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How the neurasthenia is shown?

the Word a neurasthenia come from a combination of “neuron“ that means a nerve, and “astheneia“ - weakness. Manifestations of a neurasthenia practically differ in nothing from manifestation, apparently, of usual human states. Each person can test irritability, peevishness, fast fatigue, to show pity to himself, the myagkoserdechnost, to have sleep disorders, perspiration, tachycardia etc. Yes, such states can be observed also in absolutely normal life, but at a neurasthenia they, in - the first, much stronger. And in - the second if at the normal person they quickly pass, then at a neurasthenia they accept chronic character. As a result a neurasthenia spoil life and complicate work. The neurasthenic is not capable to test pleasure of life.

The neurasthenia can take the morbid depression form when the person is afraid of different diseases. Sometimes this state is called still ipokhondrichesky neurosis. At a neurasthenia there can be violations of sensory perception. For example, a so-called idiosyncrasy on sounds. Such state when the person is not able to take out certain sounds at all. For example, street noise or tick of hours, or the creaking and scratching sounds.

There are also other manifestations. At a neurasthenia some people have a feeling that they want to scratch intimate places while they are in a big congestion of people. That is just there and when it is forbidden. Some people cannot take out a certain type of underwear, or a touch of a certain matter and so forth.

Men of neurasthenics have a premature ejaculation (eiaculatio praecox) or release of sperm without erection (spermatorrhoea). Many men neurasthenics suffer from situational impotence. That is at the physiological level such intimate problem is absent. And before sexual intercourse everything goes well (there is both a desire, and excitement and an erection) and as soon as the man decides to begin sexual intercourse, everything vanishes. That is problem only psychological.

One of features of a neurasthenia is that the neurasthenic worst of all feels in the evening. It is one of differences from an endogenous depression which belongs already to psychoses. And at an endogenous depression of an aggravation happen in the mornings.

The reason of emergence of a neurasthenia still is not absolutely clear. On the one hand it is known that one of the reasons is chronic overfatigue - full exhaustion of vital forces. But sometimes it happens that this illness begins just after when the reason of “exhaustion“ remained in the past. For example, after return from a zone of military operations, imprisonment, after long construction of the house, the termination of prestigious institute or other difficult course.

A close relative of a neurasthenia is “the illness of managers“ (“manager ´ s desease“). In fact “the illness of managers“ is one of neurasthenia forms. Only in this case it is combined with somatic (corporal) manifestations. Generally it is blood circulation problems. A typical case - a high blood pressure. If, let us assume, strongly suppressed mood also is added to all other symptoms, then often in this case speak already about depressive neurosis.

A current at such neurosis long. Of course, he is treated, but it is not so easy. Treatment of such problems has to be obligatory complex that means the correct psychotherapy, but also without fail need of physical exercises, and in hard cases and drug treatment. So, it is better not to lead up a situation excessively and to solve the arisen problem at the initial stage of its manifestation.

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