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On a bet!

my friend, the joker and the cynic, everything laughs at my hobby - to write, invent, create. And here, as that in the evening, sitting at cafe, after the next beer and critical statements about a rhyme and prose in particular, he asked:

- And what, here and so easily it is possible to write a verse on any subject?

- Well if there are a desire and inspiration that - yes, - I answered nothing without suspecting.

- No, you did not understand. Birdies, I sweep aside florets, love and an other lyapota at once. My question of another... You here, for example, for half an hour, will be able to compose on any offered subject?

- In principle it is possible if to try.

- Well, then - and - and... I put a beer box if you to me in twenty minutes compose something legible it is direct here, without rising. The subject will be... about sex. No! About sex it again lyamur will turn out. Let`s tell... - Seryoga built a look to the sky, thinking out something tricky - Here, thought up. About an army footcloth! Ha! Poorly?

- Aha and if that does not turn out, so beer from me?

- Well, a box, - he specified.

- Kindly, only you sit smoke and, do not disturb me.

The friend raised palms up, showing that he agrees and having looked for hours - ordered:

- Time went!

I took a napkin, got a pen and was lost in thoughts...

And what it had the surprised ugly face when minutes through fifteen he read what at me turned out...

ODE to a

FOOTCLOTH Footcloth! It to you not a rag. It is ordinary-looking

only by sight,

the Piece rectangular, a baize.

to Legs keeps heat, a cosiness.

- Yes fie on you! What muck!

Whimsically the lady will hitch up a nose,

are not right you, a footcloth - pleasure.

is not terrible to people with it a frost.

Yes, not Cardin and not Chanel.

I aroma peculiar. to

But without it, believe in any way.

Ya is convinced! And you, agree?

Those know who carried out much,

In a soldier`s skin. Not honey,

to Footcloths of subjects praise and glory,

Who tested life - will understand me.

Without legs of soldiers not the fighter,

A so, a target on the battlefield.

Froze legs, all … pi - pets.

Here footcloths also rescued us.

And let socks are thought up,

Is beautiful, can be - conveniently.

Not long term as do not carry, They to footcloths are not similar to


So be famous that wise man - the man,

Who invented this creation.

to It would erect a monument,

But here, I write the poem!

Also you will smile my friend,

Over a joke of this simple,

I let will decorate your leisure,

the Rhyme and... my humour - fervent!

the Friend did not deceive, and in a week, during week-end exposed a beer box. Sat then fine, and jokes and sarcasm in his speeches - were reduced.

And me it became interesting from where takes a source this piece of regimentals, and here that managed to be found out: A symbol of the Russian army - a footcloth as it appears, not so our invention. Thought up them in Ancient Rome. The footcloth dated 79th year B.C. was found at construction of one of stations of the Roman subway presented to the U.S. President later. Its cost is now estimated at $500 thousand. The “pieces of fabric“ which were given to soldiers are repeatedly mentioned in the documents concerning regimentals of troops of revolutionary army of George Washington...

There is what interesting story at it would seem an ordinary bush of fabric.