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Italian cuisine - it is simple? From what to prepare …

At acquaintance with recipes of some simple Italian dishes many hostesses for certain had at once a question: from what to prepare all this? It is no secret that filling of cases and boxes at the Italian hostess and at ours differs a little.

So it is always necessary to have houses to prepare in the Italian style - tasty, beautifully and it is useful?

Olive oil

Certainly, any Mediterranean, so - and Italian, kitchen is inconceivable without olive oil. It is spent in big (if not to tell - huge) quantities and goes practically to all dishes, it is much more useful, than habitual to us sunflower. Olive oil promotes decrease in “unhealthy“ cholesterol in blood of the person so, receiving all valuable natural fats, you at the same time to a lesser extent put yourself at risk warmly - vascular diseases. You can find a lot of information on this subject therefore we will not go deep. It is clear one - Italians prepare with use of olive oil, so - and it is necessary for us.

What olive oil to choose? You already noticed that it is a product expensive. But that is more amazing - one grade of olive oil can differ at the price from another many times! In what the reason?

Again I will not go into details, but you have to know that olive oil can be the first cold extraction ( of extra virgin ), then there are some more otzhim, last of which is an extraction “îòæèìîê“. This last oil which and is called - olive oil ( of olio di oliva ) and is the cheapest of all range which is available on domestic shelves. It in principle is related to olives, but I would begin to speak about its advantage a little carefully and the smell gives nothing the relationship with an initial product (that is bad as dishes receive from olive oil not only advantage and fat content, but also incomparable aroma). Nevertheless, the small bottle of such oil bought at the similar price in a supermarket will be irreplaceable for frying.

And for gas station of dishes which will not be exposed to thermal treatment it is extremely desirable to have the best olive oil what is only able to afford your purse and common sense. Also you should not listen to the “experts“ from cookery repeating that you will not feel a difference between extra virgin and - very much even you will feel of olio di oliva, and even you will considerably be upset, without having found also part of a charm of extra virgin in aroma of olio di oliva , so - and in the dishes prepared with their use. So, were defined: olive oil at us at least two look - simple and extra virgin.

Balsam vinegar

This product has difficult and long procedure of production and, except chemical relationship, has nothing in common with the usual vinegar “for packing of cucumbers“. Therefore do not try to replace balzamik (so still for brevity it is called) to usual dining rooms - do not gain the required effect, only you will spoil a dish and yourself mood.

Balsam vinegar it is easier to choose in our shops - the benefit the range usually small. And the rule about “more qualitatively, so - is frequent more expensively“ works, as well as in a case with olive oil. And if you want to please yourself and to join the Italian traditions of “uksusovareniye“ - look balzamik from Modena. It is considered that it - most classically - Italian.

the Mozzarella

For profane persons is such young cheese from milk of black buffalo cows. I do not know how in Russia, and in Ukraine with black buffalo cows of business do not develop. Nevertheless, the mozzarella on shelves of a supermarket is presented in assortment. Certainly, local, Ukrainian as Italian during delivery would deteriorate long ago, well and would cost at the gold price. Knowing this problem, Italians even thought up the special name for the cheese made on technology of preparation of a mozzarella, but not from milk of buffalo cows - of fior di latte .

Whether it is worth insisting on truly Italian mozzarella? Ask the purse, and still try to find it in the city (better to look for in boutiques of delicacies if they are). You will find and will meet at the price - certainly, it is better to use authentic products. But the local Ukrainian mozzarella (of course, carefully chosen and tested) proved to be adequately both in a whim, and in pizza, and at preparation of a mozzarella “in the carriage“ therefore I do not insist in everyday life to look for and be spent for truly Italian product.

Now question of the price. A mozzarella - cheese not the cheapest. But we have no its analogs - substitutes. Something similar represents cheese of suluguni, but only in the baked dishes. In a crude look the fresh mozzarella broken by uneven chunks (and if both soft and fat inside!) gives hundred points of odds to any store suluguni. Well also we remember that cheese - in general business expensive, but madly tasty and useful.

of Basilicas

is rare

who constantly the green basil along with parsley, habitual for us, and fennel holds houses. And meanwhile - absolutely in vain. Except mad “Mediterranean“ aroma and similar taste, it is also madly useful, awfully technological (it is much easier to wash it, than the same fennel) and looks in dishes fantastically. The basil in combination with olive oil and balsam vinegar is especially magnificent.

