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Santa - Crous - - Tenerife and Kandelyariya. What to look at?

Santa - Crous - - Tenerife - the capital of the island of Tenerife and the province of Spain of the same name (there even the autonomous parliament works). “In popular speech“ - just Santa - Crous though there is a lot of cities with such name in the world.

But here “the sacred cross“ - (Santa Cruz) - is not casual at all. Exactly here the first military expedition of the Spanish conquistadors landed, and in honor of it the commander of forces Alonso Fernandez de Lugo set up a silver cross on the coast. It turned out that forever though attempts to win the island were, and attempts serious.

In the 16th century of Tenerife becomes the major center - the intersection between Africa, the Old World and Vest - India (America). The island became a stronghold for the Spanish fleet which came back from America with jewelry, spices, Indians in chains - slaves. Such inconceivable treasures could not be left without close attention of pirates to whom the English and French crowns secretly patronized.

The famous pirate William Blake even occupied port in 1657, but was rejected in the sea. Not less famous English admiral Nelson ordering the English fleet in 1797 long besieged the city, but suffered terrible defeat. Exactly there an artillery shell to it tore off the right hand when he already landed in the boat to reach the treasured coast.

However, despite the numerous fortresses constructed by Spaniards pirates and in the subsequent tried the city “on tooth“, but unsuccessfully. And Santa - Cruz blossomed. Examples of civil and religious architecture of the Spanish baroque are noticeable in old part of the city. Many small streets remained since the 16th century: del Castiyo, dividing Cruz Werde, de la Kandelyariya. The facades of houses in a certain color scale decorated with wooden balconies are the so-called “Canary style“. It is a lot of greens, gardens and a zoo, the museums and historical monuments.

One of the most interesting areas - the area of Spain leaving directly to the ocean. In the center - a monument Fallen in Civil war in Spain (many remember grandiose civil war in Spain of 1936-1939 which horrors were actively empathized by the whole world, especially, Soviet in due time - then - the people).

From this area other sights nearby settle down: The museum of fine arts, the monastery and the San church - Frantsisko (Saint Francis of Assisi). The most remarkable church - Iglesia de La Concepci ó n (probably, Church of Immaculate Conception), with very nice belltower.

In the Museum of Natural history, unfortunately, all inscriptions and explanations it is strict in Spanish. Therefore, being torn through every second word, all the same you keep a big field for doubts - whether correctly understood everything.

The exposition of the museum is huge for such town and traces all history of the Canary Islands: from geological (explosion of a volcano at an ocean floor) till today. All second floor is devoted to guancha of Tenerife, their mummies are carefully stored in the same place.

There were in the city many famous scientists and travelers: Ch. Darwin, Round Heyerdal. Sakt`s Russians - Cruz did not ignore too. Through this city there passed the route of the first Russian global cruise in 1803-1806, in 1866 Miklukho - Maclay visited there.

Now it is the capital of the island leading the life and life of tourists which abundance can only marvel. The beach in the city interesting. It is absolutely yellow, and sand for it was brought specially from the Sahara. Shopping centers work “very hard“. Conversation on the plane:

- You bought new Apple there? And I searched all city!

- Yes, in Santa - Cruz, but in shop of electronic goods.

- Three weeks are up the spout! Specially flew to buy, but did not guess - where. Three weeks are up the spout!

To whom and three weeks “under a tail“ in paradise climate, ocean bathings, the general low cost and other pleasures of rest. But who why and where goes …

in October passes In the city the well-known carnival at which to look even more people gather. This carnival - one of the world`s largest also hopes to become the World heritage of UNESCO.

Patronizes all island - the Black Maiden of Kandelyariya - Nuestra Se ñ ora de la Candelaria (in the people the nicknamed La Morenita). She patronizes other cities in the world - in Peru, Colombia, Puerto - Rico. As usual, once there was the maiden Maria`s phenomenon on the island why she was a black - it is unknown (but nearby - Africa).

The most interesting that on a legend, for the first time Madonna`s statue was seen by guanch - kozlopasa in 1392, to a full Spanish gain of the island. One shepherd tried to throw into it a stone, but paralyzed a hand, eventually, a certain governor of guanchy took it to himself in a cave. Guanch prayed to it as the goddess, but Spaniards explained soon, “as it is correct“, and the first mass in honor of the Maiden occurred already on February 2, 1497. And secrets remain: on a statue letters which are not deciphered yet and their value is not clear at all. Scientists revealed, however, communication between this Madonna and others, esteemed in Cuba, in Brazil, in the Andes and even in Hindu religious tradition.

The main shrines connected with Black Madonna are in other place of the island. The holidays connected with Black Madonna take place on the island two times - 14 and 15 of August , and also on February 2 . But it is already the story about other places of Tenerife which can be continued next time.