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Festive lunch: whether it is possible to scrape a bottom of the barrel and to prepare it? Yes easily!

the Husband carried children on schools - gardens and from there - at once behind products was going to the market. On the road remembered about one our urgent payment, then paid a penalty to GAI officers …

generally, instead of usual two bags with products brought chicken and receipts. On a question, than to feed a family during week-end, told that the second time will not go, and reminded the fairy tale “Porridge from the Axe“.

On a bet I “surpassed“ the old woman! If us not eight people were, all and nothing because which - that all - is from products.

On corn bins I scared up:

1. Chicken (the most valuable!) - 1 pieces

2. Eggs of chicken - 3 pieces

3. Potato (feels sick already) - pieces 10.

4. Mayonnaise, the remains - slightly - slightly.

5. Sour cream, too not nice - slightly - slightly.

6. Sunflower oil - well, is …

7. Flour - well, is too...

8. Onions - 3 heads.

9. Carrot - 4 pieces.

Hurrah! It is possible to wash the refrigerator quietly!

Well what you would prepare? Here - here, I thought too, thought...

Cut chicken on fillet, separated legs, pads, a neck, chopped the rest on small pieces.


of Chicken fillet small straws cut salad, roasted to a gold crust. Carrot (2 pieces) small straws cut, roasted till golden color. Here added onions (2 heads popasserovat). Hard-boiled two eggs, cut. Filled with sunflower oil and the remains of mayonnaise (it turned out very tasty).

2. Soup

From legs, a neck and pads cooked soup with rice and a kartoshechka, filled previously fried by onions and carrot. Salted, slightly peppered, added a dried make-ready, brought from a kitchen garden and decorated with chopped parsley and fennel. Easy, but very pleasant soup turned out. For tomorrow still will be that who has dinner at home.

To soup roasted toasts from black bread , slightly rubbed with a garlic glove.

3. Second course

Other small pieces, dipping in batter (flour, egg, water), fried in sunflower oil. Put in an utyatnitsa, filled with the sauce made from the remains of sour cream, mayonnaise, tomato paste and water. Almost full utyatnitsa turned out (batter gave volume and made sauce dense and tasty).

Extinguished minutes 30 - 40. Salted, added seasoning to taste.

4. A garnish

Well, and mushrooms my of potato baked in an oven. Admire what festive garnish turned out!

When you have not a simple dinner, and you wait for guests whom want to surprise with something not only tasty, but also original, try to make usual here such beautiful!

Usually as a garnish in spite of the fact that I live in Belarus, potato edge, I like to give tasty friable rice. But potato is potato, her men understand better.

I do so: I cut out (you see - it is very simply and quickly) from potatoes, and big and small, the whole family of borovichok. On the baking sheet oiled sunflower in the heated oven I place all mushrooms densely, but without pressing to each other. I cut “legs“ exactly that on a baking sheet “mushrooms“ did not fall, and stood a hat up. I grease them with the softened butter and honey (on a tablespoon), I salt, I pepper.

I bake to a crust. Guests also learn not at once potatoes in my mushrooms. And it is tasty - about - about - about! And it is useful - about - about - about!

I place ready mushrooms, hot with a crust (in a peel, it is natural), on a big dish and I decorate with “grass“ - parsley, fennel.

The lunch turned out almost festive. Beautiful and tasty! And, above all, cheap. Well, and than not porridge from the axe?!