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To operate others - to operate itself?

Any organization, be it formal or informal, someone operates. Both business concern, and Buddhist monastery, and city hospital, and municipal school, and small settlement, and huge state...

We will dwell upon the formal organization, that is upon the organization which is characterized by the strict ordered purposes, rules and regulations established by the functions which are carried out by each member of this organization and also existence of authority and management personnel. Any formal organization is created for achievement of some purpose, for performance of a certain mission. Whether these objectives will be achieved? It depends on many factors. And first of all from knowledge, skills of that person who “is at the helm the authorities“, from his personal qualities and traits of character.

So it turned out in modern society that as the most important for achievement of success it is considered to be the external or acquired qualities of the personality. And only in the second turn people think of existence of certain traits of character, internal abilities, tendencies and talents. Unfortunately, very often people whose personal qualities and traits of character, to put it mildly, are far from functions of the head, necessary for implementation, undertake to operate something.

Very many businessmen opening own business consider that it is simple to operate. It is often possible to hear arguments of type: “And what difficult? It is only necessary to order, and subordinates all will do!“ Here in it one of the most cardinal errors is also covered. And, by the way, it is peculiar not only to the beginning businessmen, but also some heads with an experience.

However, with overall performance and success of business such heads often have problems. The payment for luxury to dare to be mistaken so - the dissipated capitals, inefficient business, bankruptcy. And about the spoiled nerves and the diseases arising on this background already and it is not necessary to speak - one and all unlucky heads and their employees suffer from it. Of course, any normal head does not wish to the firm of bankruptcy, but...

Often it turns out that it is obviously not enough good knowledge of the theory of management and rules of business for achievement of success. What does such important lack the heads failing? Usually the consultants having a vast experience of work with many heads of various levels very quickly define and whether the head is capable to achieve success in management of firm? In it there is nothing difficult.

In principle, and ordinary employees can also answer this question, having attentively observed own chief. There are several characteristic signs.

In - the first, it is self-organization and self-discipline. The matter is that often people who are not able to operate even by itself undertake to operate others. The person who is not capable to organize himself, to adjust himself for systematic fruitful work, to bring order to own thoughts, to create and observe even the elementary daily routine, it also will not be able to operate collective. Small, especially big.

In - the second, determination and acceptance of responsibility. For an illustration of this sign we suggest you to address personal experience. Practically each person has acquaintances having chronic problems in private life which live in unhappy families in the atmosphere of continuous scandals and quarrels, experience difficulties in communication with children... And all this lasts for years... For years the solution of personal problems is postponed for later. Always there is some reason to leave everything “as is“. Indecision, fear, fear of condemnation and elementary cowardice disturbs. It would seem and what relation private life has to problems at work? The most direct. Business here not in circumstances, and in the person and his personal qualities. Being indecisive, weak-willed, unorganized, irresponsible, the person shows these qualities everywhere. And including in business. By the way, the people experiencing difficulties with self-discipline and self-organization, as a rule, have problems and with decision-making.

In - the third, reality of knowledge and experience. It is about “facade“. Real qualities of the personality have nothing in common with his ability to present themselves. Therefore often people who well are able to make external impression are appointed to senior positions, and “to show off“ simply. They are able to look correctly, to behave correctly and to correctly tell clever phrases. But reflect, unless the one who read the medical textbook, learned by heart it, then put on himself a white dressing gown and took a scalpel in hand, it is already ready to do operation? You think, it is enough for success? Even if at the person good memory and the textbook he quotes almost word for word...

Often it happens so that further clever phrases business does not go. “Nobility“ and “be able“ is different things. By the way, it is possible to distinguish such “heads“ already at the very beginning of their activity. They try to hide the helplessness, creating visibility of rough activity. Often behave extremely violently, nervously and sharply. Argue aloud much and condemn everything that is made to them. Without having understood plainly system of work yet, they carry out a series of sudden and urgent dismissals and the same appointments, start serious restructuring and start execution without any preparation. If in time not to stop them, then everything comes to an end it is very deplorable...

In - the fourth, ability to distinguish desire from the purpose. the Inability to distinguish desire from the purpose is a one more symptom of insolvency of the head. Many heads are sincerely sure that between these concepts there is no distinction at all. But for subordinates the desire voiced by the head does not give absolutely any installation on achievement of the purpose. Often people just do not understand what from them is wanted. At interpersonal communications the rules which knowledge is obligatory for any head. It is possible to tell that high-quality communications - a necessary condition for realization of administrative functions, for effective work of firm.

Of course, it is not all conditions and not all signs of poor control. But, perhaps, heads will pay attention to the examples given here and will a little think of what happens in their own organizations? And what`s next? Perhaps to someone it will help to make the right decision.