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To whom to present the TV?

When you listen to news, the feeling is created that texts for releases are written by the pathological murderer or the maniac. You only listen attentively to what is told by the announcer. Each word reports about pain, sufferings, tragedies, diseases, new viruses. In each message scoffed at someone, killed someone, someone died or is incurably sick and here - here will die. In everyone! From the first to the last. Well can be to penultimate...

And here in the latest the announcer by a joyful voice reports that at last became warmer also long-awaited spring! And weather improves every day, becomes warmer and warmer. Also it was told such joyful, by such voice full of hope and love that somehow all alarms and grieves were forgotten at once, and there was a wish to inhale a full breast and to rejoice! To rejoice! To rejoice! But not long...

In end so unostentatiously reminded listeners that spring - time of blossoming of many plants, so the most terrible season for allergic persons. Well further in a screen corner the next advertizing next a miracle - means...

Came... Thanks for care.

I have no long ago an allergy what I and to you wish, but put not in it now. The matter is that it became somehow a pity that and so us at once without discrimination for a collar and in a drugstore. Yes, of course, it is possible to look at an allergy and as watches at it most of people. That is, if there was an allergic reaction to something, then it already for the rest of life once. And now normal life without drugs will not be any more. But if to reflect, then nobody says that the allergy is an incurable disease. Just the opposite! The allergy is a signal of an organism that something inside not so. Also it is not necessary to lower hands and to give in without a fight, and it is just necessary to try to understand that “not so“ and as to correct it.

And methods of such definitions and corrections huge set. Today, apparently, all Internet is filled with information on how to make it. In particular write about work with subconsciousness much. Including serious scientific works are published... Ask us, it is direct beg, well pay yourself attention! Well, take care of yourself! Who except you will help you? Rescue of the drowning drowning, as they say, work.

And drugs? Drugs are good when it is necessary to work quickly and reliably or when it is necessary to remove symptoms. But they will not relieve of the disease prime cause. At least, in case of an allergy it quite so.

And somehow there is no wish to draw any conclusions. I will dare to offer rather: if you have the worst enemy - present him the TV. And health is better to spend the released time for care about own. In this case you precisely will be a winner!

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