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Yes stumble you! The Wire twist

, do not forget! It is disposable.

- Hi, how are you!

- It`s cool. And how are you?

- And you to whom talk? You what, recognized me, perhaps?

- Of course. At once. I thought of you.

- You so told it as if we saw each other yesterday. There passed nearly thirty years.

- Yes, I am able to consider. I am an official.

- You are an official? Here did not think … Well, still the teacher, the writer, well, the actor even, could present, but the official … Do not make laugh. And how? Not drearily?

- Yes, is not present, at me everything is quiet, measuredly, quietly … You - that as?

- At me everything is noisy, not according to the schedule, with explosions. As always.

- I and thought. Poor you …


Yes … Official … You, and official! You, as always, beautifully tell even about it, and I represent everything, how in the slowed-down cinema.

Here you woke up at six in the morning. I understood, from our short dialogue that you are lonely. Did not expect … But also was not glad, of course …

A of times so, most likely, while mother cooks to you food for work and porridge for breakfast (you, naturally, watch over the health more now, in yours - years!) you wash the head, have a shave, go to a toilet on the street. By the way, somewhere read that it is very useful - to have the bathroom in the fresh air). Then you have breakfast, without forgetting to say to mother about how it is great that you have it. Accurately you wipe plastic boxes with a towel on everyone the firefighter, you put them in the darkly - a gray case …

B seven fifteen you, my good, you leave from the yard and you go the whole five minutes up the street. It is your morning physical exercise and excess chance in theses to repeat the schedule today.

In seven twenty five your tram approaches a stop. Give, I will try to guess number? The fourth, most likely. At the worst, the second, but not the first. Or I am mistaken? You make the road to the House of Officials with the constant companion, say, with the secretary of the mayor Svetlana, more small than the secretary to us to anything. You are with it - already not just fellow travelers, almost girlfriends. I speak so because I see how it sits down at a window and takes your case on the knees. Not to help is a care female about the lonely nice and yet not old gentleman, almost the colleague.

You go out of the tram in ten minutes and go, half in jest, but already and half-seriously and defiantly under the handle along the avenue of park which comes to an end with a porch of your House of Officials. On the road from bushes, as suddenly as it does this every morning in 7. 40, leaves still your dozing employee Tatyana, by a vigorous voice welcomes you, and, being attached on the right, accompanies you already to the doors of an office.

With 12. 00 to 12. 45 you, as always, will have dinner with it together. It will get some brought to edibility too. With which of these two lovely creatures you have relations and whether there are they in general, I do not want to know. It is unpleasant to me. To me in general something all - everything is not pleasant … And the fact that here now she will go to wash boxes from - under food in a toilet and that you will drink then tea and that later you will have meetings and you, will speak about importance of entering of some hang-up into some paragraph, and the fact that under a door to you on reception some lonely compatriots pine, and, talking, try to cut sparks with own eyes, aiming at yours … And that exactly in 17. 00 you all will take the leave and will press the button of your office, and the fact that you ring a bakery in advance, order black bread for yourself and gray - for mother, and the fact that in the evening you will smile, considering new brand in the collection, and, in general, me all - everything is not pleasant … to

A that already in eleven when normal people only begin to live, you stir up a pillow, sigh and rejoice to the fact that day passed AS ALWAYS REMARKABLY, and, above all, quietly, I just hate you!


And tomorrow I to you will pull a wire!


Here, look, you already woke up? Remarkably! Well, I will not begin to frighten you since the morning. Yes, and your mother, it at anything. You eat porridge, do not think of anything. Ate? You collect a lunch? Well, all right, collect, collect … Aha, and jars wipe just in case, accurate you mine. Kiss mother on a cheek. Do not forget to tell that you love it today somehow on - special. Well done!

Well, and now leave a gate, greet the neighbor who is also hurrying for work. The same official, only from other establishment. You go? Straightened shoulders? The tummy tightened? So, still, still … End of the street. Well, turn, turn to the right, to a stop.

And now, attention!

Well, all right, manage to smile still to the holder of a case Svetlana, she already at a stop in your party glances … The tram tinkled on the way? Aha, it wave the handle supposedly already I, already, go, there is …

I … and … here it, my delay invisible - fall!

Yes, not accurately, be not afraid, and from everything to scope, and not backwards, on a back, do not use cunning! Forward, give, a nose in a snowdrift! Here! Normally! Tell still “thanks“ that I conceived it in the winter, in the spring, in general, in a pool would squab!

