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What bargain was concluded good luck by Kate Bush? Telling part 1

about Kate Bush (Kate Bush), and pulls to quote companion Saakhov from one known comedy film: “Activist, sportswoman, and just beauty“.

For many women it became the real guiding star, an example and the first signs bearing a message that man`s hegemony in the sphere of bottoms - music reeled. As you understand, it is not about singers - they always were enough. And here successful women - composers, women who directly drive creative process were practically not observed.

In Kate Bush as in “the person of Renaissance“ the extraordinary set of talents merged. She wrote and sang songs, directly participated in their record, production of clips and statement of the performances, extraordinary danced. It constantly teetered on the brink of experimental and popular music, worked without thinking about commercial success and, nevertheless, was commercially successful. She was able to afford to refuse “bread“ the priest - musicians - concert performances - to concentrate only at studio work. And was able to afford to disappear in general from the public eyes for 12 years to devote time to education of the son.

And the most important - she always remained the real Woman - both in life, and in creativity - at the same time without defying sexuality at all, and without being afraid to look when it is necessary, strange or ridiculous. It is no wonder that such different performers as the avant-gardist Byork, the punk Johnny Rotten, simfo - metalworkers from Within Temptation or alternatives from Placebo validly fawned upon it.

Kate Bush was born in Great Britain on July 30, 1958 in very musical and widely-read family. Little Kathy did not manage to master a grand piano as by 11 years she already composed the first song. By 14 years of songs collected already on the whole cartridge which through the third hands appeared at David Gilmour from PINK FLOYD. He just looked for new talents and when he heard as deep and interesting songs are written by this small vunderkindersha, immediately helped it to make normal a demo - record and favored the EMI companies. At the companies young talent was estimated, signed the contract, but advised the girl to breed and accumulate experience a little.

And here in two years 19 - summer Kate stepped in studio for record of the first album. Release of an album was preceded by an exit of the single “Wuthering Heights“ (“Wuthering Heights“) which had a direct bearing on a novel of the same name of E. Bronte - more precisely to a teleplay which Kate saw in the childhood. The girl was impressed by a scene when the ghost of the heroine is to the beloved, and especially the fact that the heroine was her namesake.

“... Heathcliff, same I, Cathie, I came back home

to me so cold, let in me through the window...“

after released the clip where singing was followed by the unusual choreography which subsequently became the business card of the singer.

The single not just “shot“, but also the bull`s eye the apple “-in it hit 1978 headed the British hit - parade. Suddenly the young girl became the real sensation and the first woman who composed and executed a hit No. 1.

Began show further - business. From the remained songs the same year the second album quickly was written down, and in 1979 Kate Bush went to the first and last tour. Performances were excellent and reminded theatrical representations with dances and disguise more. But round so exhausted the singer that she decided to give up forever concerts and to be engaged exclusively in creativity.

Besides, Bush always regretted that the first two albums registered too quickly and it had no opportunity to experiment. This opportunity was fully shown on the third - the most known among the Soviet music lovers - an album “Never for ever“ (1980). Probably, which - which of you remembers the Bulgarian plate on which cover the set of different creatures took off directly... from under the singer`s hem.

I remember into what delight Keith - expressional brought me a voice and capable to flow from gentle trills in shrill squeal or uterine growl. Music was a match - very different and refined.

At our listener two songs still have the greatest popularity. The first - warming our souls already one name - “Babooshka“ (“Women at a shka“ - quite so, with an accent on the second syllable). Amusing the fact that when Keith composed the song, it meant not the Russian woman of advanced years, and it is rather, the fantastic princess. The singer spoke: “... it was only a name which incidentally emerged in mind. Perhaps, it was in some magic fairy tale heard in the childhood“. the song Plot in something reminded

the operetta “Bat“. The heroine, having decided to check fidelity of the husband, begins to write him romantic letters on behalf of the young girl - Women at shka...

The second popular song - the ballad “Army Dreamers“ (“Soldiers - dreamers“) misled the listeners who are not knowing the text, both the name, and a beautiful melody too. However the name comprised not romanticism, and bitter sarcasm - the song was sung on behalf of mother whose son died on military maneuvers. And the clicks sounding in the song - sounds of a gun lock.

“Whom it would become? Perhaps, fate - a star. But it could not save

even on a guitar!

Whom it would become? Perhaps, and lawyer.

But he even plainly did not graduate from school!

Whom it would become? Perhaps would become the father.

But did not live it, alas, and twenty years!

Life gave

Gore - the soldier

Oh, as he dreamed to Become

the hero“.

(translators - Evgeny Matusov and Irina Penshina)

the song “Breathing“ (“Breath“) - a gloomy epic thing, with a subject of fear, characteristic of those times, of nuclear war Finished an album. However, the subject was solved originally - the song was sung on behalf of the fruit which is in mother`s womb which feels what occurs outside a uterus and is afraid to be born in the world poisoned with nuclear rainfall. It is perfectly illustrated in the clip where the singer sits in a such transparent uterus and, pushing it with hands, begs mother to breathe.

The album in which Kate Bush at last began to bend the line occupied 1 - e the place and convinced the singer to go further on the way of experiment.

The album “The Dreaming“ following (1982) left already absolutely raunchy and unusual. Rigid rhythmics, unusual arrangements, simply mad hysterical singing. For one of Kate Bush`s songs it was even necessary to absorb milk with chocolate to achieve for transfer of nervousness of necessary slime in a throat.

On my taste, “The Dreaming“ it turned out one of the best albums of the singer. But by the time of its exit favor of criticism changed. The album was called “commercial disaster“, reproached Kate Bush with complexity and even imitation Peter Gebriel.

They were right only in one - singles from an album (the most effective source of the income) of great success did not make though the album occupied 3 - e the place.

The following album listeners had to wait for three years. But about it next time.