamed the song on “Running Up That Hill“ (“Running up this hill“).

The single reached the third place in the British charts and the thirtieth place in American (the best result among all singles Bush in the USA).

About what such “to the transaction good luck“ there was a speech in the song?

K. Bush: “I tried to write

that the man and the woman cannot understand each other because it is a man and the woman. And if they could trade for a while places, then would be very surprised! And it, seems to me, would lead to bigger mutual understanding. Usually such chance is given by the transaction with the Devil, but I thought: “And why not the transaction good luck?“


(trsongs. ru)

It does not hurt me. You want to feel

what it? You want to know

that it does not hurt me? You want to hear

about the transaction what I prepare?

You, it - you and I.

And if I only could,

Ya would conclude the bargain good luck,

I I would force it to exchange us places,

Climbing up that road,

Rising by that hill,

Rising by that building.

If I only could, the lake.

You do not want to hurt me, But watch

how the bullet deeply got. without realizing

, I tear you to parts.

Oh, in our hearts rattles a thunder.

From where such big hatred to the one whom we love? Tell

to me, we matter, isn`t it?

You, it - you and I.

It - you, and I, we will not be unfortunate.

And if I only could,

Ya would conclude the bargain good luck,

I I would force it to exchange us places,

Climbing up that road,

Rising by that hill,

Rising by that building. Tell

if I only could, the lake.


It - you and I,

It - you, and I, we will not be unfortunate.

Give, the kid, give darling,

Allow me to steal this moment from you. Give

, an angel, give, give, darling, Let`s exchange

experience, the lake.

And if I only could,

Ya would conclude the bargain good luck,

I I would force it to exchange us places,

Climbing up that road,

Rising by that hill,

Without problems.
However, probably, not everyone understood

about what is sung in the song therefore its contents was treated quite widely. It is visible on the example of some video clips of the groups which wrote down a cover - Running Up That Hill versions. So, in the clip of Within Temptation group in the singer the angel is installed. And performed by the singer of Placebo group famous for the nonconventional orientation the same song gets a homosexual context.

Unusual approach can be seen also in the clip on “Running Up That Hill“ where Kate Bush acted together with the dancer Michel Ervo. On video the singer completely “dances“ this song under a soundtrack, without opening a mouth at all.

K. Bush:

“The last years on video dance became such operated frivolous thing, a certain accessory around the person playing a major role... We wanted to make serious dance which will become video basis“.

Now it it is difficult for i to understand

, but then the MTV channel refused to scroll this video, having counted it too... erotic! Instead of it twisted video of live execution on BBC TV.

The composition of “Cloudbusting“ devoted to the infamous psychoanalyst - to Wilhelm Raich became the second hit from an album “Hounds of Love“. Raich considered that all problems of mankind are under construction on a sexual dissatisfaction and soon from the theory passed to “business“ - began to create the smart preparations which are allegedly catching so-called “organ“ sexual energy from space. The sung Bush of “Cloudbusting“ (“A spray of clouds“) became one of devices also. Among Raich`s admirers there is a legend of how on fields of the state Maine the harvest vanished, and Raich by means of “klaudbaster“ fast drove clouds and provided a rain.

However in “magic of organ energy“ not all believed. In 1954 the Federal organization for supervision of foodstuff and medicines filed a lawsuit against Raich. Raich was sentenced to two years of prison, and in several months, on November 3, 1957, he died in a chamber from heart attack.

the story about a klaudbaster and Raich`s arrest shown by eyes of his son - Peter, became a basis of a song and Kate Bush`s clip.

Having approved the situation on bottoms - a scene, the singer in 1989 publishes the album “The Sensual World“ following . Bush claimed that on this album she decided to show “female power“ in music. As a result of a song of steel softer, but not less sophisticated. The Bulgarian vocal BULGARKA trio participated in record even.

It is possible to write about contents of songs long therefore I will be limited to the history connected with title composition of “The Sensual World“ (“The sensual world“). The original version of the song represented a continuous monologue of the heroine of the novel D. Joyce “Ulysses“ - Mollie Blum - taken directly from the book. But when Keith addressed owners of inheritance of Joyce, those flatly forbade the singer to use the original text. And Bush was necessary to rewrite it anew, observing the size and a continuity of the original. In the text it is shown how the heroine of the book from the two-dimensional plane of sheets passes into the three-dimensional world, absorbing its paints, smells and other feelings.

The next plate of “The Red Shoes“ (“Red shoes“) (1993) became the first creative (not commercial, is not present) Kate Bush`s failure. Without looking (and maybe thanking) to the eminent guests invited to record (Eric Clapton, Prinze, Jeff Beck), songs got too banal sounding, and on the general background of a muzproduktion of those years were allocated unless with a characteristic vocal Keith.

The only thing, than the plate, so it was remembered by the amusing half-hour movie which Kate Bush shot on the basis of the old movie of 1948. The same movie beat the famous tale of Andersen of magic red shoes which owner could dance without stopping.

The following pause between albums dragged on on... 12 years. Besides, for the first time with 19 - summer age Kate just disappeared from eyes of importunate mass media. The matter is that she gave birth to the child, and she decided to save him from a public sensation. All this time Kate enjoyed life of the normal housewife until in 2005 at last there was the next album “Aerial“ .

Kate Bush started singing about what she endured - about that, “how to become invisible“, about Elvis Presley who took cover from public eyes at top of “a musical Olympus“ about love to the son Bertie. She romantically sang of the washing machine, sang through figures of number of “Pi“ and even chirped in a duet with the real birds.

in general “Aerial“ left very quiet, air and not calculated on broad masses at all. Nevertheless, the yearned public for which Kate Bush already was not “young British sensation“, and dear authority helped this difficult album to reach 3 - its places in a hit - parades.

After this album Kate Bush disappeared again. On how many years - to foresee to nobody it.