About! About! Svetlana does such frightened person as if on you the three of horses galloped! The poor thing, was frightened, but cannot help … It needs to go, to it to be late it is impossible to open a door for the reception mayor in any way! It does the most mournful face which can only manage to be made in those half-minute while doors - a tram accordion are closed, and together with it, an orange lodge on wheels, is removed towards turn under a door …

A as a case? And how kolenochka? And as “Good morning, Nikolay Sergeyevich! Rada Vas to see, spring … soon“?

And … is not present!!! Not to you, the darling, now to Nikolay Sergeyevich! My Nikolay, he is your Sergeyevich, now gets up, at first tries to gather the cutlets scattered on snow, then catches himself on thought of their uselessness in principle, podfutbolivat boxes with the parsley leaves which remained in them … calls for suddenly happened lunch of sparrows “tsyp - tsyp“ … You, what? So hens are called, sparrows do not need your invitation! Go already!

Where? You ask? You have three options:

- it is simple to shake off, collect the boxes, to buy a newspaper, to wrap them, to put in a case and to shurovat in the official five-floor lodge. There to listen to condolences of all, already informed on your falling through my wire, colleagues;

- to come back home, carry boxes to mother, to listen to her akh and sighs concerning it here bad luck, to lift up trousers, to examine legs whether there are no bruises, it is possible even to change clothes, well, and again the same: tram, office, Tanya, Sveta and others … In the evening - a pillow, a toilet on the street, a mirror, a hairbrush, a smile, a sigh …

- well, and you have one more, silliest option too - to get into the tram with the same number, only to go to the opposite side.


Ah, you already in it?! And final what? Station? Well, correctly, I and planned when fastened a wire there, between trees before a stop even at night!

- About! Hello, Nikolay Sergeyevich? I listen Vas! What occasion was brought by Vas into a ticket office of our railway station? You meet someone? You go??! And where? On what number? For today? Directly on now? And now only one train is, passing, to the city of N. There it is also necessary for you?! It is necessary what coincidence!

(Lies, it is the decoy cashier, washing, it is ordered to it to sell the ticket only to one city, to my city to N!)

And here tickets to me at you in a pocket, and you already choke with the thought that you will see me. And all call you: both Thani yours, and Sveta, and other chiefs and subordinates, and you otbryokhivatsya short “I will be in two days, I need to leave very urgently, …“

Mother cries and asks whether it is bad to you. You answer that to you, on the contrary, it is good, more than ever. And from it to it it is even more terrible, but, seeing as you smile, she, eventually, calms down and begins to help you to collect any mother`s trifles in a traveling bag. With food you refuse jars because you in the next couple of days will have no appetite.

In the train as soon as you pulled together and, for the first time in life carefully without stacking, just threw into a bag the suit of steel color and a tie, blue in a checkered pattern, as soon as you changed clothes in sports pants and a wide black undershirt with the naive inscription “Freedom“, you felt just the man who goes to the beloved, simply the passenger, simply Nikolay without “ Sergeyevich“.

You to go the whole day and at half of the night, but you do not sleep, you think, and the smile does not descend from your face not for a moment, doing its expression slightly even idiotic some … No, just happy. You worry. No, you very much worry. But for some reason it is not terrible to go for one night or even for one day to that with whom you spent once only one night and one day, you, and there is a strong wish … for

Well, do not examine in a mirror the hair, shoulders, hands, a tummy, as at a thin begemotik … The same is done now by me! All this is hardly required to us … And we each other is not more terrible, it is sure.

The quicker road columns behind a window, the more uneasily, the more disturbingly flash. You think that you will tell when you see me. And wheels of structure knock only one word: “It is sensible - stvuy, is sensible - stvuy, is sensible - stvuy …“

I here the culmination - the middle of a way. Columns can already manage to be considered, and already you hear in reply: “At - vt, at - vt, at - vt …“

You will enter without call, you know that all these years I waited for you, and were not even afraid of thieves. I just that night did not lock a door … I thought that if suddenly once to you it becomes lousy, you will not forgive me an inscription near a call with number of my apartment.

And words to us again as then, nearly thirty years ago, it is not required …

Ya I will kiss your shoulders, I will smile as the idiot, and you, my beautiful boy from the city of “NEN“, will tell me words which I never forgot …

again You will leave in several hours for several years, most likely, again forever, and I will think of you again, and I will not begin to call any more because my reanimobile made the business: treated heart and the patient and the doctor for several years.

And from what we decided once that life can be cut not on the smallest and wafer-thin segments to holes - days, and to cut to pieces it huge pieces weighing twenty a years - thirty?!

You, by the way, where? Still you go on the stop?! Yes, stumble you, at last!

Well, here, well done! I Wait for