Pay attention - most often in our vegetable markets sell a blue basil. It - is perfect other plant that to taste and a smell that by the form. Look for green.

Still council - do not buy foreign (mainly Israeli) basil. I do not know as you, I and for some reason do not believe that it is possible to deliver fresh greens from the Holy Land, without having processed any chemical rubbish for safety. Well and the price - at least is twice more expensive - too argument in favor of a domestic product. And who has the piece of the earth - can, it is better to grow up a basil most? Salt you sometime prepared


with sea coarse-grained salt? Then you understand me when in recipes I speak - take salt, it is desirable - sea coarse-grained. Besides, it is not enriched with iodine, and just contains it, in the most natural look. And what it, how not health? And how many that salt is necessary? You will cork not cucumbers. The kilogram of salt for 2 - 3 dollars to you will last enough for a long time, and the pleasure from its use will kill any memories of its price at all. the Tomatoes

of the Grade tomato used by Italians for preparation of “their“ tomato sauces you at us will not find

. Unless in the same shops of delicacies at the same “surprising“ prices. But - at us it is possible to find substitutes. Experiment with plum-shaped tomatoes which have to have enough “fleshiness“ that sauce turned out dense, but not too rigid that more fleshiness went to sauce, but not to a garbage can.

And for the use in salads in general (I consider) any tasty tomatoes will fit. What it is tasty? Yes those which are pleasant to you. From which smells of fresh greens, a kitchen garden, and taste calls bright scale of childhood memories. You will find such - and take. It is the fact that it is necessary that the food cooked by you fitted into the Italian principle to “a dolcha of Vit“ - pleasure life in all its aspects. Local products

As you already, probably, understood

, Italy is famous not only “territorial dissociation“, but also and a huge number of so-called local products - made only in this district, according to the recipe famous only to local producers.

Among such first of all meat products occur. By quantity of types (hundreds if not thousands) they can compete unless with the Italian cheeses.

What it means for us? Yes anything! Anybody of us has no chance to try all types of the Italian meat and cheese, to remember their differences, to understand, where and what approaches better, and then on a regular basis to receive these fresh raw materials for the home cuisine! What to do? Here it is written in the recipe: take so many proshutto and add so many kulatello . Where to take or to replace it with what?

Thank God, Parma ham (it is proshutto ) is on counters not only shops of delicacies, but quite often and in supermarkets (the truth, often in a look it is unknown where, whom and when the made cutting). But how crucially to use this expensive ingredient? My opinion - everything depends on what you prepare. If pizza, then what difference what dry-cured pork you apply - all the same thermal treatment will change everything to unrecognizability.

If you cook thin and delicate two ingredients salad, one of which - proshutto (90%), and the second - something, is successful shading it, according to inhabitants of a small village on east slope of the mountain such - that, then, of course - to you the road to boutique of delicacies behind a qualitative proshutto.

Thus, some popular types of ingredients can be replaced with local products more or less successfully. However, for this purpose it is necessary to know taste of that, the Italian delicacy, and then to carry out research work in our market. The majority of fresh pork sausages ( of a salsichch ), brisket ( a pan-couple ) and fat ( of hog grease ) it is quite possible to replace with local production. The same and with fresh meat (just carefully choose the supplier and buy the best - can, then it also will be though it is half as tasty, as meat of Tuscan cows on a free pasture or Piedmont black pigs on sagination by acorns).

But all these “specialist programmes“ though play an important role in kitchen of each separately taken village of Italy and for our purpose - are not so necessary to cook well and fine in the Italian style.

So we will not bother search of overseas rarities, string-bags in hands - and march on the market behind fresh and tasty products. And I will think that to us still such interesting to prepare.